February 23, 2010

My Favorite Things...Blog Anniversary

Amazing how fast a year can come and go.  When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I never realized how much it would change my life. 

The fall before 2009 I had decided to start designing and sewing handbags, aprons, pincushion's, and more. I wanted to do something from home that would allow me to be with my family, but also give me a little extra income for things I wanted to do in our home. I started doing some research on the computer for things I would need to do in order to start my business and came upon a site called Etsy.  

This was an amazing site to me...full of creative, talented women and their businesses...I felt an instant connection.  Women just like me that loved to sew, design, paint...women who still wanted to be home with their families, but also to fulfill their dreams of creating.  I started noticing on some of their Etsy sites a thing called...a blog.

I had heard very little about blogs and wasn't even sure how to start one. I knew it was something like a journal and had a couple of friends who had blogs about their families. I for one very rarely wanted to use the computer, in fact most of my friends and family knew I was not very good about checking  my e-mails...my thought " I just don't have time." 

Little did I know that my world was about to open. Blogging was going to add many new friends, inspiring ideas and new possibilities to my life. How grateful I have been for the happiness it has given me in being able to share my thoughts, ideas and design with all of you. Thank you!

With unexpected news of moving last year, I decided to wait on opening my Etsy until after we had moved and settled. I wanted to be able to focus and give my energy into doing what I love...creating! I am happy to say, that I am hoping to open my Etsy late Spring and have lots of  ideas I am excited to design.

I thought, what better way to celebrate my blog anniversary than to share my favorite things.  I wanted to give you a little more insight about who I am.  Here are just some of the things I love...

Pictures via~Google

A few of my favorite things... 

 1. Cellos...one of my favorite instruments. I used to play and miss it.  I want to play again.

2. Janet Hill...I love her beautiful paintings!  I have 3 of her prints I am excited to frame and display in the dining room. 

3. My favorite color...turquoise! I love splashes of it here and there in my home, just puts a smile on my face. 

4. Chandeliers, you can never have too many!

5. I love when my toes are painted red...it just makes me happy!

6. Cake design fascinates me.  I like to dabble in it, but would love to devote time to learning so much more.

7. The Beatles is my all time favorite band!  I grew up listening to all their songs on the record player and still love their music.

8.I have a love for flowers.  Peonies is just one of my favorites along with Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Gerber Daisy's!

9. I love to drink ice cold water!  I very rarely order anything else when we go out and it is what I always want at home. 

10. Tanya Whelan is an amazing fabric designer!  I have fallen in love with all her collections.  Beautiful!

11. My favorite food...this was a toss up between Chinese and New Mexican...being raised in NM, it won!

12. Blue Topaz is one of my favorite gems. It is gorgeous!

13. Carrie Raphael is my favorite Interior Designer. She is so inspiring and love her pops of color with soft pastels.

14. Cheesecake is my very favorite dessert...plain or topped with blueberry's!  Yum!

15. I have a dream of going to France.  Not necessarily to see Paris, but the countryside.  Someday... 

16. Ina Garten...great recipes!
    I hoped you enjoyed learning a little more about who I am.  I put a lot of thought in what I wanted to giveaway for my Blog Anniversary. There are many parts that make up me.  What better way than to give you all a chance to win some of my favorite things! 

     Here is how it will work.  I have 5 different pkgs. to giveaway to 5 Whimsy readers/followers.  I want you to decide which one is your favorite and that is the one you will leave a comment about to enter.  I am going to give 2 other ways to make your chance of winning even better...  

    1. If you follow my blog or are now following, leave a second comment.

    2. Post on my giveaway gives you a 3rd entry.
    It's that easy...o.k. maybe it won't be that easy trying to pick just one of the pkgs. for your favorite, but entering to win...that is!

    So here goes, more of my favorite things that you all can win...


    1. Of course one of my very favorite things is my beautiful daughter...but the giveaway is the scarf! I love scarfs...this one came from Macys.  

    2. I get told all the time that I couldn't possibly have 5 kids and that I look  like I am 25...I am turning 37 this year!  I have been using Oil of Olay since I was in High School...proof that it works. ;)  

    3. My very favorite scent...Love Spell by Victoria Secrets! I never tire of it and everywhere I go I get compliments on how "good" I smell. It is after all my secret...   

    4. Winter time is the worst on my skin.  I am constantly having to keep my feet moisturized.  This foot scrubber is the best one I have ever used to keep your feet smooth!  The foot balm is extra protection.  Keep all your cuticles soft with almond oil...it is the best!  It also helps your polish dry faster and smells good too!

    5. For beauty and health tips, Allure is a great magazine! 

    6. Mentha Organics from Bath and Body. The greatest lip gloss e.v.e.r!  A friend gave me some as a gift years ago and I have never gone to anything else. Keeps my lips soft and kissable...a nice peppermint taste! 


    1. Every creative person needs a glue gun...enough said!

    Somerset Life...this is not only a beautiful book, it has so many great ideas to create!

    I use my craft knife for all kinds of projects!

    I always keep a little notebook in my purse...you never know when you will be inspired!

    I treasure my fine tipped pens...Great for scrapbooking, photos to adding a fine detail in a drawing.

    Love, love, love...did I say love?  These are the best scissors for fabric! They are spring loaded so your hand won't get tired from cutting. 


    1. I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea every now and then. One of my favorites...True Blueberry!  It has a great blueberry taste...so good!

    You can never have enough great kitchen tools.  The ones I go to all the time... my Kitchen Aid kitchen scissors and fruit/vegetable peeler. 

    3.  This Sea Salt has a great taste and comes from France.  A tiny bit goes a long way!

    4. I love a good chocolate!  For me the darker the better!  A little taste of Heaven with each bite of Godiva truffles.

    5.  These are so cute and whimsical.  Recipes that read a smidgen, pinch or dash...you now have a measurement for!

    6.  Taste of Home always has great recipes that my family loves!  This magazine has recipe cards ready to be cut and put in your recipe box.


    1. A cute cottage jar.  Love the tiny beading and simplicity!

    2. I could look at this magazine over and over!  So many beautiful and inspiring rooms!

    3. As I have posted before...the smell of your home is just as important as the feel.  I love Vanilla Buttercream tealights from Pier One...so good!

    4.  A sweet birds nest and some pretty robin egg soaps are so cute together.  

    5. Scalloped eyelet trim, embelish these cream 300 count pillowcases...add sophistication to your bedroom.

    6. 20 Porcelain number orbs big and small will give your home some Whimsy!  Would be so cute in an apothecary jar.


    1. Always great to have a level handy!  No more tilted pictures and with a magnetic torpedo level you can check just about any angle.

    2. I use my needle nose pliers all the time. They are great for cutting wire too!

    3. With all the spray painting I do, I love this nozzle holder...makes it so much easier!

    4. Purdy has some of the best paint brushes I have ever used!  I love this angle brush.

    5. This DIY book from the Handyman has so many great ideas and instructions on storage and projects.

    6. I never leave home without a trusty tape measure in my purse...you never know when you might find that just right piece!

    There are so many more favorite things.  I hope you have found your favorite and are ready to enter!  Don't forget:

    Comment on the 1 that is your favorite by putting either Beauty, Creative, Foodie, Home or DIY...and you can enter your chance of winning it 2 more times by being a follower and posting about it!

    I thank you all for reading my blog, leaving such great comments and staying with me through this move/remodel.  I look forward to another great and exciting year ahead with lots more to come!

    Have a wonderful week and good luck!  This giveaway ends February, 26th 2010 Friday 12 am pacific standard time.  Make sure I have your e-mail or a way to contact you if you win!

    Hugs everyone,


      1. Oh my word, Victoria! How am I supposed to be able to choose from all of that fabulousness? ;)

        I think I'd choose Home or Create. You have wonderful taste. :)

      2. YAY!! Congratulations on your first year!! I love looking at you pictures, I so wish I had your eye for design!!

        I love the beauty package!! Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

      3. Girl, you have been very busy getting all of this together! I love having met you here in blogland. My personal fave of your lovely gift packages is the HOME set. I love them all, but I have my eyes on those black and white orbs! Hope I am a lucky winner!


      4. Hapy Anninversary!!!
        Love hiw blogland as opened things up for you. They have me too in the last year. Is so fun.
        Love your blog and images you captures are great.
        Sm doing Monday fratures if you would like to be put om a list please let me know.

      5. HOME!!!! I want it all, but if I have to choose, I choose home. Great giveaway.

      6. Victoria!!! Congratulations on your blogiversary, Sweets! This is like Christmas! I would love to win any of your lovely packages- what a treat! I think I will choose "Beauty", though. I want to look as good as you!;) Lori

      7. I am a follower, too! Yes, indeed! Lori

        Isn't Ina Garten the BEST??!!!

      8. Congrats on your anniversary - I've really enjoyed following your blog through your creative journies! I have a hard time picking between the Beauty and the Home choices...have to think on it!


      9. And I just figured out how to be a follower too!

      10. That is such a hard decision!! You have a wonderful blog and even more fabulous taste...I think I'll go with the Home...as soon as I post this I know I'll change my mind but I'm going with it! :D

      11. Congrats on your blog friend! Way to go! What an accomplishment. I totally knew you had it in you!
        I love home, DIY, create, foodie! Love you!

      12. Happy Blog Anniversary!

        I would love the Home Package.

      13. Well I love the home package. You're blog is great, congratulations on one year!

      14. I just became an official follower. Not sure if that counts, but I thought I'd try just in case. I like the DIY package. You have me inspired to try some small projects here at home.

      15. Blogged about the giveaway.


      16. What a fun giveaway Victoria!!!! I love them all! But I think I would choose DIY or Create. You are so clever!!!

        I follow you and I'm putting you on my sidebar right now. Thanks cute friend!


      17. They are all such great packages. I guess I will go with foodie.

        Happy blog anniversary!

      18. Victoria,
        Blogging is so much fun with you in it! Congrats on your 1st Blogiversary. What neat prizes I'm definately a HOME kind of gal. I have also followed you since the beginning. Thrilled to have you back, since the big move.

      19. Wow. Wow. wow. It was a hard choice...so many favorite things! I think I would have to choose the HOME...the little bird egg soaps sealed the deal. Such a nice hint of spring would really cheer up my guest bathroom.

        Thank you!

      20. Foodie! You had me at chocolate...thank you for the great giveaway and congratulations on the anniversary!


      21. I am a follower! Looking forward to reading more...congratulations on the anniversary.

      22. I am definitely a foodie, so loved that package the best. Congratulations and thank you!

        lynne at fairpoint dot net

      23. I would definitely take the beauty package because I'm a big fan of Victoria's Secret scents.

      24. I believe I would pick the Home! So great Victoria! Thanks for sharing your fun and creative ideas!!

      25. Ooh, I love the DIY set! These are all such useful things- I can't believe I am just now learning of the spray gun. I could have used that so many times! Great choices!

      26. What a crazy AWESOME different GIVEAWAYS! love it! I am digging the HOME stuff! ENTER ME please!

      27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      28. Victoria, Happy Anniversary! I feel like I'm on Let's Make a Deal where I have to choose between the curtain or door number 1 or 2 but the difference here is behind each one is something fantastic! I'm hoping to win the DIY. Thanks for the chance.

        I also follow and I have a link from my side bar to your blog.

      29. Happy Anniversary! I love either the beauty or home gift packages.


      30. Congratulations on your first year. Can't wait until your Etsy account is open.

      31. It's to hard to choose...I love it all!!

        I would choose, since I have to, Home or Create. Can I pick two?

        Happy Bloggy Anniversary!!

      32. I'm pretty sure I'm already a follower. I just tried becoming a follower and it won't let me. Hmmm, here's hoping. :)

      33. Home!

        Love your blog. Today was the first day I stumbled upon it.


      35. Girl you are so sweet! I love them all! I gotta go with the Home stuff. :) Oh, I'm a OofO girl too -- since high school! Congrats!!

      36. i love your list of favorite things.
        congrats on your blogiversary~

      37. This is such a fun giveaway. I'm going to pick the beauty package.

      38. I enjoyed reading your fave things article :)

        I think i'm picking beauty :)

        katch05 at gmail dot com

      39. Hi Victoria! congratulations on your first blog birthday! I would have sworn you had been blogging longer! And yes, I always thought you looked way too young to have 5 kids - not that you can't be young to have them, but you look so FRESH rather than tired like I would imagine 5 kids might make you be!!
        I love Home, it's totally adorable, as is every package. thanks for the wonderful giveaways and chances to win!! xo

      40. congrats to you...how exciting on your anniversary and what a big step to start your shop...my fav probably is the home

      41. Happy Happy Blogoversary my sweet friend!!! I am so happy I found your blog all those months ago! You are beautiful and inpsiring!!! xo

        I think I would choose HOME, but really they are all fabulous packages!!!

      42. I would choose the Home Package!

        onlyjustine at yahoo dot com

      43. Wow!! What a give-away! Go big or stay home, huh?!
        Congrats on your anniversary! Your blog is beautiful and never fails to inspire. Thanks for being such a great blogging friend and I would lvoe a chance to win the creative prize!

        Cheers to many more years!

      44. Happy, happy, happy blogiversary, my friend! What a milestone. And what a fabulous giveaway...so much great stuff. I absolutely love the home and beauty packages!


      45. I'm a followere too! I just love your beautiful blog and all of your inspired ideas. So glad you're back!


      46. Food or beauty for me. I'll take anything though, thanks for making it hard to choose !

      47. Oh my goodnesss......yes, the goodness!! Wow, girl! I guess I would choose HOME......such pretties!


      48. Wow!What an awesome giveaway! I would of course choose the Create one!:)

      49. Just added your giveaway to my blog post today here:

      50. Victoria, my favorite ones are the Beauty and Home. The Beauty one reminds me to always take time for yourself because you are worth it! The Home one reminds me of my Grandma who loved birds and used to make her own pillowcases.

        I too am a follower of you. You are a wonderful and talented woman!

        Glad we met and I look forward to another great year.
        Lots of hugs...

      52. Great giveaways but, I wouldn't expect anything less from you! I'd choose the Home package - I can already visualize where each item will go in my home :)
        Congrats and Happy "blog" Anniversary!

      53. I have really enjoyed following your blog - I don't post nearly as much as I should - you always inspire me to get to work on the unfinished projects that are sitting in the garage. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us!

      54. thank you so much for visiting! we do have lots in common! i laughed when i saw the chandelier, the peonies and ina garten, i love her! i'll be visiting often too! have a beautiful night! happy blog anniversary! susan

      55. i forgot to pick one! tough choice but i think i'd pick home :)

        i'm a follower too!

      56. Hey Victoria! Love your post! What fun things...I have to say that many of them are mine too...probably why we get along so well. Totally miss being able to see you. We will have to have to come up to the springs this summer to see you!

        My favorites are Beauty and Home! I like the DIY too, I'm just challenged in that area!

      57. I love the HOME giveaway (of course!). This is so generous of you!!

        I used to play the cello too (though don't ask me now, I wouldn't remember a note!)& loved to learn more about you! Happy Blogiversary, it's been so much fun! Here's to more bloggy goodness!


      58. It was hard, but I would love to win the Home giveaway!

      59. Love the blog! Congrats to you.

        This was a touch decision but I guess I would choose foodie!

        Come see me.

      60. I'm a new follower and I love, love, love your blog! Home or Create would be my choices, although they are all spectacular!

        Have a wonderful day.

      61. How difficult to choose! I was struggling between the Beauty one and the Home one....but I guess if I won, I would probably pick the HOME one! What a fantastic giveaway!!! :)

        thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

      62. I am a blog follower on Google! :)

        thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

      63. I love them all but would have to go with Foodie most.

      64. How shall we choose?
        I think I would love the foodie but the creative one is also wonderful!!
        Congrats on your anniversary!!

      65. Oh, I would ♥♥♥ that Home set!! Love it all!

        Congrats on 1 year!

      66. I posted about it on FB

        Here's a link:


      67. Victoria, this is one of the best ideas I've ever seen in a blog giveaway. It's incredibly generous of you--so many prizes! But what a great collection of things, and how cool that they're all some of your favorite things.

        Blogging really is wonderful, isn't it? I'm surprised at how much it's changed my life, too, and my blog is pretty small. But it's been a big blessing in my life.

        If I were going to pick one of these packages, I'd probably have to go for Home. But they're all good, and you're going to have some very happy winners here.

        Happy Anniversary!

      68. DIY - is the one for me. Thank you for the give away and CONGRATS on your anniversary!
        I am now a follower and can't wait to see some of your finished projects.

      69. Love it all! I would chose the Foodie or DIY! Thanks for the chance!

        Love your favorites!

      70. FOODIE, Baby! I was a fan of the home package too, but the Foodie package is great. Baking makes me eternally happy, so how could I not pick something that inspires me toward the kitchen more! :)

      71. I'm following this sweet cute blog now too!! Goodie Foodie for me!

      72. Girl! You know how to throw a giveaway! I love the packages. I was going to say the HOME package, but then I saw the spray nozzle and the Purdy in the DIY package, so I have to go with DIY!!

      73. What a great giveaway! I'll have to say Beauty...I'd LOVE a pick me up:). Have a great night Victoria!

      74. Happy Anniversary! :)
        So hard to choose...but I think I'll go with creative.

      75. The "foodie" or "create" are right up my alley!

        It was a hard choice though :)

      76. I love them all, but I gotta say "Home"! Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway, Victoria!

      77. wow- all wonderful gifts! it's a close tie between 'home' & "DIY" for me- this is a great idea for a giveaway!
        have a great weekend- happy blog anniversary!

      78. Congrats on making it to a year. I sure doesn't seem like it's been that long! I would have to say the DIY set is my favorite. I have just put my toe into painting and want to do so much more. Good luck in the year to come!!

      79. Well how perfectly wonderful that you are celebrating your one year anniversary by sharing all of your favorite things!
        Oh...and I love Somewhere Over the Rainbow too! ;o)
        If I had to choose...and this is so much fun getting to choose....
        I would have to say that I just adore the BEAUTY goodies!
        I adore scarves...
        Always needing to be moisturized and oh how the toesies need pampering!
        Thank you for including me in your lovely giveaway sweet Victoia!
        Happy Anniversary!

      80. Oh!
        And I am proud to say...
        I am a follower...and I am adding your lovely button to my sidebar!

      81. What a great blog you keep! I love it! And what gets me even more excited is when I "stumble" across a new blog and find out that they too ae LDS! Looking forward to reading more...my choice is HOME!! Aloha -Kristen

      82. Forgot to mention that I'm a faithful follower now too!

      83. Congratulations on your blogoversary...I really need to do something, but I have really fallen off the rails with mine so I need to get back on track with it. And what lovely favorite things....beauty package or home...and oh, the bathroom pics that you posted today...lovely!

      84. Thank you to all who entered! This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced on Monday.

        Good luck to you all!



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