March 17, 2010

Kitchen Window Meets Character...

I have been playing with my new baby Izzy and having some fun.  I now realize...there is so much for me to learn and understand about photography! This is going to take lot's of practice and patience's.  I feel like I am learning a new language...trying to get familiar with words like, aperture value, polarising filter, ISO values, and white balance. I know eventually I will get it all down. 

I have been busy working in the kitchen.  One of the projects that I am the happiest with so our kitchen window! 
Windows let the light in or a give a view outside...they are the eyes of a house.  In our home all of the windows are very plain. No framing around them or ledges to give them detail.  I decided that before we could do any of the window treatments all of the windows needed to be framed.  Adding this will give the eyes of our home some of the character and charm it is missing.

The kitchen window above the sink was the first one to meet...character.  I had Mr. Wonderful cut the window ledge before he left on his TDY in January.  He in fact wanted me to wait until he came back to do any of the work on the window. I of course being the stubborn woman I am, said..."I can do this and it will be done by the time you come back." I did not was done!

I had found some old shutters at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) only $10 for the set. I knew little shutters in the kitchen would be exactly what that window needed to give it some of that charm and  character.  The only problem...they weren't the right height or width.  I decided that with a little creative problem solving I would make these work!  

I have a whole other post I will be showing on the solution I did for these little shutters...I am calling them my Labor of Love!  For now, I want to show you the work I did on my kitchen window...and yes, all by myself.

Before the window could be completed the beadboard backsplash had to go up...proud to say, I did it with out the husband.  All the intricate cuts for the light sockets and plug ins were done with a jigsaw. Once done I nailed it on. I then had to add trim to the top and bottom of the beadboard.  I learned how to cope...I did this on a mitered edge of the molding...that is. After all this was done...I   then moved on to the window!

The ledge for the window had to be sanded, leveled, caulked and nailed down.Using my favorite nail gun...yes, Mr. Wonderful knows he really bought it for me...I love it! Next I added thin wood planks that would be the reveal on the inside of the window. I then mitered the molding on my next favorite tool...the power miter saw, nailed and caulked the molding around the window.  Finally...I painted, painted and painted!  I am so happy with how all of it turned out and I also learned a lot of new skills I didn't know before.

  Here is my new baby Izzy and I showing you how a Kitchen Window Meets Character... 

A window with a view...

Distressed wooden shutters with 
vintage pink glass knobs...

One of my favorite fabrics 
 by Tanya Whelan...

My pretty chandelier that makes me smile...

Soft pink hydrangeas in 
blue turquoise glass jars...

Falling in love with my kitchen so far...

Letting the light shine in...

More of my open shelving...

Izzy's photos of my glass cherries...

I love standing here at my sink looking out...

Beautiful blue gray paint
 behind white dishes...

Antique crystal Salt and Pepper shakers...

A little sugar bowl...

My window has now met character...  

All in the details...

I hope you all loved seeing the changes going on in my kitchen.  It is turning out even better than I had envisioned.  Still have lots of work that has to be done...will show snippets here and there until it is finished.  

An update to share on the farmtable island...the frame is together and Mr. Wonderful is working on the bottom support and then the top.  A little closer to being able to stain and paint it! Yay!! :)  

I am linking this up with Kimba@Soft Place to Land and her DIY Day! She has a great giveaway going on and so many amazing projects linked up to see!

Hugs to you all,


  1. Victoria,
    I love the charm and character you added to your kitchen! You are my kind of DIY gal. That soft shade of blue is so pretty and the glass knobs are perfect. This has come together beautifully.
    I covet a new camera also, but my little point and shoot is a familiar friend. I memorized the instruction book inside out and upside down to get the best photos it can give. If I upgrade it will be like having to learn to walk again, but what a fun adventure that would be.

  2. It is beautiful!!! I love what you have done and Izzy and you do a great job of showing it it!

  3. It looks beautiful! I love the shutters, and although I'm not really a "blue" person, I LOVE the paint color! Great job on everything.

  4. Your kitchen is looking beautiful! :) And look at you, all wielding the power tools & gettin' stuff done yourself! Awesome!! I really love the shutters, it adds so much!

  5. It looks beautiful-- I love your glass cherries and where did you get your chandelier it's gorgeous! Also kinda funny but I bought those exact knobs yesterday- I love them :)

  6. So light and airy!! :) I love the shutters with those gorgeous knobs. I don't think I'd mind washing dishes there. ;)

  7. Oh Victoria!
    Love it love it!
    I couldn't get down to the lovely pictures fast enough after reading the word SHUTTERS!!!!
    I love me some SHUTTERS!
    I adore the look you created in that kitchen window! Perfection!
    Almost as much as I LOVE the Favorite Things package that I received! Oh what lovelies!
    If you could see my NORTHWEST....been clumping aroudn in hiking would know why I was LOVING this sweet gift!
    Of course I had to take shots of all of the lovelies "tied up with strings" and then I spread it all out on my table to oooooh and aaaaw over!
    Oh...and the scarf....oh how I am putting that with my favorite old denim jacket this SPRING!
    ANd it smelled heavenly!
    You made my week Sweetpea!
    And knowing that it was all of YOUR favorite sweet things made it even more lovely!
    I'm so delighted we found each other! Thank you thank you!
    Give my LOVE to IZZY!
    And when you figure out all of those scary camera a tutorial please!!!! ;o)

  8. Love, love, LOVE it all! From the gorgeous blue paint to the pink glass knobs! Can't wait to see more!

  9. Your photos are beautiful as is your blog...

    i'm glad to have clicked on your photo....looking for your follow button now...

    come by for a visit sometime!
    ciao bella

  10. It's beautiful - the glass knobs are so pretty and sparkly. I really like the way shutters filter the light.

    Your kitchen is fabulous!

  11. so pretty, and soft, and delicate! I just love it. Its looks so clean and fresh too. Those cherries are just so SWEET! no pun!!! ha! HAVE A GOOD ONE, JGG

  12. i love it all! the shutter and the jars your chandelier is gorgeous! great job, glad you are having fun with your new camera :) susan

  13. Victoria, you kitchen is so lovely! I love it all: the curtains, the decor, the open shelving...we really share a love of pretty, don't we?

    kudos (and hugs) to you!

  14. Vitoria~
    You are so very talented and I feel very blessed to know you! I know I have said this several times today but you are so creative!!! I love it all! All the way down to the buttons and pink knobs!!! I can not wait to see the pics that you and Izzy take of the rest of the house ;).

  15. Izzy takes some gorgeous pictures!
    You are amazing...the window and shutters and hydrangeas all look fabulous!

  16. Love, love, love! It's all fabulous, Victoria! Can't wait to see that island!! :)

  17. Such wonderful pictures and the colors are so wonderful together! Everything is so subtle and just elegant! I love it!

  18. SO beautiful, Victoria! I'm just thoroughly impressed with all that you did without your hubby's help...I still haven't gained courage to use the nail gun by myself yet, hehe! Everything looks wonderful and I LOVE the shutters and pretty blue jar and florals sitting in the sill. You have a knack for details! Very nicely done...Oh, and your photos are fabulous! Great job, Victoria and Izzy!

  19. Oh, I LOVE this... love it!
    we have a friday fun finds party... if you're interested, we'd love it if you'd link up this week!

  20. Victoria, your kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous. i love it. that window above the sink. perfect. i don't have a window above my sink. so jealous right now. thanks for sharing all the beauty. thank izzy too.

  21. I hear you Victoria! I also received a new Canon G11 camera for Christmas and have no idea what I'm doing with it yet. Yikes! I promised myself I was going to learn too. Sigh...:) Your photos and bathroom are stunning!

    I'm so happy you liked mine too! Thank you! You are so kind. We are really enjoying the new cabinet. My hubby even liked it which is surprising he even noticed it. *Smiles* You know men and decorating. I think I could re-paint our entire home black and he would not even notice it. HeHe!

    Have a wonderful day! ~Melissa :)

  22. Oh my! Each picture is better than the next. You really have some beautiful things! Spring is showing herself in your kitchen. Especially the pink flowers in the blue jars. I'm loving that! I need to put somehting pretty in my kitchen window. I never think of that.

  23. Ohhhh I'm falling in love with your kitchen that sunlight just pouring in and those jars....oh my!

  24. Love this kitchen redo!!
    I received the most fun package in the mail!!
    Thank you so much!! Loved how you packaged everything up very creative!! I always say it's all about the presentation and you have done a splendid job!!
    Thank you again you made my day!!

  25. Victoria, I saw this post the other day and just gasped at some of the photos. I think that pink hydrangea picture may be my favorite! Absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you're having fun with Izzy! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.

  26. Victoria, that is beautiful!! I LOVE the pink knob, squeal!! It is just the icing on the cake.

  27. What beautiful pictures -- especially love the hydrangeous.

    They remind me of this picture -

    Your kitchen looks fabulous - all soft shades with light and warmth -- good job!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Whoa, Way awesome. So lovely. I cant believe it is the same kitchen from the before picture. You are very talented and I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Nice blog. Ill have to visit again :)

  30. Very nice! You've done an amazing job! I've been looking for shutters to put in my kitchen looking forward to seeing your 'labor of love' post. :)


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