June 29, 2009

A Little Inspiration...

H'mmm...what's my style?

Over the years my style has evolved and changed. Being a creative mind who loves to try new colors, textures and design I've never lived with one style for too long. I have had everything from Contemporary, Country, Traditional to Victorian. My love for the last 5 years has been French Country. In the last year though, I feel a new change is here, again...

I have always had a love of colors. Many colors have been in my home over the years. Purples, mauve with mint green, (I know, don't hold it against me) peach, sage green, maroon, teal/black (hmm...what was I thinking?) cobalt blue, butter yellow the list could go on and on. Yet out of all of these colors, the colors I seem to be most drawn to and still am, are blues, reds and greens. I have found varying shades I love in each hue. They are my favorite. I still continue to decorate my home with these colors.

As I said earlier, a new change is here...again. I feel pulled and drawn to the soft, muted but clean look of blue grays, soft pinks, creamy whites, with pops of turquoise, cherry reds and apple greens. I realized as I put this post together, that even though I design in clients homes and define a style for them...I have yet been able to put a name for my new style. How can this be? Well this might explain why...

I love Cottage, Vintage, Swedish, Coastal, a little Shabby Chic, Elegant, Romantic, still some French Country and of course Whimsy. Wow! There are elements about each of these styles that call to me. This is why I am having a hard time defining my style.

So what do you all think? I would love to hear your thoughts to help define my style's name? Being that my creative mind is in so many directions at the moment, I am having a "What's my style" block! Is that such a thing? It is now.

We will be moving soon (waiting for orders from the Air Force) and I am looking forward to once again creating and designing in my new home. Here are some photos that are inspirational to me for the style I want to create...

Photo: Ideal Home Magazine
Creamy whites, Casual slipcovers,
Elegant chandelier and pops of color.


Photo:Better Homes and Gardens
Detailed carved woods, muted blue grays and
a comfortable place to sit...

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Pops of turquoise, soft pinks and glass.
Love how airy and bright this feels.

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Pleated skirts, sisal rug, hardwood floors,
 gingham reds, stripes and canvas baskets...

Photo: Country Living
Love everything about this!

Floral fabric, distressed table, slipcovers,
monogrammed chairs, roman shades, and the
blue gray paint I can't wait to use in my own home.

Photo: Country Living

You know how I love plates on the walls!

Again the pop of red in the floral fabric
with the blue gray sofa...

Whimsy all over it.

This room says fun, elegant and casual all at once.
Such a pretty pink on the curtains and they're puddled. *sigh*

This floor is gorgeous with the harlequin
pattern in the blue gray and white...

Here are some of the fabrics I have been collecting
for the look I want in my living room.

Floral fabric with soft pinks, cherry red, and hints of baby blue for pillows with a gingham red and white piping (This is some of the fabric I posted on here about Tanya Whelan...one of my favorite designers!) Dupioni silk in muted lettuce green, striped blue grays and whites, plaids, pops of turquoise (adding Whimsy) and slipcovers done in a creamy white matelasse fabric. Adding accessories with Glass, distressed wood,canvas, linen, burlap and lots of little birdies .

Can't wait to move and create the vision...and hopefully have a name for my style.

Oh, one more thing...

Remember, something NEW is happening here!

Whimsy Spotlight Wednesday is coming this week July 1st! Make sure to mark your calenders! There is a new spotlight each week and also a great giveaway too! I would only have the best for my wonderful friends! Make sure your following...you definitely don't want to miss out on all the amazing Artist's, Designers,Businesses and goodies!!!

Excited to show you all the great things I have lined up for you all!

Hugs to you,

June 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

I'm back!
 Did you know that I left?

 I feel like it has been forever since I have posted something new and enjoyed spending my time looking at my favorite blogs! Lot's to catch up on, I missed you all! Does that mean I am a blogging addict? I love every minute of it! So, where have I "been", you ask? On a road trip, for our "family vacation". The kind of vacation you say at the end, "I think I need a vacation from my vacation!" You know the kind that all you hear is..."are we there yet?", "I have to go to the bathroom!" (20 mins. from the last stop) "I'm claustrophobic...I need space!", "MOM, so and so just hit me!" (not my angels...) "I'm hungry!" (every fast food sign they see)...yes, that kind of trip. Even with all the whining, complaining, fighting...we really did have a great time!

We started out in New Mexico on to Las Vegas for our first stop. There we were able to stay with my sister and her family. We enjoyed getting to spend time with all the nieces, nephews and seeing how big they have all gotten. My parents even stopped in and spent some time from their vacation too. Very rare for our family to be in one place at the same time. It was fun. Of course living in Vegas where it is very hot my sister has a pool. My boys were happy and became fish. Surfacing to the top for meals and then back to the water. Hard to keep them out. Even with lots of spf 50 sunscreen, there were a couple of sunburns. It was great though to see them being active and not inside mesmerized by some video game!

While there, we did go one night to see some of the downtown Vegas life. Not the night life that many might think of when they hear Vegas, but some good wholesome family fun. We went to Fremont street to see the big overhead show. That started out well enough, until my lil' bug started crying from how loud it was. So we left and went on to see the "Dancing Waters" at the Bellagio. If you have never seen these, it is a must for when you visit. There is a different show about every 30 mins. and the water dances to music. It is a wonderful show. We then went inside the Bellagio. Let me just say...I love the inside of this hotel! From the moment you open the doors it tantalizes your senses. Amazing! I told Mr. Wonderful, the next trip we take to Las Vegas, we are staying there without kids for a couple of nights. Just beautiful!! Here are a few pictures of the things I loved...

Walking into the lobby you will see this amazing
display of 2,000 hand blown glass flowers! I was in love with this!!

The Botanical gardens show a different
display for every season.

This ferris wheel had sunflowers in every seat...so pretty!

Rose covered snail.

These flower displays were amazing to see and smell!!

Love this frog!

Papa and baby bear "gone fishing".

This chocolate fountain was incredible! There was chocolate flowing down from the ceiling!
 This was so beautiful to look at and I can only imagine how good it tasted! 
White, dark and milk chocolate heaven!

The glass and cake displays are breathtaking!

After visiting Las Vegas, we were on our way to Utah. We used to live there and have lots of friends we wanted to see. We had even planned an ice cream social in the park, but we were welcomed with lots of rain instead of sunshine! We were only there for a couple of days, but had fun seeing some of our friends. I was also able to visit with one of my best friends! We used to see each other almost everyday and our kids are close in age. It was great to see them! They had us over for dinner and made us yummy bbq chicken on the grill (her husband is an amazing cook ) and she makes the best tasting potato salad I have ever had! Seriously...it was that good!! Her birthday had been the day before, so I had made her a birthday present. A fun half apron. Here she is modeling it.

She looked so sassy and cute in this! She loves Mary Engelbreit, so I made her a reversible apron with Whimsy pockets and cute eyelet trim. This was my first half apron design, I will be making some for my Etsy shop.

The last part of our road trip was on to Colorado Springs. We will be moving soon and wanted to look at areas we would like to live in. I am just so ready to find a place to plant some roots! We have decided to wait on buying for at least two more years. My husband has one more assignment to retirement with the Air Force, so we are hoping to stay in this area.

Here are a couple more pictures of our trip, only through the eyes of my daughter. She was taking photos as we drove down the interstate. I love this beautiful world we live in!

Maybe another photographer in our family?!

Over all it was a lot of fun! Any road trips in your plans this summer?

Oh, before I go. An exciting thing is going to be happening here. Starting next Wednesday July 1st I am going to be hosting a "Whimsy Spotlight Wednesday"! I will be spotlighting a blog, website or Etsy shop that will also do a GIVEAWAY for you all! How exciting is that? Every Wednesday! Make sure to be following so you don't miss out! I have a bunch of goodies already lined up for you and it is going to be worth your time. Can't wait to show you!

Hugs to you!

June 10, 2009

My Plate Addiction!

I thought it would be great to join Barb at Grits and Glamour for this weeks "What's on your Wall Wednesday". She is such a great host and I love visiting her blog! Stop on by and see what other blogs have on their walls too!

If you are like most women, you might have a love of shoes. I am not one of them. I know...hard to believe. I wish I could be in love with shoes. I just wasn't one of the lucky one's born with those oh-so-pretty, tiny Cinderella feet. No, I was passed down the genes of the not-so-pretty,evil step-sister feet. Not a subject I love sharing, but have accepted. Always has been a struggle for me to go shoe shopping. I would love to drool over all those really cute shoes out there, but what good is it going to do? I don't get to wear them...I just get to look and wish. My daughter however did get lucky and ended up with the oh-so-pretty Cinderella feet, so... I vicariously live through her.

Anyways your wondering how did we go from plate addiction to shoes? Well just as a woman can never have too many shoes, I can never have too many plates!

It would be nice for Mr. Wonderful to have this same perspective too. He tries to tell me we are running out of room and we can't possibly have a place for One-More-Plate. I disagree. I can always find a place for 1, 3or 6 more. There is always a place...somewhere. Now, I am not talking about just any kind of plates, but plates that call out to you. They are detailed, beautiful and good enough to...put on your walls! You know, not just the plates to eat on, but the kind you want to look at too, because they are that...Beautiful. Like these that I posted about here...

Ohhhh...I love the flower pattern on these plates!

My house has lots of arches above the doorways, so what better way to define the arch than with beautiful plates. Here is just a sample of my collection. Again, proud to be a plate addict.

Loved the intricate design on these cream plates. I buy most of my plates on sale. I very rarely will pay full price for anything, just as I talked about in my post on "Decorating on a Budget". Ross is one of my favorite stores for buying plates. I can get them for only a couple of dollars each or sometimes even $.25 or $.50!

Two great finds from Lenox!

I fell in love with this plate for the fun colors,

whimsy picture and what it says.

These are from Nikko Woodbury collection and

I bought each of them for $.99!

A pretty cream plate with a fruit design.

I bought these lovely blue plates, came in a set of four

at Ross for only $2.50!

Here is also my beautiful chandelier I posted on.

Love these together!

I love how Whimsical the patterns are on these plates !

These are from Onieda, The "Rose Impression" collection.

Again, found them at Ross.

"Return with Honor" is a motto for

our family to live by.

Love both of these!

The lemon plate is from "Bella Casa" collection

by Ganz and designed by Valerio.

This plate belongs to a set of 4 and would cost about $30 to replace one.

I only paid $3.50!

This simple and pretty plate is 1 of 4 sitting in a drawer

waiting for it's debut on one of my walls.

I love how these look together!

Love this pattern and the cobalt blue color!

These were so cute and called my name too!
They are "Bordello" in a cabbage pattern.

Of course...bought them at Ross.

I had to have these pretty plates and the rack.

Still one of my favorite sets!

Thank you all for visiting with me and letting me share with you a little of my collection. It makes me want to go out and buy some more! As I always say, "You can never have too many plates!"

Is that Ross calling my name?

Off to do some shopping! ;)


June 7, 2009

An Ottomans Makeover...in Plaid, Again

I have a love obsession with plaid. I am saying it out loud for all to hear...it just makes me happy! It doesn't matter what color family it is in. It could have oranges, yellows, pinks, reds, blues or just about any combination and I am smitten. Don't get me wrong, I am selective in picking which ones I like, but there are fewer ones I dislike. What is it about plaid that I am so drawn too? It has fun and whimsy all over it! I like patterns that adds whimsy to each room, something unexpected. So where am I going with my love obsession with plaid? I just re-covered my ottoman in plaid...again!

Our first home we bought in Utah.

We had just moved to Utah from Iowa and bought our first home. We loved most everything about this house...except one room. The not-so-in-love-with room, was our family room. It was very long and small. It seemed more like a bowling alley than a room to live in. I automatically found myself trying to figure out creative ways to break up the bowling ally feel and still have lots of seating in a smaller space. This is where my now adored ottoman comes in.

A small and long family room. This is only half of the room.

Being that my husband is in the military, also means that he can be gone alot at varying times. We had only been in our home for less than 5 months when he had to leave for some schooling and would be gone for 3 months. If you are a homeowner, you know that buying any home means project after project! This meant that some of the ideas and projects I had might be put on hold because he was gone. Again, the key word...might. I am very much a DIY kind of woman! I get impatient waiting for things to happen. So if I want something done...I do it.

After months of looking and trying to find the perfect ottoman for my awkward family room, I came to the conclusion I would just have to make it. This was a little intimidating for me, but a challenge at the same time. I told my husband of my plans and he tried to convince me to wait until he got back, but he knows I am stubborn and once my mind is made, I was doing it. I was determined to build this! I also knew that I would save some money and get exactly what I wanted. It took me all of 3 days to build, sew and staple together and become the now adored ottoman!

A great ottoman with a hinged lid and storage.
Another great place to sit.

I built this in 2003 and after almost 6 yrs. in the same fabric, it definitely was time for a change! I originally had done soft butter yellow's, brick reds, sage greens, dragonflies, pomegranates and of course plaids in my family room. When I decided to change the ottomans fabric, I knew I still wanted it done in plaid. My colors now are still in the yellows, greens and reds just more vibrant than before. I have crimson reds, apple greens, golden yellows and creams. I love the vibrancy and boldness of these colors. I was very happy when I found these same colors in another plaid! I think it turned out great and I now can check another project off my 101 project list! Here is my beautiful ottoman transformation. I think you too just might have a love obsession with plaid!

I love how bright and cheery this is!

Details pull it all together.
Cording and buttons done in red and white gingham.
A little apple green pleated fabric peeking out the sides.

I am linking this with Metamorphosis Monday. There are so many other great transformations going on at Between Naps on the Porch hosted by Susan. Make sure to stop by and see them all!

Hope you feel inspired and want to go and create your
own transformation this week!


June 5, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Can I just say?! WOW!! My heart is full of happiness and love! When I was designing this bag and pincushion, I would stop every now and then, smile and think "I wonder who will love this bag and pincushion as much as I do?" I had 271 entries and was happy to see so Many would!! I now finally have the answer to "who" will be loving these as much as I do! I had my Lil Bug draw from my candy jar (just thought it would add some sweetness) and pick two lucky winners. And the Winners are...

Isn't he cute? Needs a little haircut....Oh, yeah...

Drum roll please......

Lisa~Living My Life, Outside the Box!!!
You just won the Birdie Bag!

Laura Ingalls Gunn~Décor to Adore!!!
You just won the Yummy Cupcake Pincushion!

Ohhhh...I am so happy for you both!! I hope you will love your Whimsy item!!! I will be contacting you and getting your mailing information.

Lil Bug was such a good helper! He really loved pulling names out and seeing us (my family) clap and get excited. He kept pulling after the first 2 and we had to keep telling him we were done. See...he too was trying to get all of you to win!

To all those that entered, I am humbled and grateful! Once your comments and love came pouring in, I realized, doing a giveaway was going to be a hard thing for me! You all said the sweetest things and I could see you genuinely wanted to win! If I had the ability to make sure every single one of you had won...I would! The good news is, this is not the last you are going to see of the Whimsy Birdie Bag or the Yummy Cupcake Pincushion!

I have been working away on many Whimsy items and look forward to opening my Etsy Boutique soon! I can't wait to show you so much more!! I will be selling my Whimsy Birdie Bag for $60 and my Yummy Cupcake Pincushions for $15. I have decided to start taking Special orders now if any of you would like either and offer these at a special price of $50 for the bag and $10 for the Cupcake. This is a limited time, only for the next month. I also will be limiting how many bags I will make. Each bag has a lot of love, time and detail. I want my Whimsy customers completely happy with every item! Besides the Birdie Bag,I have lot's more ideas for my canvas bag's as well. Again,"Thank you!" You all touched my heart in a very great way and I promise you there is so much more to come and many more great giveaways!!

Speaking of more...do you ever wish you could have a super power? I woke up this morning thinking "If I could have one wish I would have a super power... it would be called "Turbo Power!"I know... a little delirious, still just waking up from a dream. Seriously, I have so many ideas and projects I want to show you all I wish that I could have them done the instant I think of them! I am looking forward to sharing with you all the journey ahead and letting you see what has been creating in my head.

For those that are followers, "Thank You!" so happy to have you here! Looking forward to knowing each of you better and having lots of great friendships! As I have said before, "that is what I love about blogging...the friendships!"

Another great thing to share with you all...
I was featured on Today's Creative Blog!

Make sure to have this cute button on your blog.
You could be in Kim's FFF...Future Feature File!

This was such an honor! I LOVE this blog! Kim features blogs that are creative and have so many great ideas. She also does such a great job adding her sense of humor into each post and sharing her point of view, I love that about her!

Upon waking up last Saturday morning I was notified on my cell that I had several messages in my e-mail. One happend to be from Kim telling me to check her blog. With anticipation of what I might see...I clicked on her blog to see her post was on...ME! It was a very exciting for me. I never dreamed 4 months ago when I started this that I would be featured on her blog. I was ECSTATIC!! I think my family thought I had lost it, they never see me wake up in such a good mood. They were happy the rest of the day,because mom was happy. Nice how it works like that!

"When Mom's is happy...everyone is happy!"

A few more things to share with you all. I actually won a giveaway...several weeks ago! I know, I probably have broken a blogging rule by not posting sooner! Sorry, I was deep in creativity...but very grateful to have won a very cute, Recipe Magnet Board!

I never win anything!! Seriously! Rachelle at She's Crafty has a great blog and Online store! She is so sweet to share lot's of great tutorials, and ideas on her blog. She has many cute items for sale in her store too. A popular item she makes and sells is nursing covers.

She too has been featured on Today's Creative Blog!

Make sure to stop by and see her if you haven't already!

Another great blog and now friend that I have enjoyed visiting is Aubrey at Made You Blush. Visiting Aubrey you will be taken by her amazing beauty, feel inspired with her thoughts and great quotes at the end of each post and see that she has amazing talent in design!

She is Beeaauutiful!
She has just opened her Etsy boutique and I am loving her
antique framed chalkboards...Gorgeous!

Love this!

She has also tagged me,(again so sorry to post so late on it!) 8 Things and just recently gave me "One Lovely Blog Award"!

Thank you Aubrey, so sweet!
A great blog to follow and visit!
Here are my 8 Things...

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
~Going on our family vacation next week!
~Designing more items for my Whimsy boutique
~Finishing many projects...
~Getting our Orders from the Air Force to show our exact date of our move
~Moving to Colorado Springs
~Getting to finally decorate our Master bedroom...once we move...been on hold!
~Losing more weight...always a never ending battle...
~Spending time with my kids this summer

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
~Bought paint to finish a dresser in the boys room
~Missed Mr.Wonderful...TDY until today
~Organized lots and lots of toys
~Played ball with Lil Bug
~Did some shopping
~Bought more fabric for the Birdie Bag
~Tried replying to lots of comments! ;)
~The mundane...cleaning!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
~Travel more
~Have time to paint again with my oils
~Be more patience at times...having 5 kids definitely tests them!
~Live more in the moment of each day
~Have a super power...Turbo Power! lol
~Accomplish all the things I want to get done in a day, week or month...
~Enjoy finding new clothes for me
~Have my office/creative space finished as I see it in my head!

8 Shows I Enjoy:
Food Network Challenge
Most anything on HGTV
CSI- I like trying to solve it before they do.
Americas Funniest Home Videos...even after all these years!
So You Think You Can Dance~wish I could dance like that...
Criminal Minds
Biggest Loser

Well I will end this very long post and I will get to work so I can show you lot's more in my next post! I will be leaving on vacation next week, but will make sure to have something for you all while I am gone.

Before I go, I want to leave you with a taste of Summer. One of my favorite things to eat in the summer..Berries!! Fresh, delectable and oh so pretty! Here is a tasty summer dessert my family enjoyed the other night.

Mixed fresh berries, vanilla pudding and topped with whip cream...yummy!!
Enjoy the start to your summer!