April 27, 2010

Spring Fluffing...

I know it has been a little quiet around here the last week and you might even have wondered when I said "let's take a vacation" if I just went on my own.

Well...the truth is, when it is quiet here I am very busy working on projects and wanting to get them done to share with you all.

So...I hope you have been taking advantage of all the fun vacation places that are happening at DDNA's  Blog-About Cruise!  There have been so many wonderful and beautiful places to visit...the other great thing...getting to know so many other bloggers. I will be taking you all with me on my dream vacation very soon...I hope your on the cruise...it's going to be Fabuleux...yes, that's a hint! ;)

As I mentioned above...working on projects.  The kitchen has taken a little break while I am waiting on some finishing details and I decided I needed to think of other things besides paint and cabinets. :)

I have been doing some Spring Fluffing and putting things together.  This is my favorite part of design. Trying different ideas and adding here or there...or as my Aunt would say..."puttering" around my home.

Adding some whimsy and incorporating the look I see in my head...I am quite happy with how it is all turning out.  I have a clear idea on how I want my entry way/parlor and dining area to come together and having fun using my creativity.  Still lots more projects with fabric, sewing and re-doing...the final look, I think will be beautiful.

Izzy and I had fun doing a photo shoot and captured quite a few great pictures.  I am now looking for a wide angle lens and a lens for doing macro pictures...I can see the $$ signs now! Will just have to buy each one as I can.

A question to all of my photographer friends...what is the best way to get pictures of glass jars...such as apothecary jars?  I could not seem to get the pictures I wanted and I know partly it was because of the glare coming off the top window...I will be putting something up there soon to still let the light in, just diffuse it.  Would love to hear any tips you all might have.

O.k. enough of my jabbering and on to my Spring Fluffing...

The area I stared focusing on was my buffet hutch.  I started from the top and worked my way down...

*Click any of the photos to enlarge*

I started with the sash window...bought it off of Craigslist for $5.  Thought I would end up painting it, being that the dark green paint wasn't my color and was worried about lead.  I went to clean it up and realized it had a beautiful patina on the inside of the window that had been stained...hung it on the wall...love it!

Even the crack adds interest and love this latch!

So happy with the soft blue grey paint we 
choose for this room...it's called Filigree.

Different sizes of cloche`s each with a unique nest...

This nest happens to be my favorite...
birch bark and green feather like grass.

Wanted to add whimsy...what better way than some tree branches...
just added a couple of silk pink cherry blossoms...beautiful!

Here's an overall view of the buffet.  I changed the hinges and pulls from silver to ORB...just a paint color can make all the difference on the look.  I then added some glass knobs not forgetting to change the inside screw to the same orb...now it has a more antique feel.

Here is 2 different sets of silver plated silverware that I bought from the sweet lady when I found my BREAD pot.  These were her husbands mothers silverware and they hadn't thought about parting with it at first and then decided to sell them to me...the husband told her he knew they would go to a good home and use. :)

This soon has become one of my favorite things...

Had fun displaying some of these on my pretty cake stand...

Isn't the tarnish beautiful!

Couldn't take enough photos of the silverware...

It will be great to use these for dinner parties...
there is at least a full setting for 6.

Scalloped edge of the stand...

I found this stand at Marshalls and love the vintage look...

I bought these pale blue plates 10 yrs. ago when I lived in Iowa.  They were at a Wal-mart discounted down to .50 for the big ones and .25 for the smaller.  I have 12 settings for each...I love the small plates that look like a flower. 

These pitchers are a great holder for all the silverware...

An antique tea cup that I have had for 15 years now...not sure how old
 the actual cup and saucer is...loved the simplicity of it with the tiny spoon.

My favorite pottery and color...

My Waterford glass butterfly bowl
 Mr.Wonderful gave to me for our 5th anniversary.

A cute little birdie...

A sweet sugar jar...

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I have been up too.  

Here is just one of the projects I am working on...

I have just the right spot for it and can't wait to see it done. 

Wishing you all a great start to your week and will be back soon to share lot's more!!

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  1. I can't help with the photo tips...but I love what you have done...it looks beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you've been plenty busy! I've also taken a "breather" from my kitchen for a little bit! Such a pretty cabinet, and your displays look so lovely! I love the wall color, and that dresser you'll be working on is great! Thanks for sharing your Spring Fluffing!!

  3. oh I just love a good fluff!
    your home is so lovely! and the fun you had taking picutres can be felt right through the screen! that's the way to do it!

    love that colour of pottery too..it is BE-gorgeous!

    great job!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Hi Victoria,
    I can't help you with the camera advice, I'm no expert but I can tell you how much I like all you pretties and your cabinet.
    Happy Painting,

  5. Oh I can't wait to see what you do with that dresser! Girl, you "have" been busy. But look at what you've accomplished with your Spring Fluffing. Love that term by the way. For sure I'll be checking back for updates on that dresser..bet it'll be gorgeous! Can hardly wait!

    Blessings, Joy & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

  6. Everything is looking fabulous. I just love cloches!! And the nests inside are gorgeous!!
    The silverware is fantastic!! Lucky you to have been able to purchase it. It does have a good home. Someone loves it....you!!

  7. Your photos are fabulous and I adore your cloches and goods inside your cabinet~ pure heaven!

  8. Love the cloches and the nests are adorable.The silver is gorgeous.Can't wait to see the dresser when you get it done.Your spring fluffing is to die for!!

  9. All your Spring Fluffing is beautiful, love what you've done... want to head on over to my home and help with some of my fluffing issues. Sure could use your talent!!! Can't wait to check back in and see what else you do,
    happy week,

  10. Sorry I can't help you with the photo tips. I'm not good in taking pictures. LOL. Your cabinet is fabulous! Love it!

  11. Ahhh, so beautiful. Everything about your posts is pure eye candy. I love your display. And what wonderful silverware. I love that it has a story. So pretty!


  12. What a beautiful post, everything is simply gorgeous.

  13. Hey girly, it all looks so light and pretty. I love your old window. Can't wait to see what you are doing with the chest. I'm up to my eyeballs around here too, and still can't see an end in sight. Good luck with all of your projects. Take Care, Carrie

  14. Wow! I think the buffet looks great. So cute and all the small touches really add up!

  15. i love it! the glass domes are so lovely and the old window i love! can't wait to see the dresser!! have a nice weekend! susan

  16. THere is something about spring fluffing or sprucing that is so satisfying :) YOu did a fabulous job! Love the furniture, can't wait to see what you do with it, I know it will be wonderful!

  17. THere is something about spring fluffing or sprucing that is so satisfying :) YOu did a fabulous job! Love the furniture, can't wait to see what you do with it, I know it will be wonderful!

  18. So pretty, Victoria! Every little bit of it! :) Can't wait to see that dresser project!!

  19. Lovin that blue pottery..I can't seem to get away from that color either :)

  20. I love the silverware! I have my great grandmother's set, and I pull it out for special occasions. Your sets are lovely :)

    I am your newest follower.



  21. Such lovely vignettes, Victoria! It all looks amazing - so fresh and fun! The blue and white...so pretty! Great wall color, too!

    You know, your question about cameras and reflections made me realize that I haven't taken many pictures of glass items since I started blogging. So I'm no help at all! But I think your photos look great! A great camera and photographer!

  22. wow, what a fun cabinet full of al the thigns I love!! your silverware looks so pretty all laid out like that, and I love the blue plates, especially at a deal like that!! :) I think your photos look great, especially the cloches!

  23. Goodness sorry for all the mispellings it is late here and my fingers aren't workin properly! :)


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