March 25, 2011

Jennifer Rizzo...

I've always been an artist but never knew it.

Even when I was little I would paint and draw on everything, but as I grew,
 I pushed it down, feeling like a starving artist wasn't really an acceptable job.

Now that I am in my... ahem... late 30's; I've finally gotten to the point
 where it's almost a "need" for me to let that inner artist come out.

 My home is certainly one of the places I like to let it shine.
 A bit of whimsy can make the entire space.

I've always loved color and texture and now that I finally feel like
 I can express  myself, I am trying to become more fearless in using it.

 On a whim, I'l stitch up  a pillow or cover a lampshade with a fabric I like.


 I have no problem putting fun things in my home
 or covering my girls room in paper butterflies. 

It's only decorating, not life or death. 

Decorating should be a fun, organic process. Be creative, take risks.
 If you hate it, just change it. It will make you love your home so much more.

Jennifer D. Rizzo
Artist/ Freelance writer

"Jen, your artistic expression always inspires me!! Thank you so much for sharing!"

Well, I have to say I am sad to see my company go. :(  The good can visit them anytime at their blogs!  I just want to say "Thank You" again to all of my guests and for taking the time to share here! I loved seeing so many different ways others interpret whimsy in designing their homes.  

I will be back on Monday to share the winner of my surprise giveaway! It is has lots of whimsy finds and I know who ever wins it will love it! You still have time to enter.  All you have to do...leave a comment on each guest post this week and it will give you a chance to have 4 entries!

Our vacation has come to a close and we will be back in our beds tonight...revitalized with a zest to
get back to work! :)

Till next week friends,


  1. beautiful in every way - dreamy, creative, elegant, fun-filled style! jennifer jennsthreegraces blogspot

  2. she's very talented and inspiring...and a super nice friend as well...

    Anne Marie

  3. Really great post! I love Jen's style as well and agree with everything she says about decorating...especially that it should be fun...)

  4. Great post Victoria~ I adore Jen and her blog/talent/home...etc.
    Happy Friday.

  5. I love her blog; and her home is beautiful!


  6. She has inspired me to go ahead with decorating however I want. She is a great artist.

  7. Love, love the art on the chairs. Making the ordinary beautiful. An art gallery of furnishings! Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  8. She is a wonderful artist and a very talented lady. I love her approach to decorating - to have fun, be creative and take risks. So true! Jen is an inspiration! Hope you had a great vacation, Victoria!

  9. Everything is so beautiful. I love it all. Very talented!!


  10. I love your blog !! Everything is so pretty !!! I'd love for you to visit me at my cute little blog here


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