June 23, 2010

Bon Appétit...

I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel...faint as it might be, it is there.  We have been getting lots done here and I will be sharing many posts with you all soon.   

I hope you all had a great day celebrating the important fathers in your lives.  I am grateful for my own father, an uncle who has been like a father and of course my very special husband.  I couldn't ask for a better dad for our children and I am very grateful for him.

So...I have been working on a little area in our kitchen that is going to be a breakfast bar.  I miss having an area big enough that all our barstools can fit around and the kids can eat their breakfast or snack at.  Having a smaller kitchen has definitely left me needing to think outside the box and finding space where ever it might be.

 I did find it...on a wall as you enter our kitchen there was the perfect spot for a little breakfast bar.  Just as I did my open shelving, I could create a shelf big enough for 2 stool's to sit under.  More bead board went up and wrapped around the corners creating more of the cottage style I love.  I have a few more details to finish before I can share the reveal, but I did create something unique and whimsy to top it all off...an old french sign!

 I had some old wood panels that came with the dresser I just revealed.  I wasn't sure why this wood was in the drawers and put it aside.  As the husband and I were looking at this spot I said "I need a little something above the ???"...(keeping you all in suspense for just a little longer) he agreed.  We stared together for a few more minutes and then...the light bulb went off... 

 "I think I might have the perfect size wood in the garage and it's old...what about a sign?"  Mr. Wonderful said "Good idea" I went and brought the piece of wood in...held it above and it was the perfect length and size!  I then said "What should it say?"  I wanted something that was French...he then said in his best Julia Childs impersonation  "Bon Appétit!"  I laughed at his voice and accent...then said "Yes, I like it!"  

I left with a smile and plan to work on my sign. 

Here is my new/old sign that I now adore...

Here's where I started...
the old  piece of wood, added a coat of primer, some
 satin cream paint, a little mocha glaze and then sanded.

Come to find out our printer was out of ink...
So no stencil, I sketched and then cleaned up the letters
 with a ruler. (I enjoyed this, felt like I was back in art class.)
Then using a black permanent marker outlined all the letters...

Painted the letters with black paint...

Then using my mouse sander and 120 grit sandpaper distressed it...

Pulling off some of the paint made it look worn...

Then added some D rings to hang it, and now...

Love it!

I just wanted to thank all of you who left such sweet comments on my new look and change here.  As I said, still some tweaking and I will be happy with it.  I appreciate every single one of you who read and those who share their thoughts...I adore you all!!

A couple of questions for you.  Along with changes here, I have been thinking on a few more.  

First, my follower button.  I love to see all your faces here and know that I have great friends along on this journey. 

My question...

When you follow someone do you read them faithfully or just click follow and move on?   I have thought about taking this off my blog and being follower free. Would you rather   subscribe to my blog?

 I never started this blog with the intention of needing to be a big blog or advertising...just wanted to journal my life and share my creativity.  I want to keep it personal and let you all know I see you as my friends.  Sometimes us bloggers can get too caught up in numbers or even comments.  I decided a couple months back to just blog when I can and I try to visit as often with all of you where the time permits.  My family is my first priority and trying to find that balance can be hard at times. 

The other question...have you missed my music here?  I have read that some like it on blogs and others don't. I miss hearing my music...I am thinking of adding my player back and letting you decide if you want to turn it on or not.  I think it adds to my blogs personality.

So that is what has been on my mind...nothing life shattering.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

I will be back tomorrow with another update on a project....here is a peek...

Have a great day!!



  1. I adore your sign...just darling! I can't wait to see what you are doing with that beautiful fabric!


  2. Yes, your new blog look is lovely and I noticed it right away! I am also in love with the sign and think you did such a great job with it! I am so impressed that you did it with NO STENCIL! That pretty much rawks. =-D

    And to answer some of your ?s...

    Well, I *try* to follow the blogs that I click to follow, but honestly my Internet time is limited [especially now that it's the summer time!] and I can't get to everyone's blogs that I follow through Google Follower [or whatever it's called] like I would LIKE to. I have always wondered if people really pay attention to that thing, too, because you see it on soooo many blogs out there! Does it really matter, though? I dunno! But you should know that I don't follow you through Google Friend Follower anyway! I check in on ya regularly! =-D

    The music? Honestly, I always have my mute button on - so I don't hear blog music anyway. But the choice is yours, girlie! If you love your music and are missing it, then maybe you should bring it back?

    You are awesome. Hope you're having a great week!

  3. I love your rustic sign. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the pretty fabric.

    I have many of the blogs I follow in my sidebar. Not all, but those who have become friends and the blogs I go to for inspiration, yours included. It is a fairly mixed group. There are quite a few, but I watch very little TV, so I consider reading my favourite blogs 'me' time. After family, volunteering and my job of course. I don't have time to comment on each one though.

    Music, it is your blog and therefor your choice. If I like it, I listen, if I don't I can hit mute (although I find many genres of music interesting.)

  4. I do like your new blog design. It's crisp, clean and easy to find things on it! I'm excited to see what you've done for the brekfast bar. Your sign is awesome. Bon Appetit is a perfect thing to put on a sign in the kitchen!

    Looking forward to your next posts.

    About the followers, I like to go to my follower list to see if anything new has been posted. However, I do have you on my blog roll.

  5. Very cute sign!! And I can't wait to see what you are doing with the material. I love that color combination. And your kitchen knobs sound beautiful!

    I hope things are going well with you!


  6. Your sign is fabulous!! What a great addition to your room.
    As for the follower thingy. When I follow...I read faithfully and comment most of the time.
    And music...well..if you miss it...put it back. I have music on mine. It can be turned off. I keep it on the top of my sidebar so it is easy to access.
    Have fun

  7. Hi Victoria
    The sign is perfect and I'm so excited to see what you will do with the material!
    As far as following and all that I agree with Amber that especially in the summer it is hard to keep up with all the blogs and there should never be pressure to read and comment, I think it should be enjoyable and done when you have time. I like the idea of having the option to turn music on! Your blog looks really beautiful, I like the design. Have a great weekend!

  8. It's lovely, Victoria!!!

    When I click on a blog to Follow it, it's b/c I plan on reading that person's posts. I don't Follow someone to get them to Follow me or only Follow them if they're hosting a Giveaway. In my opinion, it just clutters up my Dashboard. I don't always have time to read every blog I Follow each day, but I do make an effort to get around to as many as I can. :)

    I personally don't care for music on blogs. It's distracting to me when I want to look at pictures and read, but that's just me. :)

    I love your blog!

  9. Victoria,
    I love your new blog design and this fantastic project!
    Also thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words about my daughter. It was very good of you to place her photo and link on your sidebar. I'm very grateful.
    Hugs, Cathy

  10. I can't wait to see all your new changes and projoects! The sign looks wonderful and what a great project to finish off what you are needing...can't wait to see what you do with the fabric!

  11. great job on the sign. love it. that fabric is gorgeous. i'm waiting.......

  12. The sign is great - classic and I can't believe you free handed that! But, I'm a sucker for fabric and I love that fabric!

  13. Love your sign! You have been a busy girl! Love your new blog layout, it's gorgeous and fits you perfectly! Also, the dresser makeover is increadible!!!! Love it!

  14. Oh I forgot to say....Music is a personal choice, I hear some people really don't like it, I personally love playlists and listening to others music, it lifts my spirits. When I don't want to hear it I just hit mute. I think it's personal. I've seen others who have their playlist on the sight, it doesn't play unless the person hits play..that is always an option.
    Followers....for me I make sure to click follow on blogs that I really like otherwise I would loose track of all the wonderful blogs out there. When I do this it comes up in reader for me. Don't look at is as a number and blog when your heart desires, I love reading your posts!!

  15. just catching up on your blog!
    love the sign, it looks great!!!
    re the following - i don't do it as i didn't want yet another widget or that feeling of obligation on any reader's part, or on my part... ya know? i have the blogs i read in my google reader, and can barely keep up as it is.
    re the music - i know it is your blog but for me personally, i can't stand music on blogs! i might have 15 blogs open at one time, and i can't find which blog has the music on to turn it OFF!!! i figure, if you are going to have music, set it to off... and people can choose to turn it on. not the other way around where the default is on.... just my 2 cents worth!

  16. i had to come back and laugh!
    i just went to another blog after yours, and i can't find WHERE to turn off the music and it is driving me NUTS! lol!!!! i know which blog is doing it but can't find the OFF button!!! argh!

  17. Darling Victoria, just can´t get my eyes out of your blog, everything is so inspiring and beautiful!!!! My congrats to you.
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia


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