March 23, 2011

The Inspired Room...

I love a little whimsy in my decor! Decorating with whimsy can mean something different to everyone, depending on what YOU like and what makes YOU SMILE! A home wouldn't feel like a home to me if it didn't make us happy or show off our personality! Whimsy is what makes a home fun, unique and interesting, don't you think?

In our family room, we framed whimsical maps and art to remind us of places we've traveled! We don't get to travel as much these days as we'd like but just seeing our art gives us a little mini vacation full of memories!

We have had this blue table for years and on a whim, we painted it a fun shade of "boat blue" last summer. How can you not smile at the thought of a blue coffee table? It is unexpected to see a blue antique, but it definitely makes this room more fun!

I couldn't resist bringing home this little lantern last year, it is a great whimsical shape and it is YELLOW!! It is like sunshine on a cloudy day.

If you can't hang a ladder on a wall and use it as a shelf in your own home, well, you should just loosen up! It is fun to do something unique that makes you smile and keeps life from feeling too serious.

Fun, unique and whimsical ideas are what give our homes LIFE and PERSONALITY!

Thanks for inviting me to share the whimsy in my home today, Victoria!!

"Thank you Melissa! I always love your creative and whimsy ideas!"

 You can see so much more of Melissa's beautiful home at The Inspired Room.  I am loving having all these wonderful and talented friends sharing their beautiful, whimsy homes with all of you!

If you missed out on my guest post yesterday by Amy@WhisperWood Cottage, you can see it here.  

Don't forget about my fun giveaway! I am picking up goodies all along my road trip.  Unique one of a kind and of course whimsy finds! All packaged up for 1 lucky reader! :)  All you have to do to win...leave a sweet comment for our guests. You can get up to 4 entries for leaving some love on each post! Easy, peasy!! 

I leave you with a little peek of 1 of the whimsy finds in my giveaway package...

You will get to choose 1 of these beautiful hand painted eggs!  The winner will be revealed on Monday, March 28th when I get back from vacation.  Make sure to enter... 

Heading out on the open road again, destination....Las Vegas!


  1. everything looks so nice here! love your style! warm wishes! di

  2. The step ladder on the wall is awesome! What great ideas!

  3. It is so fun to have a little whimsy in a room. It is like having a secret that comes to you when you see an special item. love the style

  4. I love your boat blue coffee table. That is one of my favorite colors.

  5. I love your blue coffee table! Now, that is a fun table! The yellow lamp is cheery, too. What a great idea to hang the step ladder on the wall. I never would have thought of that. I agree that every home needs a touch of whimsy.


  7. Thanks everyone!! It was so fun to be able to guest post for Victoria, I love her blog and style!!

  8. What a sweet blog you have created Victoria!! Melissa is very inspiring....and you are too!!! I'll be enjoying a little time with you today.

    Happy Travels!!

  9. Just love getting ideas from you Melissa.

    sjmagee1 at

  10. I must be living under a rock. I had not heard of the Inspired Room until today. I love it. So many lovelies.


  11. Fun guest posts. I love the Inspired Room!


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