July 26, 2009

Love My Goodwill Finds!

I thought I would join the party at Rhoda's for Today's Thrifty Treasures. As I mentioned in my last post I went to Goodwill last week and found a couple of bargains I had to buy. I am excited to make over these finds and then they truly will be my Thrifty Treasures! I already do love them...I see the vision of possibility in my head.

Here is the chair with caneing I told you about. Isn't it in great shape?! It does need some wood glue in some of the joints, but after thoroughly inspecting it...yes, I turned it upside down and every which way in Goodwill and even did the sit test...I knew it would be a sturdy chair.

So I really do love the caneing on this chair, I think it makes it unique. I first thought I would upholster a cushion for the seat, because I am a cushion-kind-of-girl...but, I don't want to ruin the chair by having to screw the top on. So I am thinking I need to make a cushion that just sits over it without damaging the frame. I think I will leave the back of the chair and show the caneing on it.

The stain is in pretty good shape as well, but because I am wanting to go more towards soft, painted and lots of white for my Whimsy French Cottage style, I think this will end up being too dark. I was thinking of spray painting this chair in the "Heirloom White", I keep hearing about. Painting wood doesn't scare me, because I know you can take the paint off and stain it again later if you want.

O.k. enough of my jabbering, here is my bargain chair I love...

Love the curve on the legs!
I thought it was a great deal for $7.

Thinking this fabric would be beautiful on it...

I might make a little skirt to hang over the edge.

This might look to be a fortune tellers ball,
but really it is made to put something inside...
not quite what I was thinking.

Ahh...much better. I am going to paint the base
white and make the engraving pop out by distressing it.

This will become a beautiful snow globe! A fun treasure at only $1.99.
I didn't know that I would come home with either of these finds, but I am excited to give them a fresh new look that fits into my home! That's what is fun about shopping Goodwill, garage sales, or any thrift store. You never know just what might be there, ready to come home and be a find that you love!
For more great thrifty treasures, head over to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality.

Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see who wins the CandyLights Giveaway tomorrow!
Hugs to you all,


  1. Great finds, Victoria! Lucky you! I can't wait to see the chair after it's "makeover"!:) Lori

  2. Love that chair and love love love that fabric! Can't wait to see it done!

  3. GREAT finds! :) I really really like the fabric you chose. What a cool idea to make a snowglobe!! :) Will you paint the bottom/base?

  4. Smart girl- just buy a nice thick cushion core and sew a pocket for it in that pretty blue fabric. You won't even have to add a welt. A three-sided gathered skirt would look pretty added to it.

  5. I absolutely LOVE that fabric for your chair. So cheerful!

  6. Hello Victoria! Love your finds. That chair is fabulous and what an interesting looking globe. I bet it will look even better with a painted base! Thank you for sharing.


  7. GREAT buy on the chair -- it's going to look wonderful. And get that white paint out and paint that base... great idea!

  8. Oh, I've seen those glass globes before, with the flowers in them, and never thought that they would come apart so that you could put something else in there! I'm going to grab one next time. Love your idea of a snowglobe! And that chair is going to look just gorgeous with that pretty blue fabric!

  9. Mmmm. . . I love that chair, too! And what a great find for $7. And I love that fabric that you're considering. It reminds me of the fabric that I used in my bedding and on my vanity chair (but which is much more famous as the fabric on Amanda's piano bench). This fabric has the same sort of look to me. Great minds think alike! Or at least lovers of beauty like a lot of the same things.

    Are you REALLY going to make a snowglobe? How?? Will you show us?


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