June 9, 2010

Some New Looks...


You are in the right place...

  It was definitely time for a new makeover here! Just like I am always changing the decor in my home, my blog needed a new look too.  

 I have been wanting to work on my new look for quite some time.  Finally with the end of school, I decide to plunge in to the unknown and get busy.  I know it has been very quite here, but behind the scenes...I have been hard at work!  

Many late nights and early mornings working away on what has been in my head and wanting to put it all together.  I am not a graphic designer in anyway or a computer scientist, unlike my husband but I decided with a lot of effort, trial and error maybe I could just figure this all out.   

I know I could have made my life much easier to have one of the many very talented blog designers out there do it for me, but when I have something set in my head I find it much easier to just do it myself then try to explain it...so, I did.  

I hope you will find the bigger layout much easier to read and enjoy seeing larger pictures.  I wanted to keep my background crisp and clean...my pictures now stand out and show the vibrant colors. Hopefully with your visits you will find it to be user friendly as well.  

I have used all of my own photos for my header and throughout my blog design.  Lot's of practice and patience in Paint.net.  

You will also see a new blog address.  It is now www.whimsybyvictoria.com. Blogger will be re-directing traffic from my old address, but please let me know if you had any problems getting here.  

The windows on my header are from the old window pane I shared with you all. The windows to me are a symbol of being able to  look  into my life, but also reflection of the moment.  

The photos behind the frame will change often and the branches will change with the seasons...just like life. 

 I am very happy with how it all has turned out and hope you will be by often to visit. There is still some tweaking that needs to be done, so don't mind the construction. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! 

Along with the new look here...I finally get to reveal my beautiful dresser! So excited about how it turned out and is now one of my favorite pieces in our home.  I can't even put into words how much I enjoy seeing it everyday and it just makes me smile.

I love vintage items.  I think it is the nostalgia of another time period that fascinates me. I like to imagine the story behind it.  Who were the people before me that had these items in their lives. Where did it come from and if it could talk...the stories it would tell.  To makeover something that has been put aside and not used..I feel so much joy to give it a new purpose.  

O.k. I could go on and on, but I won't. 
So...here she is in all her glory...

Had to of course share some
 of my favorite flowers with you...

Here's her before...

 And after!

I know there must have been a top frame over the mirror at one time. 
 I actually like the look without it.  The curves are so pretty!

I left some of the old paint on underneath 
to let the crackle come through. 

I love the dark wood on this!

The feet had wooden wheels on it, but I couldn't reuse them they 
were so brittle and rusted.  I will be adding some new ones.

The beautiful scroll work...

The original drawer pulls.  It was missing a couple
of pieces so I had to do the glass knobs on the top.

Found these vintage looking 
glass knobs at Hobby Lobby.

A few more flower pictures...

 Yay!  I can cross 2 more projects off my to do list.

I just want to thank you all for being patient with me through all these changes we have had going on here.

 Please just know if you haven't heard from me, I have just been feeling very overwhelmed with trying to get our life back in order. I   miss visiting with you all very much and really do think of you all often. I am hoping that Summer break will help me have a little more time to get things done here.  

Having your friendships and the thoughts you leave always brighten's my day...I am truly grateful for you all.   Thank you!!



  1. Yet another beautiful post friend! I love the furniture. I would LOVE that! Great job! Can't wait to see more!

  2. OH, and I love the look of the blog too! Fantastic!

  3. LOVE the crisp clean new look of your blog! And the furniture re-do is fabulous, as always! :-)

  4. I'm clapping and doing the happy dance over your new look and your amazing dresser!!!! Oh my goodness it's just fantastic!!!

  5. I just love your new look! The dresser is beautiful also! I think my mom has one that is very similar in design.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous- everything! Love the clean, fresh look with the splash of red- lovely! And that dresser is amazing!!! Lori

  7. holy moly girl, you have been busy. the blog looks great - love it. you did a fantastic job. it's time consuming huh? and that dresser. wow. it is just beautiful. have missed ya!

  8. So glad to see you back! Your dresser looks beautiful, I love the transformation & the white, chippy paint! Ooh, and gerbera daisies are a fave of mine too -- they were used in our wedding floral arrangements :). Enjoy!

  9. Oooh I love the dresser - great job! And thanks for turning me on the Hobby Lobby as I was able to find something there that I had been looking for for quite some time.

  10. The header and the dresser both look great! Well done, my friend!

  11. The dresser turn out fabulous...and I love the new look of the blog! Great job!!!

  12. Hi, Victoria! I think the new look is great, and I love the new dresser. :) Is paint.net free??

  13. Great blog, I like the new look, and awesome dresser, I love it!!

  14. Hi Victoria,
    Oh wow, what a wonderful job you've done on those draws.
    The photo's of the flowers are also fabulous. Great painting material there!

  15. Oh Victoria....it is beautiful, the dresser I mean, and also the new look of the blog. I've been a bit absent recently and haven't had a chance to check in. Oh how I wish we were neighbors!

  16. What a beautiful dresser!! Well done!

  17. so beautiful, so amazing! and the mirror is the cherry on top!

    rock on, victoria!!!


  18. Your dresser is gorgeous, as is your new blog look! My mom had an old dresser very similar to that but without the mirror. She gave it away to a friend without even asking whether I wanted it :-( Oh well, I'll have to find my own.

  19. wow! your new look is fantastic you did a wonderful job!! you have been a busy girl. your dresser is so beautiful i love that you let a little of the time worn beauty show throught, it's perfect!!! have a super day!!! hugs, susan

  20. oh wow...so beautiful...everything...your layout...flowers...dresser...just beautiful!!!! I love it!!!
    thank you for your very sweet comments...so glad you are back and getting things checked off.


  21. Love! That is my word to describe your wonderful new post! Love the dresser! Great job on your blog!

  22. I love your new blog look Victoria! It's light and airy. Beautiful dresser too!

    Thank you very much for your kind words on my recent weight loss. You just made my day. You CAN do it too! Healthy foods are delicious!

    Have a blessed weekend. ~Melissa :)

  23. Hi Victoria, loving the new look and bigger photos. That dresser is also fantastic. Take Care, Carrie

  24. The dresser is lovely Victoria and I love the dark wood as well. Great job.

    Love Lisa

  25. Looks nice. And, adding my two cents, I don't think there was anything over the top of the mirror...look closely at the design and it's opens. (or closed). I have one very similar to it. And the dating on it is roughly the 1940's. They put wooden wheels on the furniture as all the metal was being directed to the war effort. Just a bit of trivia.

  26. Your new look looks fantastic. I love your new dresser. It's just what I'm looking for...

  27. Hi Victoria,
    Your blog is Beautiful! I would love to have big pictures, but can't because of my background. I need color! But I'm always envious of those big pics:)

    That dresser is equally gorgeous! Wow girl you have a huge gift! Glad to have found you.

  28. oh girl that dresser is swoony!! love the dark wood top and the color is perfect! the mirror looks fab on top...love it! and of cours the new look! hope you are having a great weekend! muwahh! Tara

  29. Beautiful job. I love that dresser. I'm here from Miss Mustard Seeds...have a happy weekend.

  30. What a beautiful dresser and a great transformation. I love the curves on the mirror.
    xo, Sherry

  31. oh darling Victoria, I want you to come to chile and teach me all about your soo incredible furniture transformations!!!! This piece has turned out a beauty, a charming piece!!!!!!


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