December 31, 2009

Eye Candy...

Ready for a New Year? 

Hard to believe how fast 2009 went by. My blog anniversary is coming up and I have been planning something special for a giveaway for my Whimsy followers...excited to show you all how much you mean to me! Little did I realize the moment I created my blog and typed my first post how much my life would change. Blogging has added many new friends, creative ideas, humor, inspiration and even tears to my everyday...I feel so blessed to have this be a part of my life.

Speaking of life...I feel as if the last 3 months flew by without me noticing. I knew moving would be hard enough...but maybe I was a little naive to not realize that remodeling would completely take over our lives! Yes...take over!

We have gone non-stop since we have moved and so much has changed, yet there is still a long way to go on what needs to be done. Every time we finish one more project, I breathe a little *sigh* of relief. I know we are that much closer to it becoming the home we envisioned.

As all of my favorite holidays came and went...I said to myself and my family, "Next year we will get enjoy our home...this will all be worth it". I didn't however, want to take away from the moment we had we made the best of our situation.

We did take the kids trick or treating, even though we didn't pass out candy. Thanksgiving was celebrated eating out and then going to the movies...we were just thankful that we all were together. We did put up a tree...even if it was already decorated and very small. We rejoiced in the real meaning of  Christmas...the birth of Christ and what the Holidays are all another and the happiness our family has together. Even though our home was not complete...our family was and that is really all that mattered.

Not saying that I won't enjoy decorating, baking and doing all the things I love to do for my favorite time of the year...but this year will definitely be embedded in all our memories and something my family will cherish. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

So...I have a little eye candy to share today. As the ceilings have been scraped, re-textured and favorite part has been adding the jewelry to the house. The lights! There is something about seeing that detail that just makes me happy every time a new light goes up. Mesmerized by the sparkle of the crystal, the way the light pattern dances on the walls and ceiling...just beautiful! 

Here is some eye candy...

This chandelier hangs over the dining room table...
I have wanted one like this for a very long time! 
Reminds me of a bouquet of flowers. 

Crystal flower up close...

  Added a decorative medallion.

Love it even more with some mocha glaze!

Made a burlap cord's all in the details!

This one greets my guests at the front door.

A sparkly pendant light that
hangs above the staircase landing.

My light of hospitality in the living room...

Vintage look in the powder room.

Still lot's more eye candy to come!  Lighting really does make a room come together and is the jewelry to your home.  You can see some of my soft blue paint against these beautiful how airy and serene it makes our house feel. 

Thought I would share our Christmas tree for this year.  I decorated this little tree last  year and call it my "birds and feather" tree. 



Here is a little update on our sweet baby kitty "Felicity".  She is growing up fast and is very playful. Don't let her cute looks fool you...she likes to get into everything!  

Who me...trouble?

I'm soo cute!

Felicity enjoying rolling on our new floors!

Lilah has not taken too well to a playful kitten...however, Felicity doesn't seem to mind to torment Lilah every chance she gets! Hide and seek, catching a switch of her tail, a pounce here and there....see how excited Lilah looks about it.


Happy New Year to you all!!  May it be a great new year filled with happiness, health and love.  I of course will be making some new year resolutions...the top of my list...going to the gym faithfully! Maybe once and for all I will be done with that baby weight from (5 years) ago. ;)

Hugs and love,


  1. Oh how happy I am to see a post from you my friend!!!

    The lighting you have chosen is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful new home!!!

    May the New Year be happy, healthy, and prosperous for you and your family!!! Big hugs!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! It has been a busy month, I DO AGREE!!

    Happy New Year.

  3. So good to hear from you! I agree with you on the lighting! Yours is beautiful and the detail really adds alot! Glad you were able to enjoy being with your family over the holidays! Good luck with all your projects!

  4. Gorgeous lights! Good luck with your continued remodeling. Wishing you a beautiful 2010!

  5. Beautiful light fixtures. :) Happy New Year, Victoria!

  6. Your lighting is gorgeous! I love it all:) What a lovely post and thanks for stopping by mine when you joined:)

  7. OH MY!!! I have been so out of the loop. You have been busy.. I love your new chandelier!! Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see all your transformations. Hugs!! Leslie

  8. That first chandelier is the exact one that I was thinking about for my master! I LOVE IT!!! well...actually I love them all!


  9. Victoria,

    Your lighting is out of this world gorgeous. That dining room fixture is amazing.

    Happy new year and will be looking forward to seeing what you do to your home.

  10. Happy New Year! :)
    What a lovely post!
    Beautiful Christmas tree!!!

    Blessings~ Jen

  11. your lights are beautiful! thanks for sharing... i'd love to replace some of the lights in our home with some beauties like these! i'll start saving my $$ now & looking for deals. : )
    thanks for stopping by my blog- i'm excited to follow yours & see more of your lovely home!
    happy monday,

  12. Happy New Year Victoria! I love love love those chandeliers. So beautiful! Makes me want to rip mine out and begin again. So pretty!


  13. love your lighting. just found your blog, jules

  14. Thank you so much for coming by my lil ol blog!!

    My how I love your lighting! The Shabby Chic fixture is wonderful and I love the corded burlap cover you made!!

    My time is flying- I wonder what this new year will bring us and if it will go as quickly as last year! I didn't get near the projects done I was hoping to!


  15. Love it! You always do such amazing things.
    I need to find my decorating groove :)
    Look forward to more from you!

  16. simply stunning, friend! congrats on the big blogiversary coming up....I need to get on the ball and update mine. Last time I posted was New Year's Eve,too! Best wishes in the new year!

  17. Beautiful Victoria!!! Your home is coming along so beautifully. Wishing you best of luck in finishing your renovations and a very happy and beautiful New Year. Am adding your link to my blog right now.

    Take care.


  18. You have the best eye candy ever!!! I would love to have some of those great fixtures in my home...beautiful!!

  19. Wow! The chandelier is just beautiful!

    Also, I want to thank you for dropping by my blog last week via TDC's "Before and After Party". I really appreciate your visit and your nice comment.

    Looking forward to checking out more of your blog.


  20. Love that eye candy! Those chandy's are gorgeous! I hope you have a great new year!!!

  21. Hi Victoria,
    I have been catching up with today and have enjoyed myslef. Your home looks so beautiful and lovely! you have been working so hard and all your hard work has paid off.
    I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and my all your dreams come true this year.
    Take care,

  22. Hello found your blog in my travels today! Very nice, I must say. Loving today's posting...eye candy indeed :)

    I just rewired a chandelier that will hang in our cottage stairwell.
    it needed a complete re-do, but I just had to take on the task...
    Who can not love a chandelier?

  23. What beautiful chandies! I adore how you glazed the medallion and the cord cover.

  24. Let there be light sister! Those are simply beautiful! Grand indeed.

  25. Stopped following your blog by mistake, now can't get your follower button to work! Sorry!

  26. Glad you were able to enjoy being with your family over the holidays! Good luck with all your projects!

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