June 10, 2009

My Plate Addiction!

I thought it would be great to join Barb at Grits and Glamour for this weeks "What's on your Wall Wednesday". She is such a great host and I love visiting her blog! Stop on by and see what other blogs have on their walls too!

If you are like most women, you might have a love of shoes. I am not one of them. I know...hard to believe. I wish I could be in love with shoes. I just wasn't one of the lucky one's born with those oh-so-pretty, tiny Cinderella feet. No, I was passed down the genes of the not-so-pretty,evil step-sister feet. Not a subject I love sharing, but have accepted. Always has been a struggle for me to go shoe shopping. I would love to drool over all those really cute shoes out there, but what good is it going to do? I don't get to wear them...I just get to look and wish. My daughter however did get lucky and ended up with the oh-so-pretty Cinderella feet, so... I vicariously live through her.

Anyways your wondering how did we go from plate addiction to shoes? Well just as a woman can never have too many shoes, I can never have too many plates!

It would be nice for Mr. Wonderful to have this same perspective too. He tries to tell me we are running out of room and we can't possibly have a place for One-More-Plate. I disagree. I can always find a place for 1, 3or 6 more. There is always a place...somewhere. Now, I am not talking about just any kind of plates, but plates that call out to you. They are detailed, beautiful and good enough to...put on your walls! You know, not just the plates to eat on, but the kind you want to look at too, because they are that...Beautiful. Like these that I posted about here...

Ohhhh...I love the flower pattern on these plates!

My house has lots of arches above the doorways, so what better way to define the arch than with beautiful plates. Here is just a sample of my collection. Again, proud to be a plate addict.

Loved the intricate design on these cream plates. I buy most of my plates on sale. I very rarely will pay full price for anything, just as I talked about in my post on "Decorating on a Budget". Ross is one of my favorite stores for buying plates. I can get them for only a couple of dollars each or sometimes even $.25 or $.50!

Two great finds from Lenox!

I fell in love with this plate for the fun colors,

whimsy picture and what it says.

These are from Nikko Woodbury collection and

I bought each of them for $.99!

A pretty cream plate with a fruit design.

I bought these lovely blue plates, came in a set of four

at Ross for only $2.50!

Here is also my beautiful chandelier I posted on.

Love these together!

I love how Whimsical the patterns are on these plates !

These are from Onieda, The "Rose Impression" collection.

Again, found them at Ross.

"Return with Honor" is a motto for

our family to live by.

Love both of these!

The lemon plate is from "Bella Casa" collection

by Ganz and designed by Valerio.

This plate belongs to a set of 4 and would cost about $30 to replace one.

I only paid $3.50!

This simple and pretty plate is 1 of 4 sitting in a drawer

waiting for it's debut on one of my walls.

I love how these look together!

Love this pattern and the cobalt blue color!

These were so cute and called my name too!
They are "Bordello" in a cabbage pattern.

Of course...bought them at Ross.

I had to have these pretty plates and the rack.

Still one of my favorite sets!

Thank you all for visiting with me and letting me share with you a little of my collection. It makes me want to go out and buy some more! As I always say, "You can never have too many plates!"

Is that Ross calling my name?

Off to do some shopping! ;)



  1. You know about my plate addiction!! LOVE THEM! Love ya friend! Your house is amazing!

  2. I love all of your plates......they look pretty on the walls. I need to hang a few more of mine!


  3. I just love your use of plates around your home. I really want to start putting some plate up in my own home but havent had the courage to do so. You have inspired me. Im going to Ross today....Thanks

  4. I am just wondering. When unexpected company drops by at dinner time do you make them hunt down their own plate from the walls? That would be funny. C'mon in, no you're not here at a bad time, grab a plate from the hallway and sit down.

  5. I admit to having a plate addiction too but unfortunately have a shoe addiction as well. Loved, loved, loved all your beautiful plates and how you have displayed them. Gave me some new ideas. Enjoyed your WOYWW post.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  6. What a pretty blog really like the flowers coming down and the soft pink background! I adore all your plates and how you have them displayed, however, the Bordello collection is my favorite! I also like the blue and white! I'm a girly girl that has gone western! That is, I work with horses now but used do interior design. I do have a love for shoes but I have Cinderella's "little sista's" feet....can't find shoes easily...the other end of the spectrum is just as bad! Your daughter is adorable, did you make her dress, pretty too! Glad I found you....I'll be back!

  7. SO sweet!
    Your daughter looked beautiful in her outfit!!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  8. Holy schmoley! You really do have a lot of plates. They are all so fun and beautiful! I had no idea you loved plates so much. This was a fun post to read


  9. The last set of plates in the leaf rack is my fav too! That is very cute!

  10. I loved seeing your home! That chandelier is gorgeous. :) I love that you can find affordable plates!!

  11. Hi Victoria,
    Love all your pretty hanging plates! I am wild about plates too, it has become one of my fun little harmless obsessions.

  12. I know those are only about half of your collection (you didn't show the ones IN your cabinets!)LOL I hope you are having a great day and I agree your home is beautiful!

  13. You could be me!!! I have huge feet & don't really like shoes either. And I love, love, love dishes. You can never have too many dishes (except I just told my hubby no to buying another set of Christmas dishes at the thrift store. What was I thinking?) I really love all your cream/white ones. I have never seen the Bordallo cabbage plates in white. My Ross only had the green ones. I want some white ones now! I love Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Home Goods for buying dishes. And we can't forget thrift stores. I feel Ross calling my name as well. Gotta go!!!

  14. Love your plates...I've become a plate junkie too!

  15. I really like the blue and white plates, so fresh looking. My favourite colour combination, hence my blog name.

  16. Hi Victoria!
    So glad you found me so I could come and find you!! You have a great blog and I love plates too. You can never have too many.

  17. What cute plates Victoria! I love those blue ones. So pretty!


  18. Love your site...I have a little gift for you at my site.

  19. What a fun way to decorate! You do have a lot of arches in your home! Beautiful!

  20. I would say plates are it for you :)
    The house is just lovely...

  21. Those are some gorgeous plates! And of course I had to check out your chandelier post. So awesome! I love how you have transformed it 2 times. Beautiful!

  22. I'd say that's a very good addiction!! :O)

  23. love your white and blue plates A LOT!!!
    and the all white ones...and what a great way to display them all.
    have a wonderful day


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