April 13, 2010

Some Thank You's...

Thank You!!!

Some virtual flowers to all my
 friends and a Thank You!!!

Today is a post all about saying "Thank You"!! I felt a lot of bloggy love last week and it meant so much to me.

I was featured on my kitchen makeover at Linda's...her blog Restyled Home is one of my favorites and her style is an inspiration to me...This was a complete honor!

You could say we are kindred spirits...the love of the same kind of "pretty" as Linda would say.

I even had to laugh when I realized how close the color I created was (Whimsy French Blue) very similar to what is on her blog header...we are very much a like!

Then the Farmtable Island Mr. Wonderful and I worked so hard on was featured on Friday Favorites at another blog I love...Jen@Tatertots and Jello...she is so crafty and talented! Jen's fun sense of style...it's definitely whimsy!! I again am very honored!

This little blog of mine also received a Beautiful Blogger award from Carrie@ {the vintage wren}...

She has an amazing blog...full of beautiful pictures...such a great photographer and she is very talented! Carrie knits and sells her beautiful creations in one of her Etsy boutiques, LILY & LULU...something I long to learn. She also has another Etsy, The Vintage Wren full of vintage finds...you must stop by and see! 

I am grateful to all of you and the love you have given me! It really added sunshine to my days and made me very happy!! :)

I also wanted to give a warm welcome to many new readers and followers!! I hope you will enjoy this journey I am on and love that you have came along with me. Looking forward to getting to know you!!

I am working away on many things here...some new designs for my soon to open Etsy boutique and a little giveaway I will be doing...more on that next week. Finishing up more details in the kitchen...hoping to be able to show the reveal next week sometime as well.  

I have a very amazing Whimsy Spotlight tomorrow!!! You don't want to miss it and she is doing a great giveaway!  Stop by and visit me!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday...thank you too for all your sweet comments on my Happy Monday post...you all are so wonderful and I am grateful to call you friends!

Hugs friends,


  1. How exciting and so very deserved to be featured. Your home is so lovely!!! Happy Day to yOU,

  2. Isn't this blogging world wonderful! I am so glad that I have gotten to know you through it! You are the sweetest, most talented, sweetest girl!


  3. Gorgeous blog! Congrats on being featured.

  4. That is so awesome that you've been featured on all of these fab blogs! I love it! You have a great blog here and it deserves to be shown around!


  5. You're amazing! Congrats on being featured on the blogs and for the award!

  6. That is so neat you've been featured...you deserve it!!


  7. Awwe, how sweet of you. I just love coming over to your blog, I haven't been able to visit often enough because I have been so busy with my spring organizing etc.. I hope to soon be able to spend more time reading and visiting. I can't wait to see your etsy shop, how exciting. Any sneak peeks?

    Hugs, Carrie

  8. Oh yes!!! I saw it, your kitchen is a fantastic one, I especially love the shelves!!! Deserved to be featured... Hugs, Zaira


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