February 17, 2011

Love of old books...

Mr. W and I went on a little treasure hunt last Saturday.  We were off to find some more wooden shutters for the dining room, parlor (yes I am old fashioned) and living room.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember the post "kitchen window meets character",  I shared the cute vintage wood shutters.  Well I went to find more.  It must have been my lucky day...more I did find, the right size and amount I needed!  I will share a post later when they are re-painted and up...for now they are sitting in the paint booth in the garage with a very bad faux wood paint job! 

Loving my old books...

The yellowed and worn pages...

So while we were out, there is an antique store I like to shop visit, because you just never know what you might find. ;)  I convinced Mr.W that it would be a great idea to stop in...the only thing, antique stores are not really his fort'e.  He will go with me just because he knows how much I love it, but I know he usually is bored and wondering how much were going to spend.

Well, this time was different. 

 You see, Mr.W has been working on some plans for his office in the downstairs.  He has been excited to make his mark in the house and call it his own. He has been drawing up sketches and looking for the best price on hard woods, for he has decided to build his office desk.  Along with his desk some bookshelves and a barrister bookcase.  

I don't know if I have told you, but Mr.W is a Computer Scientist...
he is a smarty guy and loves books like these!

When we walked in to the store, the first thing he eyed were a pair of old binoculars.  I mentioned something like that would look great in his office, but for the price we put them back down.  The next thing we saw, a group of vintage cameras.  Many different styles.  A common interest for both of us, we  love to dabble in photography.  Again, I mentioned cameras would look great in there too...do you see where I was going with this? ;)  We did end up finding a reasonable priced and unique camera that we both thought would be a great start to our collection. I  finally could see that little glimmer in his eye, just like the one I get upon being in a place like this. 

Mr.W gave these pretty tulips to our daughter for V-day...

I found a couple of books that I liked and when the sales lady came over to ask how we were, I asked her where I might find more old books.  She said "have you not seen the library we have here?" I'm thinking "what?" how have I missed this when I have come before.  My reply, "no, where is that?"  She proceeded to lead the way and all of a sudden there was a doorway that seemed to have a bright, shiny glow coming out of the room...you know like the ones you might see in  a movie when they find the treasure?!   O.k., o.k. you caught me...I made that up, but it kinda felt that way. 

I love the sweet sentiments that someone has written...

Here I now stood in a room, filled from top of the shelves to the bottom with old books!  I was in *heaven*...I wasn't sure where to start and my eyes began to wander everywhere.  I have wanted some old books for such a long time! Guess who decided to start looking with me?  Yep, Mr.W...he loves books as much as I do. I didn't know however, that he would love "old" books.  We both became lost in searching for our finds.  He found some wonderful sets right off that he knew would look great in his bookcase, but also subjects he would love to read.   

There were certain things that I was looking for in my books.  Colors, patina, book subject, the older the better, French and classics.  I just started pulling and looking.  Before I knew it...my pile was high! I don't know that I was even paying that much attention to price...which is so not me.  The lady from the front kept coming back and asking if I would like for her to take the books up to the counter.  I just started handing them to her and said "I will make a decision once I am done looking".  I was like a crazed, old book fanatic...if there is such a thing.  I couldn't help myself.  Finally after about an 1 1/2 hrs. later (kid you not)  the husband and I looked at each and said, "um, I think we need to go and figure out our damage"...we are done!

This beautiful Gardenia Bonsai is what Mr.W  gave to me 
for Valentines Day...I love that he know's me so well! 

Funny thing, we didn't even get very far into looking through the shop.  
We were that lost in our love of old books, it didn't matter. I was giddy!

Some of my finds...love the patina and worn edges!

The thing I loved the most besides finding all those wonderful old books...I think I now have my husbands interest to want to look more often! ;) I don't think I will disclose the insane amount we ended up spending, but let me just say...it was worth every penny!! 

My husband was happy to find these Math books...

I couldn't be more happy with the start of our collection and can't wait till the next opportunity to add more! 

   When we came home, the kids even enjoyed looking through the books and wanted to read some of them. I like that they have interest in history and seem to enjoy the things we find. Maybe they too will one day love to go on treasure hunts as much as I do! 

 Off the subject of books...I just want to thank all of you who entered the Shabby apple giveaway and I do have a winner! I just wish everyone of you could win. :(  

The random generator picked #45...Lesapea Musings!! Congragulations!!

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I am linking this post up with the blog Common Ground and Vintage Inspiration  Friday.  My vintage books definitely give me inspiration!!

Be back soon to share more!
Hugs and Love to you all,


  1. Old books have such a character and beauty to them. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Congratulations to the winner! She's a lucky lady! It sounds like a wonderful day you spent with your husband and what treasures you found. My husband and I love old books as well. Your gardenia bonsai is beautiful. Isn't the scent lovely!

  3. I have fond memories of looking for old books with my mom. I have a few that I treasure! Some found in shops, others that she passed down to me from when she was a girl.
    My mom used to "bake" the old books she bought (to rid them of germs and odor).

    Beautiful flowers~ I have really been loving tulips lately.

  4. I do love all of those old books..your photos look beautiful of them and that old camera is perfect too!

  5. Those are some loved, well-used books! What a find!

    You take the most beautiful pictures!

  6. I love old books!~ thee is just something about them. Your pics are so pretty!

  7. Love the old books...my hubby and I both love books too!! Would have loved to be with you guys...shopping!!

  8. Very cool!

    I LOVE books. period.

    But old books are special.

    I am lucky and have many that came through my family, but I am always buying more.

    And I love to read the old books---not just use them for "decor".

    Nice that you and your husband now have something to shop for in the antique shops together!

  9. Gorgeous books! I'm looking for pink ones right now. It's so much fun to look for! Your pictures are marvelous!

  10. hi victoria!

    beautiful photos and congrats to your lucky winner!


  11. I am a new follower...love your little commentary about your hubby. Mine too has "learned to love" the old stuff over the last 23 yrs! Gotto love them for tolerating those side ventures on the weekends. lol I love your blog and plan on following. Sneak a Peek at my blog at thecrankyqueen.blogspot.com Please make me "less cranky" and leave a comment or suggestion and sign up to follow. Thanx tiff

  12. The books are lovely and olden. I am glad your husband enjoyed this venture too. I am visiting from Common Ground. ♥O

  13. I love old books and looks like you have a very nice collection. ~~Sherry~~

  14. I am addicted to old books! Yours are wonderful!

  15. What great old books, they're fabulous! Love your blog and I'm happily your new follower.

  16. Hi Victoria, yes, I've learned that hubbs has to have something for his interest too, that keeps him enjoying our flea trips. Your books are wonderful, nothing like them! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  17. I Love old books, What wonderful pictures....

  18. This could of easily been a post about how Thomas and I spend some afternoons! We have floor to ceiling bookcases lined with antique books; great for decor, better for reading!



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