July 20, 2009

A Winner and Tai Pan Trading!

Our mini vacation to Utah went by very quickly! We did have a great time, but I am happy to be home once again and sleeping in my own bed tonight! Our family enjoyed doing many fun things, eating lots of yummy food (like sushi!) and visiting with wonderful friends! I feel blessed.

I did come back home with lots of new decor, that I am in love with to add to my Whimsy French Cottage style. I was ready to be back and get to work on many projects that have been in the back of my head. Slipcovers and pillows to sew for both living room and family room sofa sets. The dresser make-over and kitchen table to paint. Even though I had a little break being on vacation, my creative mind would not turn off with all the new ideas jumbling about. Before I go on anymore though, lets get on to a very lucky winner!!

I just want to say how much fun it was to Spotlight on Laryssa with L. Herbert Designs.

She really is just a wonderful woman and a very talented artist! I really love her artwork and will be ordering some of her prints for my own home. Make sure to follow along with Laryssa on her blog and enjoy many of her great posts! L. Herbert Designs is the place to shop for beautiful watercolor prints that are affordable, fun and of the highest quality.

Soooo.....now on to the Winner!

Cara at Tales of the T's
!!! You have been chosen by random.org as the lucky winner of either 2-5x7 prints or 1-8x10 print and your choice of a $20 gift card to Michaels or Hobby Lobby!! I hope you are just as excited as I am for you!!! I am even doing a happy dance for you...o.k. in my head...but I really am happy for you! I would love to hear what you pick for yourself!

I will reveal just a little about the upcoming Spotlight for this Wednesday....looks good enough to eat...some might even say eye candy. Does this have you in a little anticipation of what could be next? Make sure to visit here on this Wednesday, always something that could add a "little whimsy" to your life!

Each Spotlight is so unique! This has been such a great way to share with you all so many wonderful women and the great business they have! I hope you are enjoying seeing them each week.

Speaking of sharing...I am excited to show you all some more new decor that I bought! My friends kept telling me that when I visited Utah I had to shop at a store that opened after I moved. They said I would be in heaven with all the things to look at and want like! Here is where I did a little shopping...

So my sweet friend Lynette from Crazy about Cakes (she is amazing!) and I went to do some shopping. She herself has found many great things that needed to come home with her too. She now is banned by her husband from here. She did get lucky though, because I was in town and of course needed a tour guide through the store, or partner in spending...he was very apprehensive willing let her go have some fun with me! Fun we did have. I think we were lost in there for at least 3 hours!

This shows just a fraction of the whole store!
So much to see everywhere you looked.

I was trying to figure out where I could put this in my house and if it would fit in my van!

No room with all the kiddos...*sigh*

I felt like a kid on Halloween night, emptying all the goodies from my treat bags!

This was so cute! I have already thought of how I want to use this.I love the rustic finish, no spray painting here!

You will never believe I only paid $12.95 for this Cloche!! Some of the other one's were $25 and up, I have even seen them sell for $75!

I love this!!!

I bought two different nests. So unique and they look real. I thought the feathers, bark and greenery made this nest so beautiful!

This will be displayed under that gorgeous cloche.

Here are some very cute bottle's I bought at IKEA. I am going to display these on one of my table's. I think they will look so cute with some flowers in them.

One of the other amazing stores I went shopping at was IKEA! I have never been inside one, being that I've never lived close enough to one. I loved my IKEA experience!

Don't you just love how real this nest looks?! I only paid $4.89 for each one.

This had to be my most exciting find! I have been wanting an outdoor chandelier for my patio. This is a candle one. For $34 I could not pass it up! I will be changing the color. I love the flower buds and details on it! I also bought 4 crystals to hang on it. Each one was a little over $2.

I saw this light in the IKEA store all lit up and it was beautiful! I am putting this in my bedroom. Love the cherry blossoms etched on!

As you can see I had lot's of fun shopping too! I can't wait to show you all how all this will look in my home. I have to tell you though, I have been in limbo and trying to be patient waiting to hear more on our move to Colorado. Time is closing in on when we are supposed to be moving. I am crossing my fingers that my husband just might get orders this week! I will let you all know when I do. Some of my projects are on hold, just waiting....

Hugs to you all! Have a wonderful start to your week!


  1. Congratulations to Cara!
    You visited the best stores in Utah! I found a nest in my apricot tree and it's sitting in the garage! I should make it cute and decorate with it! See...no creativity on my part!
    Hope you hear soon about your move. It's hard to be in limbo! Good luck!

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS. SUCH wonderful finds!!!! I LOVE the nests, the cloche, the chandelier... I love it all!:) Lori

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment on my dream basket pendants! I will posting soon with the results....Had fun reading YOUR blog! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Okay little story- The asian bird cage, I had one of those spray painted it a beautiful robin's egg blue. Had it all fancied up with little faux chickadee's, doileys and even wired ti for fairy lights. Well one day when I let the four dogs out to potty, two wanted back in asap as it was hot out. The two Bull Mastiffs, trisha and diesal. Well trisha tail hit the table that the house was on and it must have been just the strangest fluke. The house came toppling over. Well diesal though that was invite to play with the house. I couldn't say anything fast enough. YEP, the house was destroyed within 2 seconds. Oy. But, it sure was pretty while it lasted. :)

    Glad you had a nice trip.

  5. Victoria, what a FUN read! I had a great time shopping with you, and look forward to when we can do it again. Your finds were amazing, your blog is amazing, and you are amazing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dang!! I missed your trip to Utah...I totally forgot you were coming.

    Love your blog, it's so fun!

  7. I have that very large birdhouse in my family room. I must ask how much was it? I purchased mine in Kansas City. I put a lamp in it with some different elevations of bird nests.
    Oh I would love to visit that store...so many neat things.

  8. victoria..thanks for stopping by :) my goodness! what fun you had....i can't wait to see that last fixture up in your bedroom....it will be beautiful. also...i am verrry interested in your slipcover project...as in HOW are you going to do it? feel like documenting/tutorial?? :) :) glad you had fun!

  9. Janet If I remember right, it was at least $100! Still loved it though! lol

  10. Sara, I am planning on using painters canvas for the slip covers in my family room and I have maltesse fabric in a cream for my living room. I think your right a tutorial is in order! lol. I have been thinking that I need to document and show step by step on the process. Hoping to start this week!! Eekkk...that's exciting!!

  11. Woohoo!! I am so excited. Thanks so much for having this awesome giveaway. I have had my eye on some of Laryssa's egg prints FOREVER! I would love a GC to Hobby Lobby.

    What cool stuff you found at Tai Pan. I've never heard of that store but I HEART IKEA. I've been ogling those bottles and that lamp and now you have them. LOL

  12. What beautiful finds!! : )
    Congrats to the giveaway winner!!!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  13. Hi Victoria,
    Isn’t it great when you can visit with family and friends? I really appreciate the time I can spend together with loved ones since I usually live far away. I have not heard to this wonderful shopping Mecca and it is probably a good thing. I am sure I would spend way too much money and time on all the lovely treasures, but wow it sure would be great fun!


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