March 23, 2009

Spray paint magic!

I saw Sarah@Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a party! A spray paint party!! I love to spray paint, I am ready!! So I thought this would be a great time to share with all of you a couple of things I have been spray painting the last couple of days. We have had some nice weather and sunshine, and in the Spring that always makes me happy to start painting!

The great thing about spray paint is if you want to change something quick and inexpensive it is the way to go! For a dollar you can pick up most basic colors at Wal-mart. I like to use some of the dollar cans for primers under more pricey spray paint on my projects as well.

So as you all know I am all about a great find at the right price. I found some things that I knew I would "love" with a little help from some paint.

Here is a great wrought iron birdcage from Hobby Lobby, 50% off! I thought the color was a little darker than I wanted, but I wasn't worried, I knew in no time it would become the color...

I wanted! A soft sky blue...

My cute dollar store birdie is peeking out...

I love the way it turned out!

I found two of these cloche's and stands at Ross. They were missing the screw that attached them together. Remember my post on Decorating on a budget? "You bet I asked if they would give me a % off" for not having all the pieces. No extra 25%!! They normally were $20 a piece, I bought them for $7.50 each! I was happy as a clam! They too were a dark brown and I really wanted them to be lighter, so I painted them and heated up my trusty,overworked glue gun and from this...

to this!!

Aren't they so sweet?! I love the distressed look on them, like they have been around for ages!

Did you all notice my cute little birdies? As I said earlier I bought these at the dollar store. The only thing is when I bought them they weren't so "cute". They were quite ugly! I was so grateful that I could look past all that though, thanks to Kimba at A Soft Place to Land! After seeing her great post on spray painting "not so pretty" things, I knew I could give these guys a great home. I wish I could show you the before, but in my excitement and hurry to see them have a makeover, I forgot to get their before shot! I think these guys are just adorable now!

I love that in blog land everyone gets to share their great ideas! Such inspiration's from so many creative women! See, it truly is spray paint magic! I hope you are now inspired too to run to Wal-mart pick up a can of spray paint and see where your creativity will take you! Can't wait to show you more at the next Spray Paint party!! Thanks Sarah@Thrifty Decor Chick for letting me party with you!!


  1. That blue bird house is adorable! And what a deal on those cloches! They turned out great.

  2. HI,
    Everything looks great. The blue birdcage is my favorite though. It is amazing what a little paint can do.

  3. Love the birdcage! I would have just walked by it in the store....but now I will start to see things in a new way! Love your site friend!

  4. I love it! Your birdcage looks beautiful in blue and you know I love those birdies!


  5. Love spray paint...I have even changed light fixtures. I plan on doing it for my neighbor this summer...
    Looks like your ready for spring! Beautiful!

  6. Oh, both are beautiful! That blue is GORG!! Great transformations!

  7. I love the bird cage! Great job. You are so talented, my friend!

  8. Hey there! This is the first time I have checked out your blog- So cute! I am so excited to look at the rest of it. I love what you did with the spray paint. I love the idea of making things "better". I just never seem to get anything done beyond my day to day life. Good for you for accomplishing so much.

  9. I love the bird cage :) The color is WAY cute!

  10. Hi Victoria,,, I love what you have created with the magic of spray paint! I love what you did with your bird cage and you would never have known those sweet little birdies were ever anything but cute!
    hugs, gail

  11. that turned out just wonderful. so pretty.

  12. Thank you all for such nice comments! It means so much to hear your thoughts!


  13. Love your projects! They turned out great!

  14. Great job!! so cute!! I hope you have a great night!! hugs!! Britt :-)


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