March 5, 2010

Follow The Journey...

So...the question was asked on my post Sheer Bliss, "What do you enjoy or want to see more of" here on my little blog.

I for awhile have been keeping a list and any creative thought that comes to me, writing it down. It is important to me that anyone who visits here, feels:

  • Welcomed
  • Inspired
  • Empowered 
  • Happy
  • My sincerity

    Picture via~Google

    I love to share my thoughts, projects, family and my creativity with my readers. That gives me so much joy.

    My latest blue dessert dishes. 
    Not sure when they were made or where they are from...just loved them!

    Thank you for your answer to my question and giving me some insight.  I know you all enjoy and want to see more; Before and Afters, DIY projects, sewing, upholstery, great finds, my boutique and more pictures of my home. 

     Well...I would say you are in the right place!  I have all of that and more in store for you. I am excited to share what's ahead on this journey...but before I do, I need to announce the winner of the Flea Market Style magazine!

    Amber @{aefilkins} you were #32!! 

     I hope Amber will find Sheer Bliss as well and I just know you are going to love it!  As always...wish I had more of them to give. 

     The good news is I have heard of them filtering into stores everywhere.  If you are not a follower of Flea Market Style don't want to miss out!  I know there is a number of other blogs giving away this wonderful magazine as well, such as... Kate@Centsational her!  There is also a post here on Flea Market Style's blog about many other blog giveaway's and where you can find their magazine.  

    I love everything about this magazine and am so happy it is finally here!   Mathew Mead Ki Nassuer, Linda MacDonald and many other talented people did such a wonderful job in putting this together!! 

    As you follow the journey here, this is what I have in store for all of you:

    A sneak peek of the fabric I used for my kitchen window...

    • Tutorials~vlogging ones and much detail as I can give.
    • You Can Sew!~Everything from the basics to cording, and harder things like smocking.
    • Upholstery 101~This is for the series I started before I moved and will be continuing
    • Projects~Crafts, painting and all kinds of DIY
    • In The Workshop~I will be showing tutorials on furniture pieces I will be designing and building and sharing some of Mr. Wonderful's too,
    Another great find off of Craigslist! 

    Series and linking parties~
    • Along with You Can Sew! I will be showing the tutorial and then do a linky party the following week to see what you made with your new skill.
    • Nip&Tuck Fabric Party~I want to see what skills you learned from Upholstery 101 and You Can Sew! or projects you have done ex. slipcovers, re-doing the fabric on a seat cushion or bench, actual upholstery, pillows, blankets, anything to do with fabric!
    • Favorite Whimsy Finds~Each week showcasing favorite shopping finds...Etsy, websites and store's. 
    • In The Moment...~Series of enjoying the moments we want to remember.  Will eventually do a linking party.
    • Victoria's Tool Time~A tool of the week will be showcased and why I love it and how to use it...even the power tools! 
    • Whimsy Spotlights~Spotlighting  women artist's, designers and business owners and their lives.
    • Remodeling on the Whimsy French Cottage~Room by room transformations
    Of course I will still have posts on my family and fun, creative giveaways! Down the road...virtual design consultations.

    Working on designs and items to be ready for the opening of my Etsy Boutique by late spring.  There will be aprons, pillows , handbags, cupcake pincushions and many other whimsy things.

    My cupcake pincushions~

    Along with all of this...I am excited to tell you, I am creating another blog...all about cooking! It will be called...Victoria's Secret much as I have a passion for design, I love to be in the kitchen cooking something yummy for my family, friends and dinner parties.  I will be sharing a collection of my favorite recipes along with many other great ideas I have.  I can't wait to show you all what I have in's a secret. ;)

    My Open Shelving in my kitchen...still lot's more to come!

     I am also very excited to be getting a special package in the mail in the next couple of new Canon Rebel T1i DSLR camera!!! I am giddy and can't wait to start taking pictures. I think you will be able to tell the difference when I start posting them.  Thank you to everyone who helped in answering my question so I could make a decision.  I actually went with a step up than the one I posted will be worth it!

    Finally...I soon will have a new look here.  In the works, I will let you know the closer I get to having it ready.

    A group of deer eating at a park up by 
    the mountains in Colorado Springs.

    It makes me happy to share all my ideas and hopefully inspire each and every one of my Whimsy readers to try something new. Creativity lies within all of us...we just have to reach for it. I love my readers, followers, making new friends and getting to know each of you. All of these things will soon come to be over the next several join me and Follow the Journey!!

    Have a great weekend! Oh...don't forget to enter Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns giveaway!! Ends Sunday!



    1. Victoria, you are doing *such* a wonderful job with your blog {and home!} and have thought things out to the detail! I'm so excited about what's to come! Thank you for all of your inspiration and sharing your creativity with us!

      {Love your sneak peak of the kitchen KNOW I love red!}

    2. I won!? That is SUPER fantastic!!! I am so excited. And yes, it will be sheer bliss!!

      I am so excited for all of your upcoming things! See, you ARE going to teach me to sew! :)

      You are doing a super fabulous job.

      Love that fabric.
      Love that Craigslist find.
      LOVE that cupcake pin cushion!

      Looking forward to wonderful things from you girl! So glad we're friends. :)

    3. You really ARE back! Can't wait to see all you have to show us and will be excited to visit your cooking blog.

    4. Im excited! I think your blog is an answer to prayer!

    5. Bonjour Victoria,
      WOw, you have such fabulous things in store for us, looking forward to your sewing tutorials and your new cooking blog - great name by the way.
      I really like the way you talk about house and home - family - you definitely have your priorities straight.
      Bon weekend!

    6. Yay! I love it all! Can't wait for all the exciting new things you have coming up. Hooray!

    7. YAY FOR AMBER! I can't wait to see more of your sewing projects. I have taught myself to sew a few things here and there, but I can't wait for a few lessons from the master!


    8. Hi Victoria, it's been awhile since I've been to visit with you, please forgive my slackness. Victoria, you're a sweetheart, how wonderful are you that you go to so much trouble in order to encourage and inspire all that come here and can I just say that you have always made me feel welcomed :) I'd love to be apart of your new journey and I hope in some small way that I can encourage you in the journey.
      Take care and have a beautifully blessed weekend :)

    9. sounds like a wonderful plan! all things i love, so i'm really looking forward to being a regular here! have a beautiful day :) susan

    10. You have a lovely blog and I can't wait to see what you post! That is an awesome craigslist find!

    11. Love the kitchen window fabric, it's SO pretty! Can't wait to see more of what you're doing in there, I'm sure if everything looks as lovely as that fabric and your open shelves, you're gonna have one gorgeous space for your family! :) You have such a lovely blog & I'm sure all of your upcoming blog changes will be wonderful!
      Have a blessed weekend!!

    12. Sweet Victoria, I love love loooove this post. So full of happiness, sweetness, brightness, cheerfulness, inspiration. Your cupcake pin cushion is ADORABLE! The sneak peak made me so so curious.... Looking forward to your next post and the next and the next and the ....
      Have a marvelous week!


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