May 18, 2010

Buttons and Burlap...

The weekend flew by and we were quite busy here!  I know that is not shocking news...I wonder when was the last time I just was able to do nothing in a day and be lazy...ah, reminiscing...

We did have a little fun this weekend.

Mr. Wonderful was given some free...(I love that word!) yes, free tickets to a baseball game on Saturday.

The weather as of late has been off and on...a nice Spring day one day, the next snow or rain.

Of course, Saturday happened to be a day of rain showers here and there.  As irony would have it...we needed our umbrellas before going to the game and I could not find any of them...we had, zilch!

All the umbrellas (at least 5) we once know, all the boys pretending they were swords, lasers or whatever their imaginations could come up with...everything but what they were designed for...rain.

So...there we were with no umbrellas...and of course this wasn't thought of until the very last minute.

 What kind of mom am I?!  A very unprepared mom at the moment! 

That did not stop us though...regardless...we were there to have some fun as a family...rain or shine...soaked or dry!

Fun...we did  have!

I forgot how much I enjoy watching baseball and it was great sharing it with my family.  We decided since it was close to the evening we would just eat dinner there.

 Isn't having hot dogs and peanuts the nostalgia at a baseball game.  Little did we know that just for a hot dog would be at least $5.  Lets see...$5 times 7 people...oh, lets not forget drinks at $4 each and other things...well, you can see it adds up very fast! In the end as we left the game that evening, Mr. Wonderful said "Wow, it costs us $60 for a free game!"  We all had to laugh.

If your still with me and wondering what this has to do with my title...Buttons and Burlap... absolutely nothing! I just thought I would share. :) is another project to mark off my list...2 lampshades, done!

I think they turned out quite pretty and have a vintage look to them.  I even gave a little boring tutorial.  An easy and great way to dress up any shade...

Loving the way these turned out!

I had bought two of these shades back in NM before we left.  
I knew I wanted to add something to them to tie into the lamp bases I had.

Using burlap as my fabric, I first had to find the length for my pleats.
  I did this by measuring the inside of the shade at the bottom. 
 I cut a strip that length and then made my pleats to fit inside it.

Put your iron on the highest setting, (burlap can be hard to shape). 
 Fold your strip of fabric in half and make a crease down the center.

*I used an old towel underneath this when I ironed.
Cut another strip of burlap measuring your width for the 
pleats (keep in mind this width will be folded in half)and 
about 2 times longer than your band.

Using lots of steam and a water bottle mist the burlap as you iron.
 Start making your pleats.  I didn't measure my pleats, I just estimated 
as I went. Fold and iron all together about every 4th pleat.

Once your pleats are done using a hot glue gun take the length of
 burlap you cut to fold over the top of your pleats to make a band. 

My band was about 2 inches wide and then folded in half,  you can make it whatever size you need for your shade.This will make it easier to glue onto the shade, keeping it more even and give it a finishing edge.  

It should look like this glued on both sides of the pleats.

Turn your shade upside down, it will be easier to work with and 
see where your band is being placed.  Glue to shade. I didn't worry
 about the pleats being exactly even in length, being that it's burlap.

Once the pleats are done,  now you can glue your buttons. 

I sorted through the button's  I wanted to use and made a pattern before I started
 gluing them on.  I spaced them and added small and large for interest.  I used buttons
 that had similar colors in the shade and base to give contrast and tie it all together.

Now, some of my favorite lamps! 
A great way to add a little something to your shades.

Before I go, there is a joke going on around here lately...

Whenever one of the kids or my husband is looking for me and they ask where I am, the reply will be..."Mom's in the garage stripping"...of course the "stripping" they are referring to, is my  furniture I am working on... 

Never a dull moment in my house!  :)

Will be back with more finished projects to share soon!!


May 14, 2010


I could have stayed in the French Provence
 and not have come back to about you? 

Thank you to all who came along...I hope you enjoyed our little virtual vacation. I am back to my life...

Not that I have a bad one...

  I am very grateful for my blessings and the life I live.

The reality I am talking about...


too many still unfinished and making my life chaotic!

  Everyday a little closer to having our lives back to the so called "normal".

I thought I would share just a few of the
 many projects I am currently working on...

As you can see lot's of  things still a work in progress...
 hopefully though,  I will have some of these finished to show next week.

I have been unpacking lots of boxes and
 now have to find a place for everything.

Here is the dresser after I stained the top...this wood is gorgeous!

It has a mirror with a frame that goes on top of it.

 At first I had decided to use the mirror elsewhere,
 but since have changed my mind...

Here are all the pieces that go to the frame for the mirror.
 I have stripped the old paint and stain and will have to
 put it back together and then finish painting it.

I am in love with the detailed pretty!

This is the base to our kitchen table that is getting painted.
 It's primed and now needs to be sprayed with the paint color.

Next post I will be showing what I added to my lampshade's.

A peek at some new designs I have been working on for my Etsy...
Light grey dupioni silk, glass beads and honeycomb smocking...

A pretty soft blue-grey linen and fabric butterflies...

As you can see many things to still finish...
I need more time, energy and hands to get it all done! :)

As my husband always says to me...

"How do you eat an elephant?"
(my question,"Why would I want to?!")
his reply..."One bite at a time". ;)

I hope to visit  soon and catch up on all I have missed...

I think of you all often. Thank you for your friendships and support!

I will be lost in projects and trying to get my life back to some kind of "normal"!

Have a great weekend!!