May 17, 2012

House Update...

Where do I begin? 

 I left you all back in February with our Happy News and I have not had a chance to blog until now!  There is so much I want to share and hopefully over the next few weeks will be able to do so.

If you read my last post...Happy News, then you know we have bought a new home.  The same day I shared the post we signed the closing papers later that day and by the next morning, the work began!

So far...we have done some painting, added and refinished hardwood, had new carpets installed in the bedrooms and moved.  There still is a lot more painting that needs to get done and of course...a list of projects.

It took us over a month to do the hardwood...whew, it is a process...but so worth it!  I hope to share a future post on all that we learned on installing and refinishing hardwood floors.  As of this week, I have now been working on a painted floor design in my studio...excited to show you the finished design soon!

I wanted to let you know I do frequent updates on my FB page, more often than my blog.  I would love to have you connect with me there and see more of "behind" the scene updates. :)

We love it here!! This has been the best move for our family and the ideas to make this our dream home are just waiting to come to fruition!  I hope to be back to blogging more frequently, I share when I feel inspired and when I find the time...thank you all who have been patient and those that are new here!  I am excited to share all that's ahead!!

I thought today for those that have not seen our new home, I needed to show a few photos. These were taken by my iPhone so excuse the quality...

We love the big driveway, 3 car garage to park inside, bay windows and brick!

Just one of the views from our backyard!  

Even pretty with the snow!

A view from our window as the sunset...

Before we started the work...

New paint, carpet, and refinished floors. 
 Will be doing the staircase in hardwood too. 

A new crystal and wrought iron chandelier was!

Spring has sprung!

Such pretty blossoms in our backyard and front!

There is still so much more to share, I will have to break it all up. :)  We are enjoying the peace, nature and lots of room in our new home!  Looking forward to making this home the french cottage I dream of...happy to have you on the journey!

  Enjoy your weekend friends!