February 15, 2010

In The Moment...

Lost in a deep thought a month ago...it came to me that I am either looking to the future of  "what's to come" or re-living the past about "what used to be", but how often do I stop and really live "in the moment"?  This became a thought that hasn't left me and I realized I want to make sure to take in the "now" and as the saying goes~"stop to smell the roses". 

I don't want life to pass me by and realize that I haven't really appreciated the simple moments of the now.  My blog is a journal of my life and what better way than to post each week... living in the moment. I want this to be something I stop and reflect on and take in...a feeling, smell, sight, sound...all of it. My kids are growing so fast, days seem to blend one into another, I am getting older...sometimes you just want life to stand still.  This series of posts will reflect just that...In The Moment.  

It might be as simple as a smile from one of my kids, dinner with the family, a toy left on the stairs or even the pile of laundry waiting for me.  This is about life and the moments we have everyday.  I want to capture the moment through a picture...with the time, date, place, thoughts and feelings.

I would like to share in this with all of you and see what your moments are as well. I will share a few posts and in a couple of weeks if you all would like to share your moments, we can do so with a linking party. Make sure to have your camera ready and start living "In The Moment"...

Fluffy Snow


Febuary 9th, Tuesday 2010
at 8:57 a.m. Colorado Springs, Co.

Waking up to a beautiful white winterland. The morning air is crisp and cold. Gleaming, sparkly big snow flakes...look's like millions of tiny diamonds. The snow is so light,airy and fluffy. Picking it up and blowing on it, it scatters out of my hand. The sun is shining on a brilliant blue day...the snow will melt fast. The need to capture this...to embed it in my mind. Feeling's of joy...wonderment of this amazing world God has given us to live in.  

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Such great thoughts. We learn from the past, look forward to the future but we forget to live in the moment. Sounds like a fun Linky Party. Great picture of your beautiful, snow-flocked tree.

  2. Lovely snow picture!!! :) Hope you are enjoying Colorado Springs. :)

  3. Beautiful.....
    love your snowy pictures!! ;)

    Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

  4. Love your beautiful pictures.I love visiting your blog.....Kathy

  5. Victoris this is a beautiful snowy photo and your words are lovely and thoughful.

    I hope all is going well with your seeet friend. ~Melissa :)

  6. I love your moment... my moment was driving in the car with my 13 year old just the 2 of us after a school function and we laughed so hard while sitting in the driveway over our conversation.... i wish i had a tape recorder.
    Happy Week my friend,

  7. Wonderful post Victoria! That snow is absolutely beautiful!!!

    I hope you are having a great week!


  8. I also forget to live in the moment. I think I live in the future more than anything. Deadlines...commitments...I need to stop and live in the moment more often.


  9. Beautiful. A wonderful reminder to focus on the blessings we have in front of us right now! :)

  10. That's a lovely moment and some really nice thoughts. Great pics, very serene!

  11. So true. I am one of those who is stressed all the time trying to get a million things done. Finally Thursday (one of my days off) I said I was not going to do ANYTHING except enjoy the momnet, play on the floor with my baby and just be. I so needed that. To live in the moment and not what happened (lost our home) or in the future.

  12. I am completely inspired. I will definitely be reflecting on "living in the moment" over the next few days. Thank you for the reminder.


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