April 15, 2011

elizabeth dean boutique...

As we traveled on our Spring break and stopped in many little boutiques along the way, I came across one I fell.in.love with the moment I laid eyes upon the building.  You might even recall I mentioned in my  "Meet the chicks" post I thought I was in vintage anthropology heaven!  I think you might just agree as you look through my post.

Let me introduce you all to this wonderful, whimsical eye candy...elizabeth dean boutique.

There is such a romantic and beautiful love story behind this boutique.  

 The moment I saw the eye catching window displays, it called my name and I knew I had to go in there.  So glad I did!  I convinced Mr.W to stop and take some of the kiddos into another shop a little ways up from this one.  I of course was trying to buy me some time and I knew once the kids heard there was a bookstore  they would want to stop too!  Reluctant Mr.W found a parking spot behind the boutique and we had to walk  to the front.  It felt nostalgic, like I had gone back in time as I rounded the corner and came upon this...

Wouldn't this be a great spot for a photo shoot?!

Love these brick buildings...

As I walked up to the big, beautiful wooden doors that opened to elizabeth dean boutique, I had excitement and anticipation of what I might find inside...

It definitely didn't disappoint! My eyes were trying to take in all the vintage and whimsical treasures that were everywhere! So much to see...I almost didn't know where to start.  I was trying to savor each vignette, like it was the best chocolate I had ever tasted!  Slowly, methodically taking it all in.  Wanting to store it all in my head...such creativity and inspiration.  

Framed plant holders...what a great idea!

I loved how these beautiful, vintage fabrics were put together and told a story!

So detailed and unique...

After looking for a couple of minutes, I had a *light bulb* moment! I said to my 13 yr. old son who was with me, "I wonder if they would let me take some pictures to share with my readers?"  See how I'm like that...always thinking about you all. ;)  I thought I won't know unless I ask.  

I see up by the front desk a very pretty, friendly lady talking with someone.  So I wait and look some more.  

A great way to display some jeans!

A little browsing here...

and there...

There were all kinds of fun chalkboards with great
 inspirational quotes on them throughout the boutique!

Once I saw this sweet lady was done talking, I went over to her and introduced myself.  I told her how in love I was with her shop and would she mind if I took some photos to share with my readers.  Luckily she didn't look at me like I was crazy and happily said "yes".  I was excited! So much eye candy beautifully displayed and I was going to get photograph it all! 

I hurried out to my van and grabbed my camera.  My husband and kiddos were done, ready to get back on the road.  I charmed my sweet husband with one of my dimpled smiles and convinced him I wouldn't be much longer than 45 15 minutes (he is so patient with me and knows my minutes means much longer than that)! 

Once back inside I talk to the sweet, pretty lady who told me "yes"...

 This is Annie K! So sweet and friendly! As her buisness card reads,
 "hunter...gatherer...&designer of one-of-a-kind finds..." love that! 

In talking with Annie K I found out a little more about the boutique.  She is a partner with the owner Nicole Nelson.  Annie K get's to travel and find many vintage, antique and unique pieces for the boutique.  Together Nicole and Annie K are like "peanutbutter and chocolate" they just get each other.  I could see these two ladies were a lot of fun to be around and they have great creative vision!  

In love with these! Very whimsy!!

Nicole was not in that day, but I had a great opportunity to talk with her via the phone.  She shared the romantic and sweet story behind elizabeth dean boutique...

Vintage wedding dresses...beautiful!

Nicole's mother sadly passed away 5 years ago.  Her name was Mary Elizabeth. Nicole's grandmother went through her attic and found lots of saved memorabilia to send onto Nicole.  She was going to gather it all together and create sentimental scrapbooks. As Nicole went through these journals and stories of her mothers, she was filled with inspiration.  Her parents love story was all there...from her mother's journal entry  5 minutes before her first date with Nicole's dad (Marlo Dean) to 15 minutes before they were married. 

Nicole's parents pictures, notes and journals displayed in the boutique, telling of their love story.

 A beautiful love story.  There were even the skeptics who thought the couple wouldn't make it. Mary and Marlo were both from the wrong side of the tracks...literally Nicole said, "the town was split in the middle by the railroad tracks" growing up in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Marlo was the guy who loved fast cars and Mary was the good girl cheerleader. 

So as Nicole went through her parents memories, inspiration came to her to preserve and share their love story in a boutique.  She would call it elizabeth dean boutique after both of her parents middle names. 

An appointment with the school counselor is displayed on this vintage brush...

I loved getting to hear the meaning behind her boutiques name and all about the vintage details that were displayed.  Knowing the love story of her parent's warmed my heart and made me love this boutique even more!  

This looks like it could be a spelling list...

Some other interesting facts I learned about the boutique was the history of the building it's in.  

What a great way to use creativity and re-purpose...antique crib springs turned photo holder!

At one time in this same area there was a casino and saloons.  The building that is now here has been everything from a hotel, restaurant and even a key shop.  Nicole shared that there used to be 3 stories instead of 2 to this building, but at some point the top floor was torn down.  The front door to the boutique was made from the wood from the top story. 

Unique one of a kind artwork you will find here...

 She even shared that there is a "friendly" ghost they have named "ghost Jack" they think he's a cowboy that shares the space with them.  He is known to hang up phone calls if they are too long, make noise and she said he even has his own room that they put nothing in because he walks in there. To some they might not believe, but it does add to the romanticism and nostalgia of the building. 

I of course left with all kind of goodies for my home...

It was hard to choose and there are still things there I saw I have been thinking about since.

Love this birdcage with it's great patina!

A pretty blue-green and distressed book holder...

Whimsical wire cloche...

The pretty little nest on top.

A old shelf with great chippy paint!

So there it all is.  A romantic love story, lot's of eye candy, a little history and even a ghost story! This really is a beautiful boutique to see in person.  Nicole and Annie K don't have a website yet, but you can see them in person if your visiting or live in the area.

 elizabeth dean boutique 
717 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 

 It is definitely worth your time!! Thank you Nicole and Annie K for letting me share your wonderful boutique and sweet story with all my readers, it was a lot of fun!

Still getting lot's done here to open my Etsy! Keeping my fingers crossed I can have it all done by the end of next week. 

Oh, one more thing before I go...

I am going to be celebrating my birthday next week and my (late) blogaversary!!! I have something wonderful planned to celebrate with you all!  Till then...

Hugs friends!


  1. It looks like a beautiful place to get lost in ... I so wish we had places like this around me. I love the story of her parents!
    Thanks for sharing and this is my first time commenting...I just adore your blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend ~
    sarah xo

  2. What a wonderful and sentimental story and a beautiful store. I love all the brick on the outside and it's gorgeous inside with so many beautiful treasures. I see many things I might have been tempted to buy. The story in itself is just lovely.

  3. What a gorgeous store Victoria! Love their style!

  4. fantastic pictures of that shop....and oh my wouldn't that be THE coolest place for a photo shoot is right!! wow

    your sweet words you left me did not go un-noticed sweet Victoria

  5. That's a gorgeous shop! A very creative lady, obviously. Don't you love finding new ways to do old things! Your blog is beautiful! And so is your home.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. what a beautiful, wonderful shop! and i can totally relate to when my husband and boys and i come upon a gasp-worthy shop. i always hope that there's a comic book store nearby to keep the occupied while i swoon and peruse!

    awesome place!

    happy weekend


  7. wow, i don't think i could have passed by either! i love the whole feel of the shop and that brick wall (i love those!) those vintage dresses are gorgeous! have a lovely day! susan

  8. Hello Victoria,
    I am doing a blog post about my daughter's wedding last year. We live in the Glenwood Springs area and she got her reception dress at Elizabeth Dean. I was searching to see if they had a website so I could add a link to my post, and I came across YOUR blog post here! I'm pretty sure I've been following you on Pinterest for some time (small online world!)and am following your blog now. Although Annie K. has moved on, Elizabeth Dean Boutique is as lovely as ever-my favorite shop in this area. It still appears they have no website, (darn it) but I would be happy to include a link to this post in my story. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and thank you for a beautiful post on this lovely shop.

    1. Hi Jeanette! So nice to have your visit and now even following along on my journey. :) lived reading your sweet comment. This boutique was definetly a treat to write about and shop in! I did hear that Annie K went on to her own exciting endeavors. I can't wait to visit Glenwood Spribfs to visit Elizabeth Deans shop again! How wonderful your daughter found her reception dress there! I will be stopping in for a visit to see your post. Happy for you to link up and share with your readers as well! Thank you! Look forward to visiting again and knowing you better!! Have a wonderful evening.


    2. Oops...that's supposed to say "loved reading"....auto correct on my iPhone! Lol ;)


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