August 28, 2009

Adding some "light" to your life...Gold Canyon!

This weeks Whimsy Spotlight will add some "light" to your life just as I said! It is all about candles and so much more...Gold Canyon. I know many of you have heard or know of this great company! If you haven't...your in luck. By the time you see all that I am going to show you, you will be excited to buy some of these products for yourself or give as a gift to someone special.

I have said how much "I love scents" and that just as colors, patterns, paint, and furniture is important in is scents and lighting in your home ! Now when I say lighting, candles might not be the first thing to come to mind. Along with lamps, chandeliers, and electrical lighting...candles are a great way to create the atmosphere for any event. I light all my candles before dinner parties, holidays, or just because I want to have a warm, golden glow throughout my home. Always giving me the ambiance and lighting I love!

I have always been very choosy when buying candles. Gold Canyon candles are one of my favorites. They are made by the highest quality standards and use the finest essential oils...which fills the air with the most amazing smells!

I was happy to see that connecting with an old friend from High School, (yes via FB) that not only could I keep up to date with this friend, but any of my Gold Canyon needs were now at the touch of my keyboard.

Let me introduce, Jodi Cleer. An Independent Charter Distributor for Gold Canyon. She is of course an amazing women and has done so much with her business in the time that she has been with this wonderful company!

Here is a little about Jodi and her incredible journey with Gold Canyon!

Jodi began her Gold Canyon career in January 2003 after meeting a Demonstrator in a doctor’s waiting room. Jodi was not a traditional candle buyer, but saw the opportunity that Gold Canyon could provide for her and her family. After being a part of other Direct Sales companies Jodi finally found the perfect fit in Gold Canyon. In November of 2007 Jodi became a Director and she is not stopping there. She is personally driven by the incentives that Gold Canyon offers and has in fact earned every trip ever offered. This year has been monumental for Jodi and her husband Jim and 3 beautiful girls. They have purchased their DREAM HOME courtesy of hard work, a strong will to succeed, and Gold Canyon!!

Not only purchasing her Dream Home, she has taken many exotic trips through the opportunities Gold Canyon has given her. Here are some of the trips she has taken: Caribbean cruise, Cancun(twice), Italy, UK, Disney World. How great is that? You can clearly see she is very determined, a hard worker and the best benefit of all is she can still be right there for her family! That truly is a great company!

Here Jodi is with the founders of
Gold Canyon Convention 2009.

She is 3rd in the Nation for Frontline Promotions!!
That is a great accomplishment!

As Jodi has stated here "I love my Gold Canyon business because my family always comes first. Try finding a job like that in corporate America. " This seems to be a great opportunity for many! There is much more information on her website for any of you who might be interested in having your own Gold Canyon business as well.

There is so many candles to choose from! Gold Canyon offers many different lines so there is something for everyone. Another great thing about this company...they even have bath, cleaning and home products as well. Again using the highest quality standards and ingredients with amazing scents in every product. That is hard to find!

The Inspiration line.
Tranquil Mist( Individuality )

Gold Canyons signature line, Heritage.
Many scents to choose from.

Who wouldn't want to smell "Strudel and Spice"
from the baking line? Mmmm...

Boutique Chic~White Sage & Rose Noir

Many sizes to choose from in the Pillar Series.

Comforts of Home~Warm Welcome...this candle
would make you and your guest feel just that!

Scent Pods and Warmers.

Fire Starters will make your fires burn a little more fragrantly!

Diffusers in many scents, comes with pretty appliques.

Homeology~A natural way to clean.
Plant based glass cleaner.

Even something to make your car smell great!

For the body, Emerge.
Nourish your skin with Botanical nutrients.

As you can much to choose from! Still even more to look at on Jodi's website. Before you click over there, I want to let you know that Jodi is of course going to give my readers something wonderful as each of my Whimsy Spotlights do!

One Whimsy reader is going to win a $25 gift certificate to spend on anything of their liking with Jodi at Gold Canyon!! That is right...You get to choose any of these great products up to $25 all for one lucky winner!! I'm sure you all know how to enter by now...if not here are the ways!

1. Check out Jodi's business Gold Canyon and then return here and leave a comment on one or more of your favorite things. You can enter more than once by doing the following.

2.You know I love my Whimsy Followers! Another entry for you if you follow! Scroll back up a ways and you will see Whimsy followers on the side, click add and then leave me another comment. (If you already are, please leave another comment as a entry)

3. Grabbing my cute button, makes me feel loved! (again if you already have this, let me know in a separate entry)

4. Blog, FB or tweet about this post. (separate entry for each thing)

Please make separate comments for each entry being that I am going to use for the giveaway! Make sure I have your info. if you win.

You have until Monday, August 31st at midnight Pacific time to enter. I will have the winner announced on Tuesday September 1st. This is opened to US and Canada only.

Can't wait to see who the winner is!
Have a fabulous weekend!!
Hugs to you all,

August 26, 2009

Winner of House of 3!

For those that have tried my Strawberry Lemonade...I hope you enjoyed it as much as we do! Thank you to all those that stopped by and visited and entered the wonderful giveaway for House of 3! It is such an amazing business and whenever you need great vinyl wall art, blog backgrounds, fonts, or any whimsical know where to go.

A lot can change in just a couple of days.

My grandfather passed away on Sunday. I do know that he is in a better place. I have had a mixture of emotions and will have to share in another post more about this.

We finally have orders from the Air Force to move (yay!). The house hunting is on! Excited to start a new chapter in beautiful Colorado!!

My Aunt is coming for a day to see me and my family...haven't seen her in 16 years! Making some yummy chicken enchiladas (only Hatch green chili will do!), black beans and rice, and my favorite...guacamole for dinner tonight. Dinner is planned and I have to get done with this post and start cooking! :)

Mr. Wonderful will finally be back home on Friday after being gone for the last month (happy dance!). We are going to see " The Travelers Wife", when he gets back...I hope it is good! Our family will be celebrating another birthday this month for our son The Artist on the 29th...these kids are growing so fast!

There is also a winner for the $25 giveaway for Digital Kits!! So, without carrying on any longer..............

The Winner is, Traci from It's My Life!!!

I am so happy for you! Traci had 7 entries!! I know she really wanted this! I am excited for her to pick her fabulous designs and enjoy creating!! I will send you the code you will need to start shopping with Traci...have fun!!

I just want to tell you all from my heart, all of my friends here mean soo much! I am grateful for each and everyone of you...even those that visit and I have yet to meet. Reading your comments or following along with me on my blog always adds a smile to my face and brings happiness to my day! Thank all are wonderful!!

I know this post is short and the next Whimsy Spotlight has yet to be revealed. I will be posting a day late this week due to so many of those events I shared with you up above. I know once I have my husband back home this weekend, I will have a little more time to show many projects I have been working on. I am sure the next several weeks will go fast as we prepare to get things ready for our move. Thank you for being understanding on my late Spotlights. Make sure to come back by tomorrow to see who could be adding some "LIGHT" to your life, you don't want to miss out!

Have a blessed day and hugs to you!

August 22, 2009

House of 3!

I know my Whimsy Spotlight has been a little delayed this week. So much going on with kids back to school and trying to find the time to work on the things I would like to. So please forgive the delay, we will now have our regularly scheduled program...

As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well I definitely feel I have been given my share of lemons in the last couple of days. So... taking these lemons and am doing just that!

I am even going to share my very delicious Strawberry Lemonade recipe with you! You might just think it is the best you've ever tasted ( just my personal opinion.) It is a recipe I have been making for friends and family for the last 18 years. No matter the occasion, it is always right. Here is my secret recipe...shhh...O.K. I guess it won't be secret anymore...just enjoy! :)

Can't wait to hear if you liked it. What do you think of my fun and cute frame around this yummy recipe? Well...I thought it would make the recipe extra special by adding a very whimsy frame. I bet you want a cute frame like this too. The"Whimsy Spotlight" this week is all about these whimsical frames, and many beautiful designs from creative blog couture, unique jeweled wall art, fun fonts to unique digital scrapbooking kits. Still there is more to see. The House of 3 has it all!

I am going to tell you prepared to! The first time I layed eyes on these whimsical designs I was smitten! ♥♥♥ This unique business is all about Inspiring, Creating and falling in Love with design. In fact, this is their motto...Inspire. Create. Love. Simply said and true!

However, there is nothing simple about these many wonderful,and intricate details in every design. I could look at all the House of 3 designs for hours, imagining the possibilities of what I could create. I have been soo excited to share with all of you these very talented and creative designers behind this fabulous company! You definitely will see why it is called the House of 3 and having these 3 beautiful, creative minds make for amazing designs! There is so much I could say about each one, that honestly...I would have a post at least an hour long. In order to give you the shorter version, you must go here to read more about these very gifted women! Make sure to click on their names below and visit their wonderful blogs!

Heidi Swapp

Heidi is a passionate scrapbooker who,
loves to share her ideas in many ways!

Rhonna Farr
Rhonna wants you to, "enjoy the process" of creating.

Janet Hopkins

Janet found an artist inside her through scrapbooking.

So, I am ready to show you all what House of 3 is all about! It was really hard not to show you everything...again we might be here for hours. I love all of the designs. Let's start with...House Adornments.

I am loving these chandeliers!

I so want to do this in my next house! I will be writing "reminders", scriptures or quotes for the day and little love notes to Mr. Wonderful...

Frames of many styles and sizes!

This is such an easy and beautiful look!

The whimsical look of the vinyl with real fun!

You have to look twice to realize this lamp is not real.

Monogrammed letters are very the jeweled art around it!

Just one of the great backgrounds that you can use to add whimsy to your blog!

For any of you looking to add change to your blog, add some fun or just starting a blog there is so many styles to choose from and the prices so affordable!

Another favorite one...

These fonts are wonderful! Remember these are not just for scrapbooks, but for many artistic uses. I would use these to add to containers in my craft room or print and frame them! As I said, "the possibilities...endless!"

I am in love with this set...I could use these monograms in so many ways!

Many calenders to choose from too!

I am telling you...they have everything! Here is just one of there invitations kit.

Love unique, whimsical cards...
easy to create with card kits!

Another thing I love about House of 3...
they show you many tutorials!

Is this not the cutest idea?! You can design a book for
yourself or a friend as a house warming gift!

Who doesn't love a fabulous magnetic board?!

It really is Inspire. Create. Love!

I think you all can see why I am smitten! So many beautiful designs to look at and the creativity is unlimited!! That very cute frame around my yummy recipe up there...I purchased it, and within minutes I had it to create with. Many of their designs are downloadable after you purchase them, some will come by mail. I can't say enough about this wonderful company and it's talented designers!

I am excited every time I buy something and think how I am going to use it. Again, the prices are soo affordable which get a lot of whimsy for your money!!

Speaking of affordable....The House of 3 is going to give you all %10 off of there wall art! Just type in the code at checkout~whimsy10winner. I know you all have already thought of where you want to put those fabulous chandeliers! They also are going to give one lucky winner up to $25 to pick what they want on Digital kits! I know...very exciting!! I wish I could win!!! So many things to choose are the details for entering.

1. Go visit House of 3 and then return here and leave a comment on one or more of your favorite things. You can enter more than once by doing the following.

2.You know I love my Whimsy Followers! Another entry for you if you follow! Scroll back up a ways and you will see Whimsy followers on the side, click add and then leave me another comment. (If you already are, please leave another comment as a entry)

3. Grabbing my cute button, makes me feel loved! (again if you already have this, let me know in a separate entry)

4. Blog, FB or tweet about this post. (separate entry for each thing)

5. Stop by and visit the House of 3 blog and leave them a nice comment to say let them know how much you love their designs! Gives you another entry~just make sure to come back and let me know!

Please make separate comments for each entry being that I am going to use for the giveaway! Make sure I have your info. if you win. You have until Monday, August 24th at noon Pacific time to enter. I was a little late on this spotlight, so I will have the winner announced on Tuesday August 25th. This is opened to US residents only.

Good luck!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Hugs to you,

August 17, 2009

A Winner, An Award and A Very Special Birthday Wish!!

Can you believe summer vacation is coming to a close for many of us? My kids all start back to school this week and it seems that summer came and went in a blink of an eye!

I am excited to share a little good news I have heard recently...we will be moving in 7 weeks!! Yay, no more limbo! Now that means and have a garage sale by September. Lots to do and never enough time...or energy!

I am ready though to start a new chapter in our life and get settled in a new home. The house hunt is on. We are going to lease for 2 years and if we get to stay where we will be after this assignment, we will buy or build our dream home. We have always wanted to end up in Colorado Springs to retire with the Air Force, so we feel we are in the right direction!

O.k. enough about all of this, just know I will be very busy trying to get a lot done and Mr. Wonderful is not here for a couple more please forgive me if I am not posting as often. I really do have so much I want to share with you all.

Ready to hear who the winner is of this very adorable reversible jacket from "Kai and I Boutique"? First I want to thank Leslie again for her talent and sharing with us all. I really do love showing you all these amazing women!

Just so cute!!

So...the lucky Winner of this cute jacket is...........

Tj and Amy!!! Happy to announce you get to have a custom designed Reversible Jacket with fabric and colors of your choosing! So excited for you! This will be a great fall jacket and so stylish too!

I wish everyone could win! The good thing is you can have Leslie design a custom jacket for your little one as well. Make sure to shop Kai and I Boutique for cute, quality, original clothing and accessories that look like a high-end boutique without the price!

Since I am moving in 7 weeks, I decided to continue my Whimsy Spotlights up to the first of October. After getting a little settled I will bring them back. So make sure to see what is coming and enter to win the great giveaways these wonderful businesses are giving to you all!

I recently received another great blog award! Aubrey from "Made You Blush" gave me a really sweet award called "Fantsy Pants". It is an award for "dedicated bloggers who love to blog,and encourage friendships through blogging." State why you love blogging & pass it on.

I started blogging as a way to show many projects I am working on, and to tie it into my Etsy shop I have wanted to open. A month into blogging I found out we would be moving. So, I decided to wait on my opening. Blogging now has become part of my everyday life! It brings much happiness and I have found so many new friendships! I feel truly blessed! I now see my blog as a way to share with you all creative ideas about my life and as a journal for myself. Thank you to all who are with me on this journey. I really am grateful to all my wonderful readers and friends! I would like to pass this on to...

Amanda~Serenity Now
Sandra~In This Small House

Thank you again Aubrey for thinking of me!

The last bit of news I have for you makes my heart have warm fuzzies! It is my beautiful daughters 14th Birthday today!! Hard to believe my little girl is no longer so little...*sniff*...she is also starting High School this year and I am trying to figure out how this adorable baby girl I held for the first time 14 years ago is so grown...trying not to cry at the moment. I am so proud of the young lady she has turned into and as her mother so grateful I get to be a part of her life! I know she has so much ahead and I love seeing her change and accomplish the dreams she wants for herself. She is a gifted, talented, beautiful young lady inside and out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I Love You Drama Queen!!!

I love this girl with all my heart!!

I love the twinkle in her eye!

Some of the drama I love about her!

A smart, talented, and beautiful daughter!

This smile takes me back to her childhood!

I am off to celebrate with the kiddos and enjoy some birthday cake! I have another great Whimsy Spotlight for you on Wednesday! House of 3 will be starring and being very giving!!! Don't miss it!

Hugs to you,