December 31, 2009

Eye Candy...

Ready for a New Year? 

Hard to believe how fast 2009 went by. My blog anniversary is coming up and I have been planning something special for a giveaway for my Whimsy followers...excited to show you all how much you mean to me! Little did I realize the moment I created my blog and typed my first post how much my life would change. Blogging has added many new friends, creative ideas, humor, inspiration and even tears to my everyday...I feel so blessed to have this be a part of my life.

Speaking of life...I feel as if the last 3 months flew by without me noticing. I knew moving would be hard enough...but maybe I was a little naive to not realize that remodeling would completely take over our lives! Yes...take over!

We have gone non-stop since we have moved and so much has changed, yet there is still a long way to go on what needs to be done. Every time we finish one more project, I breathe a little *sigh* of relief. I know we are that much closer to it becoming the home we envisioned.

As all of my favorite holidays came and went...I said to myself and my family, "Next year we will get enjoy our home...this will all be worth it". I didn't however, want to take away from the moment we had we made the best of our situation.

We did take the kids trick or treating, even though we didn't pass out candy. Thanksgiving was celebrated eating out and then going to the movies...we were just thankful that we all were together. We did put up a tree...even if it was already decorated and very small. We rejoiced in the real meaning of  Christmas...the birth of Christ and what the Holidays are all another and the happiness our family has together. Even though our home was not complete...our family was and that is really all that mattered.

Not saying that I won't enjoy decorating, baking and doing all the things I love to do for my favorite time of the year...but this year will definitely be embedded in all our memories and something my family will cherish. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

So...I have a little eye candy to share today. As the ceilings have been scraped, re-textured and favorite part has been adding the jewelry to the house. The lights! There is something about seeing that detail that just makes me happy every time a new light goes up. Mesmerized by the sparkle of the crystal, the way the light pattern dances on the walls and ceiling...just beautiful! 

Here is some eye candy...

This chandelier hangs over the dining room table...
I have wanted one like this for a very long time! 
Reminds me of a bouquet of flowers. 

Crystal flower up close...

  Added a decorative medallion.

Love it even more with some mocha glaze!

Made a burlap cord's all in the details!

This one greets my guests at the front door.

A sparkly pendant light that
hangs above the staircase landing.

My light of hospitality in the living room...

Vintage look in the powder room.

Still lot's more eye candy to come!  Lighting really does make a room come together and is the jewelry to your home.  You can see some of my soft blue paint against these beautiful how airy and serene it makes our house feel. 

Thought I would share our Christmas tree for this year.  I decorated this little tree last  year and call it my "birds and feather" tree. 



Here is a little update on our sweet baby kitty "Felicity".  She is growing up fast and is very playful. Don't let her cute looks fool you...she likes to get into everything!  

Who me...trouble?

I'm soo cute!

Felicity enjoying rolling on our new floors!

Lilah has not taken too well to a playful kitten...however, Felicity doesn't seem to mind to torment Lilah every chance she gets! Hide and seek, catching a switch of her tail, a pounce here and there....see how excited Lilah looks about it.


Happy New Year to you all!!  May it be a great new year filled with happiness, health and love.  I of course will be making some new year resolutions...the top of my list...going to the gym faithfully! Maybe once and for all I will be done with that baby weight from (5 years) ago. ;)

Hugs and love,

December 2, 2009


Where have I might be asking?

 I can't believe almost a month has gone by since I posted last!  I am having some guilt for not posting sooner and keeping you all updated on what is happening here.  As much as I have wanted to be on the computer... I just have not been able to.  The month of November seemed to have flown by and yet...we are still in re-modeling dust!  Re-modeling never seems to go just as you wanted.  Things that should be done quickly can sometimes be the most daunting and time consuming.  Even with all that said...I really do see we are making some progress! :) 
Along with all the re-modeling going on computer's hardrive decided to quit on me!  It is only 2 years old! Grrr...frustration.  I am needing many of my before pictures that are only on my hardrive and yes, I have not been very diligent about backing up my computer as well.  A hard lesson that hopefully won't cost a lot to fix and crossing my fingers I will still be able to retrieve most of my important my pictures!

 I now am having to share the kid's computer while we are trying to get it fixed...let me just say, it is hard to come between my children and their computer time.  I not only have to get very bossy and put on my angry eyes when they want to complain about it...I also have to find a moment when they are not down in the family room so I have silence to think!  So...I better make sure I get this post typed fast and published before one of them call me that know what I am talking about...the most called name everywhere, usually has a little whine behind it...MOM! 

 Progress...that is definitely happening here!  I am loving it!  Every time we get done with one more stomach gets butterflies.  I love nothing more than having a vision in my head come out in real life and be even better than I have imagined!  Of project leads to the next.  We still have yet to get the flooring down on the main level...because...well...I keep seeing another detail we can add. I know eventually it will all come together...hopefully the main floor will be done before...Christmas. 

Here is just some of the work we have done...

*Click to enlarge and see the detail.
We love our new fireplace and mantel!

This was the "before" make's such a difference!
Now, it is the focal point in the room.
The popcorn ceiling is gone and we have
painted the walls a pale blue-gray. 
We still have to add the wainscotting.

Again, before...

I did the tile for the fireplace, while
Mr. Wonderful layed the tile in the powder room.
The grate used to be black and brass...
a little high temp. paint in chocolate
brown made all the difference!

The travertine with the variations
 in color turned out so pretty!

We first painted the mantel and wood surround
a creamy white, I then used a mocha glaze to antique it.

Here is where I don't have my pictures of the "before" to show you all.  There is a powder room on the main floor and it is just that...a very small space!  It had been painted a brown/rust color and seemed very dark. It had basic builder fixtures. We pulled out the wood floor to add already had some water damage.  There was a pedastal sink that was too low, it seemed more for a child than an adult.  I did want to put a taller pedastal back in, but everything we tried seemed to big for the space.  Finally found a beautiful vanity with darker wood, marble top and added "oil rubbed bronze" faucet.  It looks so good!  Still on the search for the perfect mirror and accessories to finish. 

Loving our new bathroom now...

Used the rest of the beadboard from my
 daughter's look's great in here!

Found a beautiful ceramic tile at Lowe's
called "rialto white" made in Italy.

We layed the tile in a brick pattern.

The contrast of the pale blue walls, crisp
white trim and dark finishings look amazing!

Next big project to do...the kitchen! Lot's of ideas waiting to come to reality.  The work is not ending anytime soon...just hoping to at least be done with some of the main projects to have our floors in. If that isn't enough...I can't seem to stay away from adding more.  I found some great finds on Craigslist and eventually will get to those as well.

I only paid $50 for this antique carved sofa! 
Will be re-painted and upholstered...

Photo:Better Homes and Gardens
Here's my inspiration.

Another great deal for $55...
an antique dresser and mirror! 

Will be refinishing this and using it
as a vanity in our master bath.

Even bought this window pane for $5...
it is going to look great in it's new home!

Can't wait to show more...still lots more work ahead!  I had hoped to have posted before Thanksgiving and didn't get to...I just want you all to know how grateful I am for each and everyone of you who read my blog!  I have so much to be thankful for and feel very blessed for the Gospel, my Family, and great Friends!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I will post when I can...hang in there with me, it will get much better as more gets done.  Have a great week!

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Hugs and love friends,

December 1, 2009

Under Construction...

I am living in a construction zone...literally!  I thought I would give you all a short update on what we are up to...or more like what many projects are going on.  I believe we have at least 5 projects at this moment.  You know how it goes, we have to take the base boards off to get to the flooring...insert *bright* idea, lets put bigger base boards back on.  Carpet comes up...well we might as well re-do the surround on the fireplace and I really don't like the mantel.  Do you see where I am going with thing leads to the next...
I am very happy with the progress we are making and can't wait until I can finally start the real fun~Designing!!  I bought a mini-chandelier a week ago and just for fun took it out of the box to put all the bling of the many tiny little crystals on...I called my husband in to see the silly grin on my face, he thought I was a little wierd...I really was happy. I then hung it above me in front of the kitchen window and envisoned my little light of happiness above me while I looked out my window...*sigh*, so I then had to put it back away in a safe spot because at this very moment our home is..

I am debating if we should even pass out trick-or-treat candy tomorrow due to all the top kitchen cabinets that are sitting in the front room...hmm, thinking Mr. Wonderful can take our Ninja and Muscle Spiderman out and about in the
neighborhood, I will just keep the porch light off with all the good candy we have...what? know I was thinking of the kids, I don't want to scare those little goblins and ghosts at my house.  It doesn't quite resemble a home at the moment. They might think it is an abandoned haunted house.

As I said, "making some progress".  We still have yet to have the movers bring all of our things, we are literally still living out of our suitcases and thank goodness for air mattresses.  This is what DIY remodeling is all about...right? :)

So here are a couple of photos to show you what we have been up too.  I wasn't able to help the first week we were here due to me being sick...I do have Mr. Wonderful in action, so thankful for him! 

 I finally have been able to get my hands dirty and let me just say...I need a really good manicure after all of this!  I decided to tackle the kitchen while he is busy on the wall and fireplace in the livingroom/great room.

 Started taking off the tile, much harder than I had expected.  I tried to preserve the tile maybe to recycle it...but it did not want to come off in once piece!  So then got the hammer out and let me just say, something satisfying about smashing tile...anyways it took a couple of days for me to complete but I was happy to have done it mostly on my own.  Real women can do the hard work...remember we are no sissy girls, get in there and put some muscle to it.  Oh, did I mention my arms were sore the next day?

O.k. I said I was keeping this short so on to the photos...

Mr. Wonderful prepping for the ceiling to be scraped.

Using our paint sprayer he was able to wet the popcorn ceiling down to soften before he scraped it.

This is a tool designed for just is a little harder to use.  Towards the end he used another tool that had a razor edge,
it worked better on the scraping.

Love this man!  Not only is his mind amazing, (he is a Computer Scientist)...he is a hard worker when it comes to manual labor!  I am sure he never dreamed he would be doing all this 10 yrs. ago before we married. He really loves me. ♥ ♥ ♥

We will have to rent some scaffalding to finish the top of the ceiling.  We will re-texturize the ceilings when we are all done scraping.

Had to share the first snow we had since we have been here.  I love having a deck to entertain on for the summer and can't wait to add a lot of love and work into our yard this spring.

This is part of the Living room that connects into the eat in kitchen.  When this was first built they made a cut out for the t.v. area.  I wanted to put my Armoire in this room but was worried that it wouldn't fit.  We decided to close the hole just big enough for built in shelves for our componets for the t.v. and will put a door over it with glass. Above the fireplace we are doing an insert that sits just inside the wall to mount our flat screen.  I then am going to make some kind of doors, art not sure exactly what yet to fit over it. 

Taking off the base boards.

Took the drywall mantel off. 
Will be adding a wood mantel and decorative surround.

Taking out the tile.

More popcorn ceiling removed...

So much better without it!

Framing added for the t.v. The surrounding drywall had to be sanded so when the new drywall is added it can adhere to the tape and mudding.
A peek at the travertine tile and glass accent tiles
that will be on the surround of the fireplace.

One of the wood accents that will be on the fireplace.

Here is part of the kitchen.  It is a little smaller than my old kitchen.  We are re-doing the flooring, change the island and cabinets will be painted.  I am doing beadboard for the backsplash and eventually will have stainless steel appliances.

The tile wasn't awful just not the look I wanted.  In our daughters room it had been a nursery.It has beadboard
around the whole room.  Luckily they didn't glue it to the
wall so I am recycling it and using it for the backsplash.

So happy that I can re-use this!

Because the drywall came out in pieces with the tile we had no choice but to cut out that area and will add new drywall here as well. I brought a piece of the beadboard down to give a little vision of how it will look in here...going to love it! 

So the deconstruction phase of a project is never the great has to get bad before it get's better.  We are that much closer to having the shelving added in for the living room and should be able to start the drywall tomorrow.  I can't wait to eventually show you all the vision that is in my head for this home and seeing it come together is a great feeling!  Will post on progress as we get more done. 

I guess I can never do a very short post...

I am trying to get around and visit many of you.  Have tried not to spend too much time on the computer right now so work is getting done!  I think of you all often and am so grateful for all the love and support you give!  Thank you!  I hope your Halloween is filled with fun and saftey!

Hugs and love,