July 5, 2011

Crushing on lace and crochet...

How was everyone's 4th of July?!  We kept it simple here.  Made some ribs on the grill, our fireworks consisted of snappers and poppers being that Colorado Springs is on a firework ban because of how dry it is here.  Although, that still didn't seem to stop others, so we did get to see some bigger fireworks in the sky.  We finished our evening as a family with root beer floats.  A perfect way to spend our day and evening celebrating our great country!

I have had to re-focus my attention recently from my line and back onto my home.  We have my daughters best friend coming in this weekend to stay a week.  Once she leaves we have our son R with us for 6 weeks from Texas.  We always feel like our family is complete once he is back with us.   I also am working on a big b-day party for our daughter.  She is turning 16!! The big sweet 16 party...but we are keeping it small with about 25 friends and adding lot's of creativity.  I will be sharing more on that soon.  So, as I was saying back to work on the house.  Finishing some projects in the kitchen that have been procrastinated on for at least the last year.  I finally am sewing curtains for the kitchen dining area and living room...so excited to share how they will look when I am done. :)

The changes I am working on here with my blog are also on a temporary hold until I can give it a little more time to finish it.   Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself to do all the things I need to do in a day...anyone with me?! lol I just thought I would take a moment to pop in and share a recent obsession love of mine, lace and crochet!!

Here are some things I have been crushing on as of late.  You can find all these images on my Pinterest board, Lace and Crochet...oh my!

I would love to have a crocheted piece like this...

What a breathtaking dress!

I am wanting to learn to crochet just to make a pin like this!

A beautiful lace table cloth...

A girly, delicate crocheted and lace shirt peeking out from under a jacket...

So wanting to try these doily cookies!

A sweet and pretty crocheted doily curtain...

Adding a little whimsy with this crocheted vase...

It would be divine to walk down these stairs everyday! *sigh*

Love all of it!!
 I don't think my husband will mind that I have a crush on lace and crochet either. ;)

Have a great week friends!
Lots of hugs to you!!


  1. I've never even thought of making doily cookies! Very interesting. Beautiful lace and crochet pictures.

    I hope your daughter's birthday goes well. How nice to have your son back for a visit.

    I think we're all overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done!

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. Oh! I too am a lover of lace and crochet. I need to post my favorite pieces that I have collected over the years. I love to hold those pieces and imagine the lives of the women who wore it or made it. My Mom thinks I'm a bit loony when it comes to these treasures. As noted in my blog, I do seem to have a penchant for collections of all sorts! I've enjoyed reading your post and will sign off now so I can browse through your other posts. I have a feeling that we share more than loving lace in common!


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