April 13, 2009

My Chandelier Transformation...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I know that my family did! Lots of ham, eggs and chocolate! The most important thing was to take time and reflect on our many blessings and be grateful for the sacrifice that our Saviour Jesus Christ has made on our behalf. I love this time of year. Spring brings about so many new things and a revived feeling to our lives!

I thought I would join in on Metamorphosis Mondays at BETWEEN THE NAPS ON THE PORCH today. Make sure to stop by and see what other great transformations are there as well!

What better time than to show you my chandelier transformation. This has been no ordinary change. I have now given this Chandelier 2 different looks, than it started out with. Being that I love so many colors and styles I am always changing things. This Chandelier started out as a "not so pretty to me" gold chandelier. I thought, "o.k. I don't love it, but it has a good form...I will change it!" Of course I used some of my spray paint magic and I now smile every time I see it! This chandelier really has been through a metamorphosis...here are it's many looks.

I didn't take an original picture before, but this is how it started it's 1st look out as...*yawn* boring....

So I changed it to this! I used a bronze/brown spray paint that had a hammered metal effect to it. Added some fabric, shade, trim and...yes...crazy, maybe...hand strung all the beads! The look was soo worth it though. I had to drill all the little holes in the metal rims for the beads to clasp onto with some wire.

I did this change about 2 years ago, and recently have decided I am definitely done with the yellow in my kitchen, dining room, living room....o.k. about everywhere! I have a very open house that blends rooms one into the next, so I had to do a color that would work with everything. I still like the yellow, just am tired of seeing it everywhere! So I am thinking of re-painting the kitchen, dining room and possibly the living room a very pale blue grey... (lost in a little dreamy thought for a moment) so, back to my chandelier. Of course if your like me that means add one project, why not add 10 more! I decided, let's add some more work and change the chandelier again!

Here is my prepping for me to spray it. I used plastic wrap and tape to keep the beads from being sprayed.

Painting this Chandelier to a lighter color took 2 cans of the matte white paint (less than $1.00 each!) from Wal-mart. Finished it with a matte clear coat.

Here's some of the "Darla" fabric I showed a peek of in my last post. I love the greens, reds and pinks! So pretty! I had some small red and white gingham ribbon and the thrift in me found these shades at Ross for only a $1.49! Normally in any store for $5.00 or more.

After lots of hot glue and a *ouch* here and there, I had such pretty shades! I made the ribbon look like it was a little skirt at the edge.

Doubled the length of some gingham fabric from Tanya Whelans collection "Darla" for the chain cover and hot glued it together too! I love it! It is so refreshing and chic. Every time I see it I just feel happy! So glad I changed it again.

Who knows how many more times this chandelier will transform. For now I love it just the way it is! Again, it doesn't have to cost a lot to give something a whole new look.

I would love for you to follow me and stay updated on new posts! For all my followers that have become my new friends, "thank you" it really does mean so much! I love hearing your comments and getting to know you as well!!

Thanks Susan from
BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH, for letting me be apart of your Metamorphosis Monday!



  1. Victoria...this is amazing! I would never have the nerve to try something like this, but you make it look so easy that I just may do it one day! I love beading and you did a beautiful job stringing and attaching it! I loved it the first time you changed it, but I love it even more the second time...beautiful! Great Met Monday post!
    :-) Susan



  3. I just love the red!!!! It is so cheerie! Very fun stuff. I feel like you ... time has flow by so quickly and i feel I neglected my blog...kind of miss everyone as well.
    Happy Monday

  4. Are you kidding me? This is awesome! I am so impressed!

  5. Love, love, love it!!!! the amazing is darling. I understand all about your "ouches." I usually sport a few of my own. LOL Thx for sharing, Barb

  6. Bravo Victoria, loved it the first time but like it even better in the reds and white.
    Way to go!
    Linda Q

  7. You are the master chandelier fixer upper! Now, that is quite the transformation. Kudos to you girl! I love the fabrics and ribbon all skirted up. Too cute! Now, I gotta go catch up on your blog, I've been a bit behind...

  8. Absolutely adorable! I love both versions...but the latest is perfect, especially for the season. Awesome!!

  9. Victoria what a beautiful change on the chandelier. It is gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  10. ~WOW~! The chandelier is beautiful Victoria!
    You did a wonderful job on it.
    I love the beading.
    You are so talented.

    I jsut found your blog and it's just wonderful. I'll be back to visit you again soon.
    You're always welcomed at mine as well.

    Have a blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  11. Yeah Victoria!
    It's so fun to make new blogs friends. I appreciate you coming by and becoming a follower very much.
    Thank you for your kind words.

    We do have much in common.
    That's neat! ~Melissa :)

  12. Hi Victoria, I'm so glad I came across you blog....wow!! I love the chandelier just beautiful!! I haven't yet got a chandelier but I'm wanting to rectify that, they are just so lovely. You have inspired me and for that I thank you :)

  13. Victoria,

    I love this. I did something very similar to my chandelier, but it didn't come out nearly as cute. I love this idea to hide the cord and match it with the shades.


  14. First of all, I'm very amazed you drilled holes in all those beads!! The light looks great! I love your blog. It's official, I'll be back. Probably daily. I'll drive you crazy:)
    Have a great day.

  15. Victoria,
    Both of these are winners, but the red is my favorite. Great transformation, your a clever gal....Cathy

  16. You are amazing! I love how you just do it! It is fantastic! Can't wait for the giveaway!!!! Super EXCITED! Love and miss ya friend! Keep the posts up....we love them!

  17. you have done a fabulous job.i have done a few myself.this is awesome...ann

  18. I LOVE THE RED/WHITE makeover. That is amazing. The first wasn't bad either but this is fun and airy feeling... very spring. WOnderful job.

  19. The red and white lighting makeover is great. I really like the beads and that great fabric. We, too, are going to paint over our yellow walls on the main floor. I have always loved blues and have decided to bring more blue into our home in fabric and accessories. Looking forward to seeing more of your transformations.

  20. it looks beautiful and turned out really lovely.
    good work.

  21. Vickie,
    Good job and Happy Easter!!!!! You are the queen of creativity.

  22. I love the new look!!! And how come I can never find such deals at Ross. Ok, I'll admit, I do find deals. I just need some shades & can never find them at such a good price as you. I guess I will keep looking. But I love the chandelier!!!!

  23. Wonderful transformations! I love the red/white combo especially. Nice job!


  24. That looks great Victoria! I love that your "transformations" don't have to cost a lot!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  25. I love your transformation, it is very pretty. I also love your fabric choices. You did such a wonderful job.

  26. Don't you just love a piece that can be made over and over again. Job well done.

  27. Sorry i haven't wrote here before. I love reading your blogs and seeing the changes you make with you home decor. I love your style and your color choices. Happy Birthday to you. Thought i would beat you to it this year. :-). Love ya always, mom.

  28. Wow! Too cute! What a great addition to your home!

  29. GORGEOUS! Both of them. Could you please do a tutorial on how you attached the beads? I LOVE the look.

  30. Seriously! That is awesome. I'm planning to change the one in my dining room too. Have to get dh to take it down, so who knows when that will happen. It is really high up! Grrr!
    Love the red, pink and green that you chose. Very shabby!

  31. Good morning Victoria :)

    I love this transformation! I've been thinking of doing this to an ugly chandelier at this house and this was just the inspiration I needed :)

    The antique store is about 20 minutes north east of Dayton. It's by the one called the Heart Of Ohio which I posted about right before it.


  32. I love the new look. I also love using red in every room. Nicely done. Debbie

  33. Hey Victoria! That chandeleier is absolutely stunning. Actually, both transformations are beautiful, but I LOVE the cottagey feel it has to it now. So shabby chic. You are amazing woman.

    I wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway on my blog. come by and check it out...it's a good one!

    Have a Great Week ~ Amanda

  34. Wow! That is all I can say...oh, and that I am SO doing this!!

  35. Hello! I'm a newbie from SITS... just passing through and I had to comment and tell you that I'm speechless at all of the work you have done with your treasure finds! You are an inspiration for craftiness. I wish I had time to dedicate to projects and make awesome stuff like these! Great job!

  36. Victoria, that is stunning!! I love the newest look! You are definitely an inspiration!! --Leslie

  37. Hi Victoria,
    Just stoppping by to say Hello.
    I hope all is going well with you.
    Have a great week.
    ~Melissa ;)

  38. Victoria- ABOSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I LOVE IT, it is an amazing gift you have!!! I love what you did and I love the price, it shows what truly can be done. take care.... and keep up with all the good hard work and BLESSED talent and skill the father has blessed you with ;)

  39. You have an awesome blog! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  40. Victoria,
    I see your chandelier transformation is a hit! Also when you get a chance please stop by my blog and look at the post "Twice As Nice" because I am giving you the Attitude of Gratitude Award! You are a favorite blogger of mine and I love your approach. ~Cathy~

  41. Victoria...I popped over here from your Tablescape page. I am so glad I did! Wow!! You did a fab job on this chandelier! It looks beautiful! Love the lamp shades! Red is one of my favorite accent colors!

  42. Looks like I came late to the "Whimsy Party" but I'm so glad I finally made it! I love your new chandelier - and I'm going to do exactly the same thing to mine...it's stainless and lacks luster, along with everything else. Thanks for the great ideas - I'll be back! Oh, I found you on Today's Creative Blog! xo, Nan

  43. Victoria, how beautiful this is. (both versions). So creative!


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