May 5, 2009

Down Memory Lane...

Wow! Can't believe we are already into May! I am sorry I have been MIA...the days and weeks have blended one into the next. Hopefully you didn't give up on me coming back to share something with you all! :)

There are so many new things that have been going on in my life. I am getting very excited to reveal my new look for my blog...coming in my next post! Make sure to be following, I will also be doing my giveaway with that post on a very cute birdie bag designed by me. As I have been Spring cleaning, I decided to do my look for my blog as well. I have been working with Traci at Sweet Cheeky Designs and she is wonderful! If you need a new look, blog button or even a small change,she is the one to work with! Her blog is one to check out! At first I thought I was going to make only a couple of changes to my blog, but Traci has such great creative ideas, I have now had a makeover! I love it and I hope you will too!!

Speaking of creative...I was given a Kreative Blogger award! So happy! Lou Cinda at Tattered Hydrangeas was so incredibly sweet to think of me and say the nicest things. I am feeling some love!! Thank you Lou Cinda~it means so much! She is an amazing person, so creative and talented as well! Make sure to visit her blog and tell her "hi"!

    Of course there are rules in receiving this, so here are 7 other deserving blogs that are so creative as well:
    1. the wild raspberry
    2. Casa Mia
    3. ♥ Chelsea Ann
    4. Paper*Cakes
    5. Crazy about Cakes!
    6. House of Whimsy
    Here are 7 things that I love, too:
    1. I love my Heavenly Father! I feel grateful to have faith and the blessings of the Gospel in my life.
    2. My beautiful family! I love my husband, and children so very much! Extremely grateful for them!
    3. So many wonderful friends, who add so much joy to my life!
    4. The ability to use talent and create so that I can share with others.
    5. I love watching my children learn and grow and become their own unique individuals.
    6. I love to cook and entertain. Getting to see friends and family enjoy something I made with love and spend time talking and laughing with them.
    7. I love the direction my life is going. Striving for goals I have set and trying to accomplish them. 
    I decided to share in this post with you all something very close to my heart and beautiful daughter Drama Queen. She just attended her first formal dance at her school this weekend. Since she in in the mid-high, they have a dance similar to Prom called M.O.R.P. It was fun to see how excited her and her friends were about attending this. She is not old enough to date and probably never will as long as dad has something to do with it so her friends all met there together. They even had a nice sit down dinner and enjoyed being all dressed up. I wanted to show you all this amazing journey of her life from the beginning of her as a sweet baby to the transformation of the great young lady she has turned into.

    I will be here crying as I go through the photos, hope none of them will be blurred!

    So proud of her!

    The start of a beautiful life!

    Taking time to smell the roses at a year and a half.

    Pigtails and her cute red trike...the carefree days of being 2!

    Enjoying dressing up for Halloween as a Princess with her cousin as an Angel.

    Her first role in the play "Annie".

    Showing her Star quality on stage, singing in her 4th grade talent show.

    Posing pretty at 9.

    The start of 6th grade.

    Getting ready to sing on stage at a Radio Disney Competition.

    Her first starring role in the
    "Sound of Music" as Louisa!

    Growing up faster than I can blink!

    Tah Dah...Ready for the dance!

      No matter what you will always
      be my sweet baby girl!

      Thanks for going down memory lane with me.


      1. What a beautiful daughter. Why do they have to grow up so fast? She is a very talented young lady. This post has made me want to take a stroll down memory lane myself.
        What a sweet post, made me tear up a little.

      2. Sweet pictures..I remember that sweet little girl!! Love you! Kris

      3. Victoria: She is absolutely beautiful! And and actress/singer as well so she is her mother. My Seth has several friends who are very involved in theater and have drama scholarships to college. Something to think about!

        Lou Cinda :)

      4. thanks for the award! you are such a sweetie.
        that girlie of yours is adorable and sounds very the growing up pics.
        have a wonderful night.

      5. just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. The pictures are precious.They just grow up to fast.
        Hugs, Sandy

      6. Ahhh.....she looked beautiful!
        I can't believe she is all grown up!~
        Can I just say that I LOVE the wreath on your front door. And love your attention to details my friend. What a talent!

      7. Oh Victoria, your daughter is absolutely beautiful, looks like she takes after her Mum:)

        Can't wait to see the blog changes and congratulations on your award!
        Have a wonderful evening :)

      8. You aren't proud are you????? She is just beautiful!!! Thanks for visiting, now I know I am NOT the only one!


      9. I anxiously await the changes...for the blog and for your growing up daughter. Lovely

      10. It was fun going down memory lane with you! I can't believe how much she has grown up. Oh, and thanks SO VERY MUCH for the blog award! I am super excited.


      11. Thanks so much for the reward. Your such a doll. I apologize for taking so long to hop on over. I can't tell you how busy life has been.
        How time flies by. I hope your daughter takes the time to enjoy every moment of growing up. She is truly beautiful... just like her momma!

        Chelsea Ann

      12. What a precious story about your daughter! And her pics are precious. Reminds me of the Butterfly Kisses song. I also have a daughter and new's so nice to see you share your nostalgic thoughts of your own, brings back my own memories today! ;) Hey, I'm celebrating Mother's Day on my blog this week...deadline to enter is Mother's Day at midnight, PDT. Please feel free to drop over and enter...there are a variety of gifts I'm giving away and there are two different ways you can enter! AuRevoir~ ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cup"

      13. I am sooo happy that I found your blog...I see we share some of the same tastes in decorating! Love your redos. Your daughter is adorable...they grow so fast! cherry

      14. You have a lovely blog~quite enjoyable!

      15. Aww, those are such cute pictures of your precious daughter. It is amazing how fast kids grow up!! Thanks for sharing with us, Nicole

      16. Oh she is just do they grow fast....I hope she had fun at the dance. I am with her do you keep them safe and sound. Being so cute...looks like loads of talent as well!
        You are blessed.
        Have a wonderful Mothers Day

      17. Loved all the old pix...just precious!!! And I love the new look of your Blog, great job!!!


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