September 8, 2009

Our future home...

First bit of news...we found a house and are in the process of  buying it! I am so excited!! See...there goes my exclamations all over the place. I finally will get to really add my own mark after moving all these years...that is what has me sooo excited!

As I mentioned in my last post we were leaving to Colorado Springs to look at this house and it is perfect for our family.

 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, upstairs, main living area and downstairs. My husband loves that downstairs is the rec room, or shall we say big screen t.v. and surround sound! lol.  I am happy I will still have my own office and finally a guest room after the last several years of not having one! Enough space and places for my dining room table and kitchen table.

Being that we are to move every 4 years, ( but in reality we have been moving every 2 1/2 years) I really am looking forward to being able to plant some roots and make this ours

Soon to be our new home!!

Already we have decided changes on the front.  A different door color, stain for the patio and driveway, house numbers, changing the hardware, landscaping, paint for the house....and this is just for the front.  I feel very motivated to do the work and can't wait to see the end results.

  As we move in and make all these changes, I will be blogging all the work from front to back as we add, enhance and decorate every 3000 sq. foot of it.  Having a big family a cozy little cottage would not suffice us, but I do have big plans to make this house be just that...a very cozy cottage.  It is not that old of a home and sometimes with newer homes you lose some of the nostalgic feel you can find in older homes.  I know though that I will be able to bring my "Whimsy French Cottage" style I am longing to have and that just makes me happy! 

 I can't say enough about the area we will live in.  It is stunningly beautiful!!  I told my husband that the neighborhood and the surrounding area feels like out of the movies.  There are trees, luscious green manicured lawns, beautiful vibrant flowers, even saw a squirrel crossing the street.  We in fact have already met the neighboring family on the right side of us and can tell we could be great friends.  Where I live now I too have been blessed to have great neighbors and friends surrounding us and wish I could take them with me. 

 There are however several things I will miss about NM. Big open blue skies, gorgeous sunsets, great weather, hot air balloons in the morning, Hatch green chilies...(in fact stocking up on fresh roasted ones in my freezer), having close amazing friends and the beautiful Sandia mountains.  I won't however miss the blowing dirt, strong winds at times, the long distance drive to any shopping area from where we live, different colors of tumbleweeds, sagebrush, graveled front/back yards and I have never been a big fan of Southwest decorating.  Not that it isn't beautiful, just not for me. 

Where we live now. 
 It is a gorgeous house, but not our dream home.
Early morning at the Albuquerque
 Hot Air Balloon Festival!
A unique hot air balloon at the Balloon Festival.
Lot's and lots of sagebrush and tumbleweeds!
Fountains at the Albuquerque Temple...Beautiful!
Amazing NM sunsets!
Yummy green chile! 
We will be stopping and eating here
in Santa Fe on our way to Colorado!

Mr. Wonderful and I have already decided on some of the new changes to come for our new home.  First on the list scrape popcorn ceilings...(this home was built in 1998 and I have no idea why this was done?) gorgeous mahogany wood floors...we are going to do the laminate because of all our children and traffic, but hard to tell the difference.  Of course lots and lots of paint.  I will be showing every step as we do all these projects. 

I am currently working away on finishing many projects now to go into our new home...yet I will only be able to get so much done being that we have less than 32 days to move!  This really is a dream come true for our family and I finally get to use my creative abilities in so many ways.  Can't wait to show you all what I am envisioning.

So the next part of this post is letting all of you know that I will have another amazing Whimsy Spotlight
tomorrow...the very talented artist Janet Hill of Janet Hill Studios

So many beautiful paintings!

Don't miss the opportunity to see her spotlight and enter to win an 11x14 print of your choosing in her Etsy....this time there will be 2 winners!!!  Look for it early Wednesday! 

I also will be temporarily ending my Spotlights the end of September and taking a break until I get a little more settled in our new home.  So much to do and especially moving at such a busy time of the year with all the holidays coming up.  Stay with me...I promise so much more to see!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor day and a great week ahead!

Hugs to you friends,


  1. good for exciting!

    that sunset photo was breathtaking...
    have a great night~


  2. So excited for you!!! :) I LOVE your new home, and can't wait to see what you do with it. I feel your pain on the popcorn ceilings. We have them in every room downstairs except for the Kitchen, bath, and addition. Ick!!!

  3. Congrats on the new house. Can't wait to see what all you do with it. I'm sure that you will find many beautiful things to love about Colorado as well.

  4. Victoria!!!! Congrats to you my friend!

    I'm so happy for you and yours.
    Show us all the fun changes along the way. YAY!

    ~Blessings, Melissa ;)

  5. So excited for you! Colorado is such a beautiful state. I don't think I told you that my son and daughter-in-law live in Albuquerque while she's finishing her pediatric residency.
    I'm excited to see your remodel and beautiful ideas for decorating!

    Good luck! 32 days isn't very long!

  6. Yay! I am so excited for you friend!!! Can't wait to see the photos! Good luck with all that you have ahead of you. Love your new house! Miss you friend!

  7. That'll be so much fun. We live in NoCo. And if you ever decide to do a total remodel (or to do work in the rec DH is a custom cabinetmaker ;D and he's REALLY good)

    Good luck with your move. We do love it here.

  8. I love your new home! The front porch looks so calming, makes you want to sit in a rocking chair and read a book. Great pictures too!

  9. Oh Victoria I am so excited for you and your family!!!!!!!! Your new home is gorgeous!!! So then will this be permanent for you all or will you still have to move again in a few years? It seems you are longing to put down roots and I hope that now is your time to do that. I can't wait to see all you do with your home...I know it is going to be amazing!!!!!!

    Big hugs to you sweet friend!
    Kristen :-)

  10. Congratulations! The house is beautiful and will be spectacular when you get finished with it! I will be thinking of you as you tackle the "move"! Hope it goes smoothly!

    Lou Cinda


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