April 7, 2010

Farmtable Island Reveal...

Change can come quickly...especially when you have 5 children and at any given moment...they can be sick.

Monday I woke to first Drama Queen telling me her stomach was hurting and she felt nauseous.  This is about 6 a.m. and I am still somewhat incoherent (I am so not a morning person) so, I tell her "give me the phone and I will call the school".  Back to sleep for at least 15 more minutes before I feel another tapping and The Artist standing by my bedside saying "mom, my stomach hurts"...wow, now 2 kids that are sick...another phone call.  Now awake and ready to get the other 2 kids up...Mister Inquisitive at least was feeling fine and ready to go to school.  Li'l Bug...
not so much, his stomach hurt too! Great...this is how we are starting our week.

Why am I telling you all this... it
will do some explaining that I had every intention of having my post up and ready for Tuesday morning, only to have that not happen.  It seemed like I had one obstacle after another Monday and Tuesday.

I finally did get the time to put the post together and I am ready to show you what Mr. Wonderful and I have been working so hard on.

It turned out better than I could have wanted and we love it!!  Another project done and moving on to the next. You will see in a few of the photos remodeling and some boxes still not unpacked in the background, but we are getting closer to having the kitchen done and I am
so ready!!

O.k. without any more waiting, here is my farmtable island reveal...

This wood is so beautiful... mahogany with a chestnut stain.

*Click to enlarge for a closer look*
I now know I will be getting a wide angle lens for Izzy...
it was hard to get a full picture like I wanted to. 

I have hooks for hand towels...thinking some
 red and white ones would look pretty.

It was really hard for Mr. Wonderful not to make this table perfect...
I told him I wanted the knots left in and for it to look old and imperfect. 
 This knot in the wood reminded me of a heart...I love it!

I found this vintage scale at an antique mall a couple 
of weeks ago...love how it looks in the kitchen!

I wanted the length to be longer on one side so
 we could at least have one bar stool underneath it.

Another close up from the side end...

What's a farmtable island without apples...
I had so much fun getting photos with all the contrast of color.

A close up of the drawer with it's vintage glass handle...

Another vintage find...an egg beater.

I am so in love with the color and look of this wood...

Couldn't get enough of the pretty pictures of the apples...

This island turned out great for our kitchen!  It is just the right size being our kitchen is not huge.  I painted the bottom in a satin cotton paint, glazed it with mocha glaze and then distressed it with my little mouser sander.  I can't wait to start using this work space and using the space underneath for storage.  We just hung the pot rack I found on sale (50% off...marked down to $45 from $90) above it tonight and it made me so happy to see it all coming together!  I will be working on finishing painting the bottom cabinets and Mr. Wonderful will be routing some of the cabinet doors for us to put glass in them.  Still have to add trim to the tops and bottom of the cabinets and all the molding for the floor...hopefully I will have much more to show in the next coming week. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing this.  I love that it is custom designed for our kitchen.  Here again is the kitchen island before...

Nothing wrong with it...just no character. 

Again...loving this!!

I am linking this post to Kimbas DIY Day...she always has such great linky parties!! So many amazing DIY projects to see...make sure to visit!

See you back here in a couple of days...or sooner!



  1. Your farmtable looks beautiful!!! I love it!!!

  2. It's perfect! I too love the heart shaped knot in the wood. Great job!

  3. Love your farmtable island!! You and your Mr. Wonderful are very talented! Great Job!

  4. Oh WOW!! This is sooooo gorgeous, girl!! I just am in LOVE with it! =-D I love that you guys left some of the imperfections. It really does add to the charm and character of it. I also love the vintage finds you've added here...and the towel hooks on the side. It's all entirely beautiful! Great work!!! =-D

  5. He did an amazing job!!! It looks incredible. Don't you just adore those handy guys??

  6. turned out just lovely! all the little touches are darling!! hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  7. It turned out so lovely. And I love the bright, cheery apples! :)

  8. Victoria!!!!
    Your farmtable island is PERFECTION!
    Love the little knobby HEART! What a sweet blessing!
    Everything about it just turned out lovely!
    Adore the turquoise stool!
    You have a wonderful Mr Wonderful to help you create such a beautiful piece that you will use FOREVER!
    Hope your little ones feel all better soon!

  9. Beautiful!!
    Hope your family is all feeling better soon!!

  10. Wow, that turned out just beautiful! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope the family starts feeling better soon!
    Take care-

  11. Victoria - It is gorgeous. Your husband did a wonderful job. So lucky. I love the heart shaped knot. Perfect for a loving family.

  12. Creative and pretty! I have a smallish kitchen too that an actual kitchen designer would say is too small for an island. We added one anyway and couldn't live without it now. Great job. Enjoy it!

  13. Wonderful table, V! Hope the kiddos are all better! Those were the days... five little ones, a menagerie of animals, husband gone for every crisis... such memories!

  14. Visiting from Linda's Restyled Home...what a lovely job you and your husband did on your kitchen. Just love the island that he built and the way you've decorated. So very pretty!

  15. Oh wow Victoria,
    That was definatly worth waiting for. Big pat on the back to your dear husband.
    Now, will he take orders? lol
    I hope your kidilids are feeling better!

  16. Oh, Victoria! How absolutely beautiful!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your kids' sick tummies. . . no fun when even ONE child is sick, let alone more than one! But I'm glad you were finally able to get this post up. Your island is gorgeous, and I know you'll love it in your kitchen. Congratulations on a job well done!

  17. Loving your new farmtable island! It's so pretty!! :) You and your Guy did an amazing job! And that heart-shaped knot is so sweet too!

  18. I just found you via Restyled Home:) What a beautiful blog! I just love that old scale. I recently got one for my kitchen and it's one of my favorite pieces! Your island is so cool! Your so lucky to have such a talented hubby!

  19. Love it! It turned out just beautiful~ good job!

  20. Oh my goodness it's just fantastic!!! Love the dark stain.... it's the exact color i would love to stain my kitchen table... it's yummy!!! and not to leave out how much i love the accessories you added.... charming!!!
    Hope your kiddos tummy's are feeling better,
    can't wait to see the next project,

  21. Victoria,
    Wow this turn out wonderful! When you removed your old island did you have to repair the floor? Just curious.
    Hugs, Cathy

  22. Oh so pretty Victoria!!! I love everything about it. The colors are beautiful. I love the white with the dark wood and that turquoise stool is so adorable. Beautiful Island!!!


  23. That looks awesome. IKEA has some white flour sack cloths with a red ticking stripe for like 50 or 75 cents each! I'd go swipe some up if I were you. :) Hey - thanks for commenting on my tute over at Tatertots today!

  24. just popped over from linda's. your home is amazing & inspiring!


  25. Victoria, it's so lovely. I love the little heart knot too. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

    Take Care, Carrie

  26. hello again!

    may i please ask where the pretty valance or fabric for it is from. i am re-doing my bedroom and something just like this would be perfect. i am getting very into the cabbages & roses look and just love your kitchen re-do.

    thanks so much,

  27. What a beautiful table, I am currently on the hunt for a pretty dining table that I can apply a similar effect to. I just love it@

  28. You've done such a great job, it's gorgeous! Loving that simple touch of aqua. Actually, I love it all, I could move right in!

  29. Girl that is gorgeous!!! Your hubby did a great job, I love the white and wood combination and of course the cute scale and punch of red with the apples!! hooray for finished products, hope the babes are feeling better!

  30. It turned out fabulous! The apples add a nice touch.

  31. He! I call my husband Mr. Wonderful too! I did a double take.

    I love your island! Did you & the Mr. build it as well as finish it?

  32. Wow, now I see why people love your blog! What a cool farmtable. I like your choice of colors. Very unique. Thanks for your lovely compliments to me as well. It will be fun to check in on your ideas here.

  33. You go girl!!! I love it and praying those babies are feeling better soon. Have a great weekend my friend!

  34. hello
    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog I love the layout on your blog even though I am not a pink lover ;)

  35. I love it! I have that same stool (need to paint mine and will copy your number on top) and use it at the end of my island in the kitchen too.
    Great job and love your pictures.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  36. Your farmtable island is a beauty. And so soooo handy to store and hang up and put in.... Enjoy it!

    Have a happy day, Victoria. xo

  37. Victoria....that is so absolutely beautiful! What an amazing job your hunny did. I am sure it will become a family heirloom. Love, love, love everything about it!


  38. What a wonderful little table. Love the little stool. We have some like them! Have a Blessed Week. :) jearls

  39. I am a little frustrated, but here is yet another attempt to comment on your blog. Not sure why it won't let me, you are not the only one though, there are others that will not allow me to, some do, some don't.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your island! So much cuter than I was picturing in my head..... then again.... we both know I am not the visionary! So cute, usable, and YOU! Miss ya! camille

  40. OH. my. goodness. Can I pleeeease borrow your husband? That is beautiful! I'm putting this on my FB page!


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