February 21, 2010


Looking on Craigslist the other day I found a beautiful antique mirror. I have been in search of a mirror for the powder room we remodeled and have had no luck finding "just the right one". 

This mirror that was before me was the right shape, style, color but...wrong size.  I decided this was too beautiful of a mirror to pass up and the price was just right at only $20. This would be the right one for the living room... facing the opposite wall in front of the big picture window.  It will reflect all the beautiful sunlight, trees in the backyard and open the room.

  Beautiful oval shape, gold underneath a white 
milky paint and delicate appliqued resin leaves.
Quite large at 40x27 and surprisingly heavy!

Never did I think that finding this beautiful mirror would lead me to several other wonderful treasures!  Funny how things can happen like that. 

I called on the mirror and told the owner I would like to buy it. We exchanged information and I went to pick up the mirror.  Once there I was welcomed buy a very nice woman named Deb and her husband Greg.  I went inside to see the mirror and we started to talk.  They too had been in middle of a remodel just like me.  Deb's style over the years had changed and she was going through her storage unit selling all the stuff that she didn't want anymore. It was my lucky day!

Deb,Greg and I decided to go over to their storage unit just up the road from their home to see what else she was going to sell.  I of course was giddy and excited to see what treasures I might find.  There were quite a few things that I fell in love with.  Some of the pieces she was keeping, being that they were family heirlooms. All the while we were going through their storage we talked and realized we had much in common. I left feeling quite happy for the treasures I did buy, but not only that...I have found 2 new friends as well.

Here are some of my treasures...  

*Click to enlarge
The small wooden turquoise spools I bought at an Antique shop.  I am thinking the tall wooden spools would be great with twine wrapped around them. Will be painting the 2 tables white. Love the wooden box.  Not sure if it was for tools or gardening.  I was given the white 3 tiered parlor table back in NM.  My new beautiful mirror *sigh*.  I think all these things will look great in the Whimsy French Cottage.

I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful! I will be posting my Blog Anniversary on Tuesday February 23rd...mark your calenders!  I have a great giveaway for my readers and followers...don't want you to miss it!! 

I am linking this post with little red and her Mosaic Mondays.  Make sure to stop by and see so many other great mosaics.  I love the one she has up today!

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  1. Love the mirror. I really like how it is framed and with such a wonderful look!!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Great find! I adore the DI, thrift stores, antique stores... all great!

  3. Such neat treasures! I really love the mirror; that was a great price on it.


  4. Love- Love all the treasures you found-- your so good at decorating and making things look so pretty.

  5. Great treausres! I can't wait to see where they all end up.

  6. Love the spools! You found some wonderful things, Victoria. I've tried to browse Craigs List for my area before, and I don't ever come up with much. :s I guess I'll have to stick to Salvation Army.... :)

  7. Oooo la la!! These finds are all so lovely~!! And I think you really scored with that mirror. It's super nice. =-D

  8. Awesome find on the mirror!!~ And all the other goodies are great too!!~ I love those kind of days when you just hit it right!

  9. Love your new mirror, and the tiered piecrust table too!

  10. Gorgeous stuff!! LOVE the mirror! Can't wait to see it all in place!

    Things are coming together!

    Lou Cinda :)

  11. What great, fun finds! That had to make your day! :)

  12. How lucky you were to find treasures and new friends at the same time.

  13. What treasures you have found! Making new friends tops them all! Can't wait to see all that you're going to do with your house and your beautiful finds!
    I'll be looking forward to celebrating your blog birthday with your!

  14. The mirror was too good to pass up. You really have some treasures. The thrill of the hunt is such fun.

  15. That mirror is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I really don't take advantage of Craigs List like I should. I must make it a habit of checking it more often! Actually, all of your treasures are great, and what better treasure than two new friends!!!

    Soooo happy to see you blogging again sweet friend!!! xoxo

  16. Jealous here! What great finds...I look forward to seeing where then end up.


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