January 20, 2009

101 Projects...

In starting this blog I am hoping to accomplish many things. One of those things being a way to release ideas that are constantly at the back of my head. I have always heard the best way to get something off of your mind is to write it down or make a list. I guess I am hoping this might be that same therapy.

It always seems there are unfinished project's that keep coming back to nag at me. I really am a person that functions on order and organization. When I can see that the house is a mess, or I cannot see the top of my desk, I literally start falling apart. I strive to work hard and maintain (as much as you can with 5 kids) order! I have always been this way since I can remember. There is a flair I have that really sum's it up for me: "I have CDO-it's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order...like they should be." I really can relate to this. I have accepted it, I just need everyone else to. :)

So as I was saying earlier, there are always unfinished projects...or even for that matter, projects at the start,only still in my head. So my hope is for the New Year, I can finish at least 100 of the 101 projects that need to get done. O.k. maybe 101 is exaggerating a little, but I am pretty sure that there are at least 50. As I stop to reflect why I have that many projects, I know the reality is I would not be happy if there was not a project to do. I create this unnecessary stress for myself, but I also thrive on it. I now can list for you some of the reasons that these projects are not done.

1. Time
2. Energy
3. Kids (did I mention I have 4 boys that can move at the speed of lightning!)
4. Life...I guess that speaks for itself and probably one everyone can relate to.

So even as I type this,*sigh*...I will share a project that I am embarrassed to type being that today is January 20th and Christmas was December 25th. Almost a month ago and I still have my tree and my house all adorned in Christmas decorations! I think this is the longest I have ever had all of it up. I don't know if it is the procrastinator coming out, or I just haven't let it be a priority. Goal today, take down and put away anything that sparkles, smells like evergreen or resembles a pine cone. With having that done I can breathe a little sigh of relief and I will cross 1 of the 101 projects off my list. That now leaves a 100.

Down comes my birds and feathers tree...

And all the beautiful ornaments...

Will be excited to see it all come back next Christmas!

Breathing a sigh of relief...

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