March 15, 2009

Whimsy Spotlight...

I wanted to Spotlight a friend of mine and a very talented and amazing photographer, Cindi Renee. Her ability to capture the simplicity of moments is wonderful! I have fell in love with some of her flower still shots. Here a few of my favorite pictures and one's I will be buying for myself...

The turquoise blue is so breathtaking behind the pink rose's.

Look how the colors blend one into the next...

Oh, I love the highlight and crispness of the one rose and the fading of the others.

I think these will be beautiful in my new master bedroom makeover.

You can check out her blog at Cindi Renee and her flickr page to see more of her beautiful work. 

Here are a couple more amazing photos...

The vibrancy of color is gorgeous!

The tiny droplet's of the attention to detail!

So much more to look at! Let her capture your perfect family moment
 or see if there is something you fall in love with and want hanging in your home as well.

Thank you Cindi for letting me spotlight you and share your amazing photos.


  1. I can't wait to see our room completed. I know you will probably wait until we move, but it will give me something to look forward to. Seeing Cindi's photos makes me want to get back into photography. May be you ought to show case some of my pictures. You're doing a great job on your blog, keep up the great work and I hope you inspire all who read it.


  2. Those are beuatiful pics Vicki!!! I think those ideas/colors/pics will look great with what you are planning on doing in your master bedroom!!! I love it!! Good job and good choice!!


  3. OMG!! I love the pretty and bright!

  4. I WISH I could take pictures that amazing. It's especially helpful that they're of beautiful flowers! How nice of you to feature her!

  5. They are
    Beautiful...just make you smile.
    Thanks for sharing ... Hope you have a great day.
    Janet's hoping that I don't encounter any animals in my garbage this spring :)

  6. Love all your photos and what you do. I'm having fun reading your blog and getting to know you.

  7. Thank you all for such nice comments! I am so glad you all have enjoyed this post and I am thankful again for Cindi to let me spotlight her! I can't wait to see more of her amazing photos!




  9. Very beautiful! Hope you are doing well my friend.I shared your business with some of the other wives the other day here at SOS. They all liked the Erin bag =).


  10. Wow...I'm looking at all of your stuff and I'm definitely going to follow. I think you and I have a lot in common!



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