August 10, 2009

Studio M Designs Winner and Some Thoughts!

I had wanted to post before now, but just did not get the chance to. I ended up having a "pain" in my neck and having to go have some x-rays done. I had to have many and am sure I was glowing by the time I was done. I still have the pain, just not as bad as it was. The Dr. is not sure what the problem is, so now I am just waiting for an answer. Anyways, between that and my husband being gone most of the week, I just wasn't on the computer very much. I missed you all and am hoping to have a lot more for you this week!

Thank you to all who entered Studio M Designs giveaway! I know the comments you left meant a lot to Misti and me! I want to Thank Misti again for her generous giveaway and for letting me share a little of her life with all of you. Make sure to stop by her blog if you haven't already, she always has fun posts and lots of great decorating to show! Misti's Studio M Designs Etsy is where you can buy the custom designed Sknobs.

They have a flat end for mounting on furniture, curtain rods, beds, dressers, closet doors,or for any flat surface where you need a great knob! They are so cute! She also does custom canvas artwork, just as she is giving away to the lucky winner!!

I know, I've kept you in suspense long enough...The lucky Winner of the 11x14 personalized canvas painting is.....
# 14~Suzanne from
Southern Inspiration!!!

Congratulations!! Misti will need to know what style, theme, colors and name you want on it and a mailing address. I know you will love whatever she creates for you and we all would love to see it! Enjoy!

There are so many amazing blogs that are now a part of my everyday life. My morning routine starts with me eating breakfast at my desk, going through e-mails and reading new posts. Even though many of us have not met in person, I feel as though through your blogs and comments I have gotten to know you. What a blessing this tool~the Internet can be. We are sharing in each others lives and building friendships all over the world.

Without the Internet, I wouldn't have met Mr. Wonderful. I will have to tell my story one day and share how we met, fell in love, and now have been happily married for the last 9 1/2 years! It is a good one. Today though, I wanted to focus my thoughts primarily on women supporting women.

Whimsy Spotlights are a way to share with you all amazing women who are talented Artists, Designers and Businesses! They are creative, a little whimsy and have quality products. Something my Whimsy readers would want to know about and shop from. They also show you some love with their generous giveaways! Thank you!!

How blessed I am, to be able to write about these talented women. I want them to know, just how special they are! The greatest thing we can do is to support one another...I love that we are like that, always wanting to show love and uplift each other. This I know gives joy to our lives!

I just want to thank you all again for being so great and supportive to all these amazing women! You all are really wonderful and that is just one more reason blogging has blessed my life!!

Many hugs and good thoughts your way,


  1. Victoria,
    So sorry about your neck! That's especially hard when you're husband's gone and everything falls on your shoulders! Hope it gets better soon.
    I agree with you about having blogging friends. I have to check my favorite blogs every day to see how everyone is doing!
    Have a great day.
    Congratulations to Suzanne!

  2. I can't wait to read about how you and your hubby met!! :) Hope your neck is feeling better soon!!! I know exactly what you mean about getting to know wonderful people through blogging. :)

  3. Hope you feel better soon!! What a pain in yhe neck that must be!! Har har!!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear you've been in pain.....that's no fun at all....and if you were a little bit closer to my hometown, you would hear me squealing with delight......I do LOVE Miss Misti and her talented endeavors!! I am just beside myself in excitement and will have to ponder which of her fun things I would like to have!!! Oh my goodness, what a fabulous Monday!! Thanks so much "Ms. Whimsy" for making my day!! :)


  5. Oh no...a pain in the neck is no fun. I should know, I have four of them running around me right this minute (kidding of course)!

    Congrats to Suzanne on winning this fun giveaway from such a talented artist!

    And to my sweet sweet friend are a dear. I treasure our friendship so much. I know that I have been blessed to know you and I feel sure there are many more who feel the same. Thank you for being YOU!

    Love ~ Amanda

  6. Hi Victoria! So sorry to hear about your neck pain. The only neck pain I want is from Edward (Twilight if you haven't read it-LOL!) I'm so excited that Suzanne won the giveaway. She is such a loyal follower of mine, always being one of the first comments of every post! Can't wait to see what she chooses. I told her to send me a challenge! I'll post it as soon as it's finished.

    Feel better soon!

  7. Oh Victoria, I am so sorry you are experiencing neck pain. I know how uncomfortable that can be. Sending prayers for a speedy resolution to your pain.

    Congrats to Suzanne!!!

    I can't wait to hear how you met your hubby!!! I met mine online, too, and we have been married almost ten years, too!!!

  8. Can't wait to hear your love story!!! :)

    Many Blessings~ Jen


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