October 30, 2010

Her Beauty Revealed...


Yes, finally I can share with you all my sofa transformation!

Whew...this was a lot of work,
 but soo happy with how she turned out.

I hope you will agree, well worth.the.wait!

I am in love with this beauty...
her, true beauty that is.

She is now dressed in a beautiful French blue paint
that is distressed to accent all her gorgeous details and curves.

The cream canvas fabric is the perfect backdrop for fun
 "pops" of color and pattern that adds a little Whimsy to the room!


Before I share her transformation

Let's look back where I started...

When I bought her, She was dingy, dirty and in desperate need of a makeover! 

Her bones were strong and beautiful,
and of course at just the right price...

$50 dollars, I saw the potential...


So, I started to peel back her layers...


little by little repairing her cracks here and there.


Giving her a fresh new coat of paint...

*via Google
and all the while, keeping this beautiful inspiration in mind...

If your ready, so am I...
 excited to share the reveal of her true beauty!!



I swoon every time I walk in my door and see her...*le sigh*


A little envious...her curves are in all the right places...


The perfect little feet in her Cinderella story...

I now have the "just" right spot to
 enjoy my favorite inspirations...

She is always beautifully dressed...


Versatile in her accessories...

Depending on the mood she is in...I adore her.

Yes, she was well worth the work...and hopefully the wait!!

 A little happiness and Whimsy has been
added in to our home with her presence.

I will share a tutorial on her transformation soon.

Have a "Safe and Spook-tacular Halloween!!"

Hugs to you all!

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  1. OMG!!! this is such a beautiful transformation Victoria! Love it!!! I live it even more than the inspiration! You're amazing!

  2. Thank you so much Natasha!! That means so much coming from talented you!!! :)

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could find something like that for my bedroom. Good job.

  4. What an amazing job you did...she's gorgeous. You are so talented!!!

  5. She is amazing! The color and the distressing is perfect!! I love her!

  6. How amazing!! So gorgeous. If i were you i wouldn't stop looking at it. What a fantastic job.


  7. She is amazing!!! You did a fabulous job!! Love the blue and I absolutely love the pops of color against the creamy fabric!!

    Looking forward to the tutorial! I have an old french chair that needs recovered and I'm scared!! Don't even know where to start!!

    Great job Victoria!!

  8. Victoria, Gorgeous! What a beautiful transformation. Love it.
    xo, Sherry

  9. Wow!! She was well worth the wait. Good for you for seeing the potential and putting in the work to make her shine. Your pillows are lovely too.

  10. Very pretty. You did an amazing job!
    Love your photos and glimpse of pieces in background too.

  11. Speechless!!
    What an amazing transformation Victoria. I love what you did and your eye for color tones....
    beautiful isn't enough

  12. How GORGEOUS! I am so impressed! What a lovely lady you have added to your beautiful home.:) Happy Halloween! Lori

  13. Absolutely, fantastically, beautiful! I agree with Natasha, the inspiration doesn't look nearly as good as yours!

    Great job! I love it!

  14. wow oh wow oh wow I'm seriously swooning over her!!!! It's my absolutely favorite piece! Bravo to all the work and love you put into it!!! You are soooo talented!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Fantastic job on the re-do! Now I want one...and I don't even have room for it!

  16. Absolutely stunning! You did a beautiful job. I love the soft blue with the neutral upholstery and nice pops of color for the pillows. She is just gorgeous!

  17. Oh. my. gosh! She is gorgeous!! I love, love, love the red damask pillows too :) Great job!

  18. Hi! I am a new reader and I am SO in love with your beautiful sofa. In fact. I dream of sofas like this. Honestly. It is perfect!!! Well done (I'm super jealous).
    Keep up the good work, Ali

  19. She is gorgeous!!!! You did a fabulous job. I am so jealous.

  20. What a gorgeous piece she is!

    You did a fabulous job. I can sww why you swoon every time you lay your eyes on her.

    Love it...love it ....love it!


  21. Wow! You did that all by yourself? What a transformation. You should be super proud. She is awesome.

  22. Wow! she looks amazing Victoria! you really did an outstanding job on re-creating this warn out beauty into a new lovely lady..
    I love the pillows red and blue are my favorites..
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  23. It looks like it was a lot of work, but it turned out fabulous! I like the pillows you chose for your punch of color too. Great job.

  24. It turned out fabulously. I love your choices for pillow fabrics. What a fun new piece, you did a fantastic job...whew...and what a job it was I'm sure.

    Hugs : ) Carrie

  25. So lovely! I can't wait for your tutorial! I have one in my living room that really needs a new revamp.

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Oh the blue is just perfect! Well done.

    I am helping out a fellow blogger in need by hosting an online auction tomorrow. I would love for you to come by and take a peek and perhaps join in.

  27. Found you on Thrifty Decor Chick. Of course this couch looks amazing. Why? Because you clearly took your time to do it right. I see so many before and after's where it's clear the doer wanted it done ASAP and just spray painted a new color and quick-stapled new fabric on and called it a day. But it's clear that you knew this piece was worth the time and effort to do it RIGHT. And it sure shows. Great job. Glad I found your blog!

  28. This piece is perfection. I wanna come sit on it and eat a fancy cookie....

  29. WOW!!! Stunning!!!

    And the pillows are just the perfect touch! :)

  30. I think that is awesome! I have a chair I might have to do that too!

  31. That is SO beautiful! How on earth did you do that....lol. My attempts at reupholstering have been shoty at best :)

  32. oh my goodness, she turned out beautiful!! your room looks lovely! hope you are well, sorry i haven't been by in awhile! hugs, susan

  33. It is absolutely stunning! I love everything about it. You should be proud.

  34. It is absolutely stunning! I love everything about it. You should be proud.

  35. Victoria,

    I am envious not only of your stunning sofa but your talent. It is beautiful! I am saving this in my inspiration folder.


  36. This piece is so pretty! I am kind of amazed that no one asked you what color you used to paint it! Can you share it with us?

  37. Gorgeous!! I love it, the color choices and your upholstery look beautiful. Great job!

  38. GORGEOUS! I absolutely love this. If ever you tire of this beauty, I would take it off your hands. Amazing!!!!

  39. WONDERFUL! Looooovvvvvveeee this piece.... I so wish I felt brave enough to attempt something like this.

  40. Oh, it's simply gorgeous! That would brighten ANY room! LOVE it!

  41. Ta Da is flipping right girlfriend!!! And with 5 kids you manage to create and blog about it...you are my hero for real.

  42. INCREDIBLE!! This is one of the most gorgeous transformations I have ever seen! I can't wait for your tutorial...I just acquired the same love seat except the back is tufted.

  43. wow this is beautiful!! :) i love the colour of the fabric with the paint..it almost looks a little pinky to me!

  44. wow this is beautiful!! :) i love the colour of the fabric with the paint..it almost looks a little pinky to me!

  45. Just beautiful Victoria! You did an amazing job on it. I'm just about to start working on 2 french chairs that I have. I want to paint them and upholster them!!!


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