July 27, 2011

Anthropologie goodies giveaway!!

How about a little giveaway to finish off your week?

What would you say if I told you it was an Anthropologie giveaway?!


  I found a few goodies upon my very first shopping trip to Anthropologie a few weeks ago.  Yes, I said "my very first"...I know, shock!  I have never lived close enough to be able to visit this amazing, creative piece of heaven.  *sigh* I finally do live close enough to one, so I enjoyed every little moment of my first experience.  Looking in every nook and cranny, making sure I left nothing un-turned or over looked.  Many things I found and wanted to take home with me, but sometimes that  sticker shock! oops, I mean... pretty.little.price.tag deterred me.  I definitely am a budget, coupon, and sale kind of girl.  I did however find a few goodies that I felt were in my perfect budget price. As I was savoring my shopping, I had an inspiring thought.  My readers...yes, you all came to mind.  My amazing readers...how about I show my appreciation and love to you all and do a little giveaway?!  Are you game?

 Well if you are, let me share the goodies....

Anthropologie goodies...

*Books and spoon not included*
How beautiful is this cup?!! I want a collection of these!
 The perfect cup of whimsy to start your day off...

This soap smells so good, the scent is called milk...such cute candy packaging!

*sorry, jewelry not included*
I love this pretty green lidded jar. 
 It would be great for jewelry, candy, seashells...anything your heart desires.

Love this sweet Lovebird notepad...

These blue-green glass (4) knobs are the perfect jewelry for any furniture...

So...these aren't from Anthropologie, but they have that feel.
  Two beautiful patterned plates you can eat off of or use them decoratively..

So...do you love it?!!  

Are you ready to win?!!

All you have to do to enter, just leave me a comment sharing any of your shopping trips or finds from Anthropologie, whether online or in person.  Do you love this store as much as I do?!  

A few ways to have some more entries...

Share with your friends by blogging this, tweeting or Facebook
 this giveaway and leave a second comment with a link.

You can visit my Facebook page Whimsy by Victoria and Like me...awe, feeling the love! :) 
 If you already do just let me know too. 

If you follow on this journey here with me that is another entry!

Thank you all for being such great supporting readers and friends!!  

This giveaway will close on Sunday, July 31st at 12 a.m. Pacific time!
  I will announce the winner on Monday August 1st 2011!! 

Hugs to you all and good luck!!

July 17, 2011

A Sunday game of chess...

It's moments like these that I treasure and want to store in my memory forever.

  Li'l Bug and Dad playing a Sunday game of chess.

  I viewed from a distance, not wanting to interrupt their concentration.

Feeling gratitude for the milestones that have been made with our youngest.

 Sitting with Dad, playing a game and interacting while concentrating.
  If I haven't shared before, Li'l Bug has Autism.

 A year ago, he would have wanted Dad to sit beside him and only play when he told  him to...
today, he was trying to understand the game and playing with Dad.

 Seeing this warmed my heart and made me smile.
  A wonderful way to spend some quality time together on a Sunday afternoon.

I love this family of mine...I feel so blessed. 

  I hope you too are enjoying your beautiful Sunday day. 

Hugs and blessings,

July 5, 2011

Crushing on lace and crochet...

How was everyone's 4th of July?!  We kept it simple here.  Made some ribs on the grill, our fireworks consisted of snappers and poppers being that Colorado Springs is on a firework ban because of how dry it is here.  Although, that still didn't seem to stop others, so we did get to see some bigger fireworks in the sky.  We finished our evening as a family with root beer floats.  A perfect way to spend our day and evening celebrating our great country!

I have had to re-focus my attention recently from my line and back onto my home.  We have my daughters best friend coming in this weekend to stay a week.  Once she leaves we have our son R with us for 6 weeks from Texas.  We always feel like our family is complete once he is back with us.   I also am working on a big b-day party for our daughter.  She is turning 16!! The big sweet 16 party...but we are keeping it small with about 25 friends and adding lot's of creativity.  I will be sharing more on that soon.  So, as I was saying back to work on the house.  Finishing some projects in the kitchen that have been procrastinated on for at least the last year.  I finally am sewing curtains for the kitchen dining area and living room...so excited to share how they will look when I am done. :)

The changes I am working on here with my blog are also on a temporary hold until I can give it a little more time to finish it.   Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself to do all the things I need to do in a day...anyone with me?! lol I just thought I would take a moment to pop in and share a recent obsession love of mine, lace and crochet!!

Here are some things I have been crushing on as of late.  You can find all these images on my Pinterest board, Lace and Crochet...oh my!

I would love to have a crocheted piece like this...

What a breathtaking dress!

I am wanting to learn to crochet just to make a pin like this!

A beautiful lace table cloth...

A girly, delicate crocheted and lace shirt peeking out from under a jacket...

So wanting to try these doily cookies!

A sweet and pretty crocheted doily curtain...

Adding a little whimsy with this crocheted vase...

It would be divine to walk down these stairs everyday! *sigh*

Love all of it!!
 I don't think my husband will mind that I have a crush on lace and crochet either. ;)

Have a great week friends!
Lots of hugs to you!!