July 21, 2009

I Believe...

As I was getting ready this morning to go to the Goodwill with a friend...I love bargain hunting! I was lost in a deep thought. You know the kind that starts with a little thought that becomes a story...you don't? 

Well..ahem...I do. In fact these thoughts happen to me quite often. I think this is how a lot of my creative process happens. I take a simple idea and start visualizing how to make it come to life.  Anyways, back to my deep thought. I realized in all that I share with you all, maybe you would like to know a little deeper side of me and hear what I believe and the person I am. So I decided to get on my computer and type away while the thoughts are still fresh. So...bear with me as I share all about what I Believe...

I Believe...

In loyalty.

That we each are unique individuals that have something special to be shared.

A person's eyes tell so much about who they are.

Chivalry is not dead...I know this, because I am married to Mr. Wonderful who still opens doors, holds my hand, expects the children to talk to me with respect, draws me bubble baths just because, rubs my shoulders and expects nothing in return, cooks dinner when he knows it has been a stressful day, helps with the dishes, laundry and anything I need done...this list could go on and on. I feel truly blessed!

Always my Hero!
Commissioning 2003 in Ames, Iowa.

Marriage and love is Eternal.

Being  positivite is uplifting and negativity pulls you down,
 so surround yourself with the positive people!

Heavenly Father has given us our children on loan...
they are not ours, but rather we are the Shepard over the Sheep.
How lucky are we to be blessed with such sweet spirits?!

We are an example for our children to live by.

That we can not use the saying, "Do as I say and not as I do".

This is just confusing, especially to our children who look up to us.

Morals and Integrity are stronger in this world than we sometimes see.

There are more good people than bad. We just happen to hear 
more often 
of the bad,
 because that is the stories the media wants to portray.

"Beauty is all around when there's love at home".

Taking time to smell the roses!
Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque, NM.

There is so much more to a person than the exterior.

Giving service is wonderful when it comes from the heart and not because you have to.

I can meet a person and know instantly if I can trust them.

That I am a down to earth kind of girl and I wouldn't want to be any other way.
Just Me, in Santa Fe.

I know that this life, through the good and bad is for our own growth. This is just another phase in our progression on the path to our Eternal happiness. There is a bigger picture and we should not just exist in this world, but be learning in our mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

We are accountable for all are actions.

The joy we can find in simple things like; Birds singing, formation of fluffy white clouds, a blue sky on a Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer day, the sensation of walking on warm sand, children's laughter, the taste of fresh fruit or vegetables from a garden, a familiar friends voice on the phone, a letter in the snail mail, so many more...we could be here forever! 

The joys of simple things!
Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM.
A Two Tailed Swallow butterfly that liked my husband!

Gossip hurts...deep.

We are all brothers and sisters on this earth and in Heaven.

To stand for what you believe in and be assertive when needed, without being mean.

In order to get respect, you have to give it.

Marriage is a partnership and the effort has to be on both sides.

Leaving little notes of sweetness here and there for my honey keeps the romance alive. ;)

Being a good parent is trying to understand and listening to your children.

Try to be the best example you can be!
They are watching!

Just because something is a trend we don't have to follow.

In Best Friends!

What a gift great friends are!

Creativity is divine!!

I love my Family!
Christmas 2005 Dayton, Ohio.

Families are Forever.

You don't have to spend a lot to have a beautiful home.

I love great tasting food! 
Why eat something if it doesn't taste good?!
My homemade Carrot Cake, yummy!

Sopapillas as big as your head!

In hard work ethic.

Giving a 100%, and not half way.

I can be a perfectionist...sometimes a good thing and sometimes not.

That I could go on and on, but am having to leave for my trip to Goodwill and just wanted to share in a little insight. I wish for everyone of you to be blessed and find the joy in this day, whatever that might be. I believe I have wonderful friends and can't say enough of how much blogging has enriched my life! Thank you for all those that visit here often...it really does mean so much!!

See you tomorrow for the next Whimsy Spotlight!



  1. I love how you started your list with loyalty. This is a stickler with me. Honor and loyalty are critical in earthly relationships just as they are with heavenly relationships. Disloyalty causes a stir in someone's soul.

    The rest of your list is fantastic. I have always been a believer in simple things. I still wear simple blue jeans and pretty t's because I feel good in them. I still think a simple popsicle on a hot day takes away the heat. A lick of puppy breath is pretty close to heaven on earth... oh and the other stuff too! :)

    Wonderful post.

  2. That is beautiful, Victoria! I completely agree. :)

  3. That was so Perfectly Said!! I loved reading every bit of this post. You are Amazing!

  4. I loved reading your deep thoughts--but you lost me at the cake. I just had to stare at it in all of its deliciosity (I coined a new word, I think). ;) ;) That recipe is a post on its on!!! :)

  5. This was so beautiful to read and soak in!!! Truly words we should all strive to live by every day, and I thank you, sweet friend, for sharing with us!!! Big {{{hugs}}} :-)


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