February 15, 2009

Spring really is coming...

So I had to run to Target yesterday for something I needed and ended up with something I wasn't expecting to need! I found signs that Spring really is coming! It seems that as soon as Christmas is done and Valentines day comes and goes, Spring colors really start blooming everywhere! O.k. maybe not everywhere, but you can't walk into most stores without seeing pastel colors going up on the shelves or floral prints on something. Spring is my favorite time of the year!! It's the buds on the trees, Birds singing and the beautiful colors that start blooming after seeing white, brown and bareness for the winter. It just takes me back to childhood playing with jacks, jump roping and seeing the first tulips blossom. Just feels like happiness.

Well back to my "need" that I found yesterday. My son The Artist was with me and as we are turning corners something catches my eye and we stop. I start looking at the display with all it's Spring colors and know that I have been struck by the want to "need" what I am seeing. I contemplate. I look at the prices...no sale prices, full prices. I see the prices are reasonable, I start thinking about how many I need. I think 4...no 6. Yes, I think I need six. I start arranging and showing The Artist, who at this time is adding up and giving me the price. I know at this point there is no going back...I have to have this or I will be thinking about it forever. I decide to make a phone call to my wonderful husband...

My conversation goes something like this:

Me~"Hi Dear"(all bubbly)"Guess what?!"

Mr. Wonderful~"What?"(with caution)

Me~"Spring has found me!"(enthusiasm)

Mr.Wonderful~"How is that?" (a little more caution)

Me~"I found these amazing dishes I can't live with out!" (convincing enthusiasm)

Mr.Wonderful~"Really?"(not really convinced and now only thinking $$$ signs)

I proceed to tell him about the dinner plates, the cute flower plates and don't forget the really cute bowls. I also would need the pretty glasses that were pink, blue and green. In the end all he wanted to know was the final number...the price was right!

I then happily started putting my new "needed" place setting's in my basket and went to check out. Here are my new cute dishes...

I'm thinking the new fabrics even
go great with these pretty dishes.
Maybe I need to make a new table runner?

So cute, I love all these Spring colors!

I can't wait to plan the menu, invite my friends
and enjoy eating off of these cute new dishes!

I love my new fabrics!

As weird as it might sound to some, I am in love with fabric! Some women have shoe fetishes, jewelry, make-up or whatever they love. My fetishes vary from dishes, handbags and fabric! The way some love the smell of a shoe store, I love the visual of a fabric store. I am like a kid in a candy store every time I walk in and see colors, patterns,and textures surrounding me. I guess you would say it has an euphoric feeling. I have to walk up every isle touching and taking in all the detail. My children, husband and my friends know when we walk in to the fabric store, I (and them) could be lost for hours. It really is a treat for me. You never know what might be new, or maybe I missed something from before.

Well my latest love of new fabric actually came in the mail...which is a first for me! I have always thought to order fabric off the computer is taking a risk. What if it ends up being a different color than I thought, or I am not happy with the feel of the fabric. Well I have to say with this first experience of ordering fabric I have forever been transformed and can't wait to make my next order!

The fabric I just ordered makes my heart pitter~patter. I truly am in love with it! The designer of this collection is someone I admire and find inspiration in her designs and colors. Her name is Tanya Whelan and her collections are fun, girly, vibrant and vintage. She has 3 collections that are available and one she is now working on, which I can't wait to see! She is just an amazing designer. I myself have been thinking about the idea of designing my own patterns for fabric. That's another post in itself, we will have to see what the future brings. Back to this beautiful fabric. The collection I ordered is called "Darla". It just makes me think of days of Spring~fresh, young and new.

Some of my new fabric's from "Darla"...  

Spring...are you coming soon?!

If you would like to know more about Tanya Whelan and see her wonderful blog just click at this link http://grandrevivaldesign.typepad.com It just might make you fall in love with fabric too!