September 15, 2009

2 Winners...Janet Hill Studio!


Thank you to all who entered! I was happy to see you all love Janet and her nostalgic oil paintings as much as I do.   I myself am ordering 3 of her very beautiful 11x14 prints to hang in my dining these!
When I say I wish everyone who entered could win something, I truly mean that.  The good thing is that all my Whimsy Readers always have a chance to win something here with all of my amazing Whimsy Spotlights...persistence pays off!
 Speaking of persistence....

the first winner for a 11x14 print from Janet Hill Studio  is... Connie from  
 "I started out as a child"!!!!
Let me just tell you.  Connie has entered every Whimsy Spotlight I have had since July...she finally won!!!  See you have to keep entering.  So happy for you Connie!

The second lucky winner is  Leslie  at
Glitter and Bliss !!!  Yay, so excited for both of you!!
I know you are going to love having one of Janet's paintings in your home!  Would love to see what you choose and where you display her beautiful work.

You all can visit Janet's blog and Etsy to see so much more and order your prints there.  I know Janet has new things in her Etsy all the time.  I also will tell you that her originals and prints get snatched up if you see something don't wait on it...get it today! Thank you Janet for being so generous!

I will be back tomorrow with another great Whimsy Spotlight, this time "It's all in the details" paper that is!!  Look for it and make sure to enter!! 

Have a fabulous day...I am off to sort through paint samples and narrow down the colors for "The Whimsy French Cottage".  I have found a great bargain and will be sharing that with you all in the next couple of days. 
Hugs and love friends


  1. Yay for the winners. :) Have FUN with paint colors...I am a little envious. ;)

  2. Victoria! I just got home from work and checked things out! This has made my day! I am SO EXCITED! Thank-you, thank-you!

  3. OK... I can't believe it!!! I am shocked!!! I just checked my comments and there you were. Thanks so much!!!!!

  4. I saw a cool piece of Janet's artwork newly listed by a dealer on Ebay today.


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