March 22, 2011

WhisperWood Cottage...

WhisperWood Cottage

Hi, Whimsy fans! This is Amy from WhisperWood Cottage. I'm honored to be here at Whimsy by Victoria! When Victoria asked me to guest post, I automatically said, "yes!" Then the reality set in. Did she say something about whimsy? WHIMSY? What is whimsy? Am I whimsical? Do I know enough to post about whimsical things? The panic set in.

After taking a deep breath, I did what all good bloggers do. I googled. And here's what I came up with...

So, with that definition, I wondered if WhisperWood Cottage is...
  • Capricious? Um. That doesn't describe me or my style. 
  • Extravagant? Not really...I like thrifty finds and uncluttered spaces.
  • Fanciful. No, I'm rather traditional and pragmatic, but I like some pretty mixed in here and there.
  • Excessively playful? Playful, yes, but not excessively.
  • Odd? Are we talking about my style or me? :) Now, I do use some odd or unique pieces...and usually vintage or antique...throughout the cottage.
WhisperWood Cottage might not be outright whimsical, but I think it can still qualify! Here are some odd, unique, and somewhat playful pieces that we've used throughout the cottage...


I L.O.V.E. signs! Especially vintage signs! I love them in every room in the house. Here are a few that make me smile each time I see them...

Vintage church sign in the master bedroom.

Vintage Greyhound bus sign in the guest room.

Hand-inked depression-era sign above the kitchen window.

A simple greeting card with a powerful message framed by a vintage toaster.


One of my favorite projects ever was the master bedroom makeover. Two salvaged university doors became barn-style doors on the closet and the master bathroom with the addition of antique barn track and trolley pieces.

A salvaged university door turned barn-style door for the master bedroom closet.

Using antique track and trolley salvaged from an 1800s barn in southern Wisconsin.

A ship's key and leather fob just for a fun detail in the keyhole.


I guess I've also used a few pieces around the house from time to time that could be considered unexpected or whimsical. When entertaining, gifting, or decorating, adding a simple unexpected touch makes it a little more fun!

An old LP used for a table setting.

Crystals from a chandelier turned cabinet knob.

Craft paper and a wall stencil to make my own whimsical wrapping paper.

With all that said, does WhisperWood Cottage style qualify as whimsical? I imagine that most people have at least a touch of whimsy in their home. I also imagine that there are different forms of whimsy. What collections, pieces, colors, or creations do you use to add whimsy to your home?

Thanks, Victoria, for letting me stop in for a visit!! I enjoyed meeting all your guests. All of you are welcome to stop by WhisperWood Cottage any time!

Thank you Amy! I love her style and definitely thinks she has whimsy in her home!  

Now that our company has arrived, that also means it's giveaway time!! Yay!
 Please welcome Amy and share your whimsy thoughts and love...every time you leave a comment on each guest post for the next 4 days, it gives you an entry to win my surprise package!!

 It's that easy! 


 A wonderful package full of whimsy! 

I will share who the lucky reader is and what they won on Monday, March 28th, 2011! 

Be back tomorrow with another great guest!!


  1. I love the 'university' door and the chandelier-door knobs. Lovely whimsical post!!

  2. I love fun signs, too! The greyhound sign was really unique!

  3. that door has been in my favorites for some time, hoping someday i can do something like that! great post! xo susan

  4. So nice to meet Amy. What fun signs and doors. Love the chandelier door knob decor!

  5. great post love the door...
    and the grey hound
    actually love it all

  6. You have a beautiful blog. I am glad Amy was here guest posting, now I know about your amazing blog and all that I was missing.

    I love the signs but my absolute favorite is the sliding barn door track.


  7. My first visit, but it won't be my last. I love signs also and they speak to me, even if not to others. Unusual finds are what may whimsical things for me.

  8. i love whisperwood cottage ~ especially all those great signs!

  9. Fun post Amy. LOVE the crystal chandalier pc thru the glass door knobs.

  10. what fun, a new person with fab ideas... I'm off now to enjoy Amy's blog!!

  11. I love Amy's home and her signs throughout. The greyhound bus sign is fun in her bedroom. I think that qualifies as whimsical! I'm off to look at her blog. Thanks, Victoria, for introducing us to Amy.

  12. I followed over from WhisperWood!

    That university door as a barn door is wonderful, isn't it?

    Let's see, where do I use whimsy? Well, I have turn both sides of my vintage brass scales into candy dishes :) Does that count?

    If anyone is interested, there's still time to enter our giveaway - Treat Yourself.

  13. I am so happy that you have brought a touch of whimsy in my life. You have shown me how to take dull uninteresting and turn it into whimsical and inspirational. LOVE your blog always a great day when you have a new fun post up!

  14. Thanks for allowing me to visit, Victoria! And thank you to everyone for the kind comments! You're welcome at WhisperWood Cottage any time!!


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