April 27, 2010

Spring Fluffing...

I know it has been a little quiet around here the last week and you might even have wondered when I said "let's take a vacation" if I just went on my own.

Well...the truth is, when it is quiet here I am very busy working on projects and wanting to get them done to share with you all.

So...I hope you have been taking advantage of all the fun vacation places that are happening at DDNA's  Blog-About Cruise!  There have been so many wonderful and beautiful places to visit...the other great thing...getting to know so many other bloggers. I will be taking you all with me on my dream vacation very soon...I hope your on the cruise...it's going to be Fabuleux...yes, that's a hint! ;)

As I mentioned above...working on projects.  The kitchen has taken a little break while I am waiting on some finishing details and I decided I needed to think of other things besides paint and cabinets. :)

I have been doing some Spring Fluffing and putting things together.  This is my favorite part of design. Trying different ideas and adding here or there...or as my Aunt would say..."puttering" around my home.

Adding some whimsy and incorporating the look I see in my head...I am quite happy with how it is all turning out.  I have a clear idea on how I want my entry way/parlor and dining area to come together and having fun using my creativity.  Still lots more projects with fabric, sewing and re-doing...the final look, I think will be beautiful.

Izzy and I had fun doing a photo shoot and captured quite a few great pictures.  I am now looking for a wide angle lens and a lens for doing macro pictures...I can see the $$ signs now! Will just have to buy each one as I can.

A question to all of my photographer friends...what is the best way to get pictures of glass jars...such as apothecary jars?  I could not seem to get the pictures I wanted and I know partly it was because of the glare coming off the top window...I will be putting something up there soon to still let the light in, just diffuse it.  Would love to hear any tips you all might have.

O.k. enough of my jabbering and on to my Spring Fluffing...

The area I stared focusing on was my buffet hutch.  I started from the top and worked my way down...

*Click any of the photos to enlarge*

I started with the sash window...bought it off of Craigslist for $5.  Thought I would end up painting it, being that the dark green paint wasn't my color and was worried about lead.  I went to clean it up and realized it had a beautiful patina on the inside of the window that had been stained...hung it on the wall...love it!

Even the crack adds interest and love this latch!

So happy with the soft blue grey paint we 
choose for this room...it's called Filigree.

Different sizes of cloche`s each with a unique nest...

This nest happens to be my favorite...
birch bark and green feather like grass.

Wanted to add whimsy...what better way than some tree branches...
just added a couple of silk pink cherry blossoms...beautiful!

Here's an overall view of the buffet.  I changed the hinges and pulls from silver to ORB...just a paint color can make all the difference on the look.  I then added some glass knobs not forgetting to change the inside screw to the same orb...now it has a more antique feel.

Here is 2 different sets of silver plated silverware that I bought from the sweet lady when I found my BREAD pot.  These were her husbands mothers silverware and they hadn't thought about parting with it at first and then decided to sell them to me...the husband told her he knew they would go to a good home and use. :)

This soon has become one of my favorite things...

Had fun displaying some of these on my pretty cake stand...

Isn't the tarnish beautiful!

Couldn't take enough photos of the silverware...

It will be great to use these for dinner parties...
there is at least a full setting for 6.

Scalloped edge of the stand...

I found this stand at Marshalls and love the vintage look...

I bought these pale blue plates 10 yrs. ago when I lived in Iowa.  They were at a Wal-mart discounted down to .50 for the big ones and .25 for the smaller.  I have 12 settings for each...I love the small plates that look like a flower. 

These pitchers are a great holder for all the silverware...

An antique tea cup that I have had for 15 years now...not sure how old
 the actual cup and saucer is...loved the simplicity of it with the tiny spoon.

My favorite pottery and color...

My Waterford glass butterfly bowl
 Mr.Wonderful gave to me for our 5th anniversary.

A cute little birdie...

A sweet sugar jar...

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I have been up too.  

Here is just one of the projects I am working on...

I have just the right spot for it and can't wait to see it done. 

Wishing you all a great start to your week and will be back soon to share lot's more!!

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April 14, 2010

Flea Market Trixie...

A sweet spot to sit...

I love the hunt of finding treasures. My heart races and I feel giddy...yes, giddy with excitement whenever I see a thrift store, garage sale, auction or get to go see a storage shed full of...treasures.  Now...maybe to some, this would just seem like...junk. *Gasp*...to me, it is more than what it might seem to be...it is has endless possibilities of what it could be.

I have found someone in this blogging world that loves a great bargain and hunt for treasures as much as I do...I only wish we lived closer. Oh the fun we would have...I would get up at the crack of dawn just to go on the hunt with her...I don't like to get up early for anything, but to go find treasures with her...I would!

Who could I be talking about that could make me give up my beauty sleep...I of course am talking about the  incredibly talented and lovely...Trixie from Flea Market Trixie.

Whimsy Spotlight!

Trixie not only can find a great bargain, she can transform something that's not so pretty into something beautiful while still keeping it thrifty!! That takes talent and a great eye for design. She is a natural!  Let me just share with you all a few of  her things she has transformed from something ho hum to extraordinary!

This lamp before...dated and not so pretty.

Now...beautiful and fresh!

Again...just an old dresser...nothing to exciting about it.

Amazing! I love this...it looks like a totally different dresser!

What I really loved about this project...laser stencils.  She used a laser stencil and modeling paste to add texture on the center drawers...so creative! I now have been thinking of what I can do with stencils and modeling paste...of course she shares how to do this on her blog. She is very giving with her ideas like that.

Do you see what I am talking about?  Trixie finds a great deal and creates a whole new look!  So talented...just amazing!!

This next one is brilliant...I am in awe over this! You must go see how this was transformed...so creative!! I could go on and on...

When I first found Trixies blog a few months ago, I was intrigued.  I love her style and the way she has decorated her home...gorgeous! Everything from the colors, to the overall look.  I enjoy looking at her pictures over and over. 

Here are just a few photos of her beautiful home...

There is so much more to see.  I love how all the colors and design effortlessly flow one to the next...my eye doesn't just stop anywhere, it takes it all in.  That is a great designer! She adds all the little details and makes it feel so inviting...beautiful!! 

Trixie's style is definitely  being recognized in the blog world.  She is a contestant on the new and fun blog 
So You Think You Can Decorate.  Every week she has shown her creativity and talent...she is one of my favorites!  You can check out all the great talent here and make sure to vote for your favorite! 

This is her recent project for week #7~Home Improvement Store Materials...

Believe it or not...this was done with galvanized cavity caps...gorgeous!!!


Trixie's bargain hunting has also led to another adventure for her...Flea Market Trixie...her Etsy boutique.  Here you will find beautiful vintage treasures and handmade items done by Trixie.  This will become one of your new favorite places to shop! 

A whimsy picture...Burlap Butterfly 1

Some pretty Vintage Scrolls...

Trixie has been very giving and is doing a giveaway for my readers!  
This handmade Paris Paris sign will be for one lucky winner!!!
I love the aged look on this...beautiful!!

It is easy to enter!

1. All you have to do is go to Trixie's Etsy and pick one of your favorite treasures and come back here and tell me which one you loved. 

 I of course always give you more entries to make your chances of winning better!  Please make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry I am using the random generator. 

2. Let me know if you are a follower or are now following me.
3. Stop by and give Trixie some love on her blog.
4. Blog, tweet or put this giveaway on your side bar.

See...it's that easy!! I wish you all luck!! This giveaway will end on Saturday April, 17th by 12 a.m. pacific time.  The winner will be announced on Monday April, 19th.

Hugs to you all!

April 13, 2010

Some Thank You's...

Thank You!!!

Some virtual flowers to all my
 friends and a Thank You!!!

Today is a post all about saying "Thank You"!! I felt a lot of bloggy love last week and it meant so much to me.

I was featured on my kitchen makeover at Linda's...her blog Restyled Home is one of my favorites and her style is an inspiration to me...This was a complete honor!

You could say we are kindred spirits...the love of the same kind of "pretty" as Linda would say.

I even had to laugh when I realized how close the color I created was (Whimsy French Blue) very similar to what is on her blog header...we are very much a like!

Then the Farmtable Island Mr. Wonderful and I worked so hard on was featured on Friday Favorites at another blog I love...Jen@Tatertots and Jello...she is so crafty and talented! Jen's fun sense of style...it's definitely whimsy!! I again am very honored!

This little blog of mine also received a Beautiful Blogger award from Carrie@ {the vintage wren}...

She has an amazing blog...full of beautiful pictures...such a great photographer and she is very talented! Carrie knits and sells her beautiful creations in one of her Etsy boutiques, LILY & LULU...something I long to learn. She also has another Etsy, The Vintage Wren full of vintage finds...you must stop by and see! 

I am grateful to all of you and the love you have given me! It really added sunshine to my days and made me very happy!! :)

I also wanted to give a warm welcome to many new readers and followers!! I hope you will enjoy this journey I am on and love that you have came along with me. Looking forward to getting to know you!!

I am working away on many things here...some new designs for my soon to open Etsy boutique and a little giveaway I will be doing...more on that next week. Finishing up more details in the kitchen...hoping to be able to show the reveal next week sometime as well.  

I have a very amazing Whimsy Spotlight tomorrow!!! You don't want to miss it and she is doing a great giveaway!  Stop by and visit me!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday...thank you too for all your sweet comments on my Happy Monday post...you all are so wonderful and I am grateful to call you friends!

Hugs friends,