April 3, 2009

My great finds!

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones! I have been working on at least 8 different projects. As I have said before "always something creative going on in my head!" It seems I can almost finish one project and already I am thinking about the next. In all of this "creative chaos", I have also managed to find some more great finds to add to the 101 project list! I just can't seem to help myself. I do have to say at least they do eventually get finished!

In my quest as of late,I have been looking to find a dresser to replace the one I have in my master bedroom. As I was searching I came across something else that I fell in love with! As I was clicking through all the listings of furniture on Craigslist, a picture of the most divine piece of furniture popped up on my screen! I felt my mouth water and my heart swoon...I felt giddy... I had to have this exquisite...buffet?! I know, you all are thinking..."wait wasn't she just searching for a dresser?" This is a great question. How did I go from dresser to buffet? Well that is the funny thing about Craigslist, you just never know what your going to find. The price on this beautiful antique buffet was a "GREAT" price! I just now needed to convince Mr. Wonderful that I...aahem...(excuse me) WE needed to have this gorgeous, antique buffet in our dining room. So I called him and what a great husband I have, the only question he ever asks is "how much is it?" My answer is always "the right price and it will work in our budget". Feels great to know he trust's my instincts on what works and how I design our home. I truly feel blessed!

So, back to my buffet. It is beautiful...distressed, curvy details, and the original hardware. I love it! The only thing I am contemplating is changing the color to be a little more white, it now is more of a beige white and with my (so over it!) yellow walls (this is a whole other post, be forewarned) and white furniture I think it needs to be lighter and still be distressed. I love that the paint is so old, cracking and peeling...love distress! With all the boys I have in this house, distress is good! It keeps me from being stressed and I don't have to worry about it having a nick, dent or chip on it.


I have to say that buying this buffet has truly been a blessing! I have also made a new friend in finding this. Her name is Cathi and we have a lot in common. Not only did I buy the buffet, but she gave me an even greater discount on it. So generous. She wanted to say "thank you" to my husband for serving our country in the Air Force and me for being the support behind him in our home. This moved my husband and I, you could see how important this was to her and her husband. Thank you Cathi. She also gave me an old stand and a very cute metal flower basket for the wall. In a future post you will hear more on this new friend and her amazing husbands creations with woodworking. Wow, little did I know that finding this beautiful buffet would also lead me to a great new friend! God does bless us with new friendships at certain times of our lives, how grateful I am.

The sweet hanging wall basket and some (real) 
pink baby roses I bought for a great price at Trader Joes. 

Here is the cute stand she gave me.

Some new paint, remove the decoupage and add some rope 
molding where there is metal molding. Should be even cuter!

Here are some of the other good deals I found.

Love this shelf! I am thinking painting it more of a cream white than this soft yellow. Found this at Ross. The adorable bunnies were a find at Michaels on sale.

Sequined glass bunny was 40% off, I paid only $5.99!

Sweet moss bunnies. They were only $2.39 each!

Whimsy and fun 12x12 scrapbook paper 4 for a $1 at Michaels!
 Normally $.59 each, another great find!

Little birdies I bought for only $1.19 each.

The sale at Michaels is still on...run quick before it is all sold! I can't wait to show more on my makeovers on the stand and shelf. I love to hear your comments, so please feel free to leave your thoughts! I have many more ideas and new handbag/purse designs coming up, make sure to follow so you don't miss out! My Etsy boutique will hopefully be opening in the next month. I thought I would give a little taste of coming up Whimsy posts. Have a great weekend!

Creating something with my favorite Tanya Whelan fabrics "Darla", Using scrapbook paper as a background, and having fun with some numbers and more "Darla" fabric.




  2. You weren't joking! Those are great deals! That buffet is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Hi Victoria,
    It is a thrill seeing someone new following my blog, because it creates the opportunity to make a friend! This morning I am actually happy the thud of the newspaper woke me up as it hit my front door. I have had a lot of fun going through your site (at this early hour) discovering the clever projects you have been working on. I was particularly impressed with your first attempt at a real upholstery job on the “candy cane chair” it looks professionally done. The welt is straight, the stripes crisp and fabric taunt, it is an impressive job. That chair has graceful lines which were lost in the denim.
    I frequently scan Craig’s list and still kick myself for not jumping on a French loveseat with a beautiful carved frame. I know my pocketbook is better for letting it pass, but it haunts me!
    I wish you and your sweet family the best and hope your husband is safe, while he is protecting our country. I was living on the Persian Gulf in Dubai on 9/11 so truly understand and appreciate what important work he is doing. I look forward to getting to know you better; it would be so great if we lived close. I think we could have so much fun and have always been a DIY gal at heart. I look forward to following your blog and will add you to my blog friends list. Take care with all my best. ~Cathy~

  4. I love love love the buffet...I have one similiar but now that detailed. I painted mine dill pickle green with florals. I will have to take a picture of it. I have never been on craigs list...now you guys have me really interested. There are so many more pieces that I would love.
    Glad you are making new friends...this life is a great one! Blessings are around every corner.
    Keep well

  5. I love the buffet! What a lucky find! Craigslist is the best! In fact, I just sold my last crib and mattress on it today!

  6. I love your Blog Victoria! It's amazing to see what beautiful things you come up with and design! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. love the buffet....and how wonderful that you got a friend in the process. that's a great deal!
    can't wait to see the little stand complete.
    like the moss bunnies a bunch

  8. Victoria,
    I grew up in Littleton, Co. and consider it home base. I currently live in Rochester, MI. If you can believe this we are actually expecting 9"-11” of snow tonight! You will love Colorado Springs it is a wonderful town. One of my dearest friends (also named Victoria) lives there! It has a good vibe, friendly people and lots to see and do. It has a special unique charm, like none other. It is a great place for kids, many activates and quality schools. I used to work for Lego Systems and serviced the military BX’s. The Air Force Academy, Peterson and Fort Carson. I predict it is going to be a great adventure for you and your family. You being artistic will really appreciate the area and have fun discovering it. Well if I can’t be there at least I will be able to live vicariously through you! Have a good night; I have an early call with my client in the AM and I am a little tired, since that dang paperboy woke me up early! Take care.

  9. I love, love, love the buffet! You are one talented friend!

  10. Victoria,

    Good shopping!

    I just wanted to thank you for the honor of having my egg button on your blog. Thank you!

  11. Hi Victoria, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your blog too.. WOW we do like the same things. I added your blog to my blog roll. So I will be checking back soon!

  12. oh, i do love that petit buffet.
    i lived in Castle Rock, 30 minutes from Co. Springs, and miss is terribly.
    you will love, love colorado.

  13. Thank you for stopping by to see me! Oh, I just love your new goodies, esp. that buffet and small little table. I don't even mind the toile on it. all of your pieces are beautiful.

  14. Victoria: You did gooooooood on your shopping trip!! Love the buffet! Love it! Can't wait to see what you do to the rest with all of your special touches! I do not think that you make any missteps at all! Your stuff is WONDERFUL!! I love looking at it and getting ideas from you! Just stay away from BLACK SIDELIGHTS!!!! lol

    Have a great week girlfriend!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. Oh, the buffet is beautiful! Gotta love craigslist...such awesome deals. All this talk of Ross and the Dollar Tree is making me want to pack up the girls and head to town. I need a bit of (cheap) retail therapy, and those are two of my favorite places for that...and of course Target, can't forget Target.

    BTW, thanks for your sweet comment. It is so neat to connect with women around the world who have so much in common. Too bad we couldn't be real life neighbors...we'd have so much fun!

    {Hugs} ~ Amanda

  16. You have discovered some great finds! I just came across your blog and am very impressed. I'll be following!

  17. Ok, first things first...the buffet is beautiful and so you!

    Secondly.....What do you mean you are so over the yellow???? You can't be..you made me fall in love with that yellow!!! I'm quickly plunging into a downward spiral that I don't know how to get out of!! Please say it ain't so!!!!

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Your ideas are great of course. I actually have a little spray paint project planned for this weekend thanks to you!

    Talk with you soon!


  18. Hey friend! I love the new post on your blog. I also love the new buffet. Do not change a thing it's like a match made in heaven. It's so you! I like the freebees too! Your doing a great job! Love Ya! Erin

  19. I love your finds. Your buffet is gorgeous and to make a new friend along the way. That was the real find!

  20. Wow...8 project!!! ~You're amazing~ Love that buffet you purchased.

  21. What great finds! And they are lovely! Gorgeous!

  22. Your comments mean so much to me!! Thank you for all the sweet and nice words!! I look forward to showing what I have done with all these great finds!!

    Hugs to you!

  23. Victoria,
    I just put in a friend request to you on Bissfully Domestic. I have no idea what I am doing there yet, ha, ha! Have a good one. ~Cathy~

  24. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Great job you are doing. Even though I am in Canada tell your husband we appreciate his service as well.

  25. Hi Victoria :)

    Your finds are fantastic! I think we do have very similar taste :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment and please thank your husband for his service.

    Have a beautiful Easter :)

  26. Hi Victoria,
    It is always great to get a note from you on my posts. I hope your week is off to a great start. I am bound and determined to get some painting done around here. If I can prey myself away from my computer long enough! Take care…~Cathy


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