August 11, 2009

A design solution/uneven windows and high ceilings

My life is an adventure and a challenge. Being in the military we are always on the move at least every 3 years. The adventure part is moving to a new home, meeting new friends and having a different state to explore. The challenging part...just when we are finally getting settled, found our dentist, doctors, stores, friends and knowing the schools, we move. A new home of course means new decorating adventures, but also new decorating challenges.

I believe good design is something that happens over time. Since we move quite often, I am never done with the ideas and projects that need to be finished with each home we live in. So, here I am again...waiting to move in the next 2 months and still many things not completed.

Some of the features I like about my home is it's many windows, bringing in lots of sunshine and very high ceilings that give an open feel. I have found though having these features have added quite a few design challenges. Our ceilings are 18 feet high and the many windows are uneven making it tricky to design treatments for them.

After much pondering, I came up with a design that brought the height down to give the room coziness and warmth. I was also able to achieve balance for the uneven windows so that your eyes would sweep across the room and not disrupt the flow. Here is my solution for the uneven windows and high ceilings.

As I said, many windows! This is just a few of them. The two longest windows that flank the fireplace are long and narrow and the one to the far left is more rectangle and short. I didn't want to take from all the light coming in, so I made valances for the two narrow windows and hung my rod for the shorter window at the same height. By doing long vertical panels on this window I as able to trick the eye and level out the uneven windows..

The two narrow windows have very little area on each side. I originally thought I might do panels that swept to one side away from the fireplace. I realized that having more fabric would take from my light, so I decided to do valances.
More balance is added by having the pillars with the candles be symmetrical and the picture becomes the focal point above the mantel.

An overview look from my stairway that leads up to our loft. I did not add treatments to the top windows, it would have taken from the height being brought down and made your eye go up. We did have some wooden blinds added for privacy and to control the light.

Some of my unfinished projects? Adding cushions to my wicker chairs and pillows. Painting the lamp bases and the pedestal table cream. I then am going to create a chess board on top. Still looking to find an area rug that I like. If we had owned the home, I would have covered the pretty. fireplace with a wood mantle that was detailed and painted the vent to match the wall.

Adding vinyl lettering gives height, whimsy and keeps it airy. Using different textures adds interest and keeps your eye moving. Group like items together. A great way to achieve flow and balance in a room is to scatter your colors throughout your design.

There is my ottoman transformation I showed you all. I have seating throughout my rooms to always make my guest feel welcomed. The room still has many missing elements I want in it. Some of those projects I still am working on and will add before we move.

I hope this inspires you to find a way to solve any design challenges you might have. Would love to hear what some of your design solutions are?

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  1. What a pretty room! You definitely solved the window dilemma with your usual creative whimsy that we love so much!

  2. What a great solution to all the windows. I love your vinyl lettering phrase.

  3. WOW! Victoria, it's beautiful!!

  4. What a beautiful room! I too have these ridiculously high walls and ceilings. Adding the vinyl lettering was a great idea to draw the eye up.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow! Your window treatments really fooled my eye! I didn't "get" it at all - at first glance my mind thought they were all three the same! Good solution to the problem! Sorry you have to move so often!

  6. We had high walls like this in our last house, so I know how tricky they can be. However, you've pulled it all together so well in your family room. What a neat trick with the curtains! I love those vinyl letters, too. Can you tell me where you found them?


  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!! That's a solution if I ever saw one. I hope you'll link this up to my Decorating Dilemmas Party. I'm putting it up around 10 (ET) tonight. I LOVE the fabric you chose. :)

    Btw, thank you so much for the sweet comment. You are such a doll!! We should start a "post-baby weight loss bloggy club." ;)

  8. I like your room very much. Those types of windows and walls can be tricky but you did a fine job decorating them. I love how homey it feels!!

  9. Your room and windows look fantastic! I can't even begin to imagine moving every three years, my hat is off to both you and your family. I would imagine the only fun thing is getting to redecorate and create such beautiful settings, each time you move!

    Thanks for following my blog, have a Pinkalicious Day!


  10. Very nice solution, Victoria, your fabric is so pretty on those windows too. I love your vinyl letters above the armoire & the vignette up there too. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Oh my goodness! This reminds me so much of my living room. Our ceilings are also 18 foot high and we have TONS of windows. At least all of ours are the same size top and bottom. You did a great job with your treatments. One thing for sure, it's EXPENSIVE treating such large windows.

  12. LOVELY.... what a beautiful room!
    Love the colors.

    Many Blessings~ miss jen

  13. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! Our window in our master doesn't match the height of the neighboring sliding door and I had NO IDEA how to handle I do! What a relief, now we can start year 2 in the space with....window treatments! Million thanks for sharing your beautiful home and great solution!!

  14. Wow...everything looks so beautiful...I can't wait to come back and see what else you've got going on here!

  15. Thanks, Victoria for linking up to the party!! :) I really do love this room. You have some excellent solutions. :) Great colors!!!

  16. LOVE the curtains! I can totally related to moving so much. We've moved 11 times in the past 11 years - and my husband isn't even military!

  17. I love the way you merchandised the top of the armoire. Fabulous!

  18. I have to say that this is a very beautiful room, the chimney is very nice.
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  19. You have just helped me figure out a window dilemma in my own home. I am so glad to have found your site. I am adding this to my favorites! By the way, this room is beautiful!


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